Chapter 6:

OOO Shuttle flight to Semis

-Retinue meets Grandmaster Inquisitor Aurora Orlov:

inquisitor 4
Aurora Orlov

Will power check hellish: Fail Salutes the inquisitor Orlov and gives full report.

Will power check hellish fail. Astropath Martün instinctively kneels and is compelled wait permission to speak. Orlov comments: “Excellent, your good manners have lingered.”

“We thank for master of Lathes for his valued contribution to the cause.”

Orlov’s speech:
“My patience is limited unlike my authority. For hundreds of years and ten of thousands of system I have followed the signs. Now things have been set in the motion and historians will recognize coming date as birth of great crusade of righteous justice across the Imperium. At the moment arbitrator forces should prepare against cult activity competing for emerging psykers, any emerging psyker apprehended must be delivered to Collegio Magnitudo at Semis. Extensive agent network is required but channeling of inquisitorial funds to tax factor must remain hidden . Mordechai is provided with 80.000 thrones (burning worth 8 TF) of untraceable origin. Chorda xenos deal imperative to security of the system and supported if necessary.”

OOO Shuttle flight to Sphaera imperator

inquisitor 2
Victoria Aldrich

-Mordechai is hijacked and de-indoctrinated by Inquisitor Victoria Aldrich Ordo Hereticus.

-Her retinue covertly extract Judge Mordechai to meet her. She breaks down mind control that has been instilled to him by Aurora Orlov.

Victoria Aldrich speech:
“Aurora Orlov has exterminated more worlds than any inquisitor in several millennia. I suspect that she is for her own reason experimenting with imperial worlds and destroying the evidence afterwards. I arrived too late to Vyn-8 to witness and report her modus operandi. But this time I am not too late.  By authority given to me by the emperor himself I order you Judge Mordechai to infiltrate and assist retinue of the Grandmaster and gather proof so that I may be able to announce writ of heretic upon Grandmaster Aurora Orlov.”

rotho 2
Rotho Klaive

-Mordechai is contacted at precinct-fortress by Inquisitor Master Rotho Klaive Ordo Malleus and informally asked to report psyker and cult activity.

Rotho Klaive’s speech:
“As I am visiting system that has been flagged operative by other inquisitorial cabal, thus my hands are tied. I am here with mere authority of humble scholar and for the sake of intelligence to be gathered. This operation is far raeched but Judge Mordechai’s report fit the pattern of Classified cult activity. As my brethren here will eventually clean the consequences of that with exterminatus I am on path to track and burn cult-leader of multi-sector cult of the Classified Ruinous power. And so I forward informal request by Judge Bulwyn of ?? system precinct-fortress for regular reports of emerging psyker and cult activity through Winterscale realm astropath.”

OOO Shuttle flight to Semis


-Imprisoned psyker-child Jotak is drugged and escorted to “Collegio Magnitudo” at moon Semis. Mordechai claims + 7 TF bounty from delivering alpha psyker to Headmaster Idiomus.

OOO Shuttle flight to Sphaera Imperator

-Judge Mordechai announces opening festivities of precinct fortress to come in five weeks.

-Bethel clan invited, Merchant Alfmed, Trantor, Skolana psykana Headmaster Idiomias, Astropath Herkel, Homo Legatus Perdiolus, Louis of Grand Falls,

-Acolyte Administrator Ecbert is nominated to organize the opening ceremonies of the precinct-fortress.

Duration of the openings will be week long and consist of marching of arbitrator troops, blessing ritual performed by the Cardinal Humer, execution of a criminal,



Mordechai claiming the opening of Imperial court of law.

-3 TF worth of Thrones used to hire agent (assassin). Positioned to Sphaera Imperator.

-Enforcer Josette hired to Celos TF -1.

-1 TF worth of thrones for saboteur agent. Positioned to Sphaera imperator.

-2 TF worth of thrones for saboteur agent. Saboteur is positioned to Avaritas space station and starts to infiltrate to Cathedral of Immaculate truth.

OOO Flight to Gravis Major, Pilot Martün

-Retinue meets brother-militant Makbae as he gathers the forces for final assault against Eagle Tribe. 17.000 members of the snake tribe which has gone through training camps of Tactica Imperialis and equipped with imperial firepower. 43.000 members of the salmon tribe which is recently received baptizing to imperial creed and fight with primitive spears and nets.

-When landed to shores of temperate continent Makbae survived single combat against Huwan shaman by the emperor’s grace (designated faith burned).

-By channeling the light of the Emperor by telepathy to tribal warriors astropath Martün takes spiritual control of the tribes as carrier of true light of the Emperor.

-Eagle tribe population and army has made a last stand to sacred lands of valley of dense smoke. As three armies of conscripted tribesmen advances to there astropath Martün sends his Psyberhawk to scout ahead. Hawk is attacked by Eagle of tribal shaman but dodges. As spirit of Martün wears the psyberhawk and tribal shaman responds same way the fight of the aerial familiars becomes also spiritual combat between psykers. As Martün throws his hatred of unsanctioned psyker his mental projection and willpower drives eagle insane. Shaman is incapacitated by loss of the eagle.

-As brother-militant Makbae boards rhino and retinue of Judge Mordechai boards the other one they launch attack against Eagle tribe warriors who are gathered in superior numbers but inferior weaponry. Makbae leads the troops as Judge Mordechai advances with haste towards remaining shamans who have gathered to perform an ritual.

-As ground shakes and landslides tumble from sides of the valley ancient structures rise from underground. Great blast door opens at the end of the valley and two scatter laser bunkers protrude from the ground of valley.

-One landslide catches the driver of arbitrators rhino by surprised and great machine is turned over on to it’s side. While arbitrator and troops keep the perimeter with constant fire Specialist Gödel with his winch turns rhino back to it’s track.

-Specialist Gödel hacks through noosphere the targeting system of scatter laser turrets and prevents them for targeting to the rhino.

-Shamans have performed their ritual of summoning and charge against thundering Imperial rhino. As they prepare for their psychic launch Judge Mordechai commands driver to steer rhino over the shamans. His ferocious onslaught with tons of steel kill two of shamans and third one blasts the rhino with unnatural cold and screaming wind. As crew of the rhino suffers from frostbites and it’s engine is kept on running with promethean cocktail of  specialist Gödel adamant Judge Mordechai guides rhino to squash remaining rogue psyker.

-As 2000 huwans have entered the vault great blast doors start closing. Scatter lasers start to fire everything at the valley. Rhino speeds up towards blast doors but they are closed before it can enter.

-Specialist Gödel tries to hack to vault noospheric system but gets directives and obsession on production of archeotech plating.

-As bomber wing rains down in flaming wrecks vault’s turret rating of the turns out to be too high for bombing run from Gloria Lapidarius of Vellum moon to be successful .

Operation is declared as success by Makbae and Mordechai.

OOO Merchant vessel flight to Sphaera Imperator. 1 day

-Judge Mordechai burns -3 tax factory for acquiring  amasec (best quality) to precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator.

-Specialist Gödel acquires manufactorium component to Sphaera Imperator designed to process armor plating.??

Religious citizens across the system start to gather in crowds for imperial ceremony at Sphaera Imperator habitat. Different hats are perceived among the crowd. Mordechai has been distributing official triangle hats and whistles to crowd but many coming visitors are wearing round hats of Armormant s and way-shrine of Sphaera Imperator distributes square hats of Confederation of the Light.

Syndicate assassination operation preparations detected by Lady Percy. Permission for execution granted by judge Mordechai.

-Enforcer Thurio has pre-emptively sentenced 50 gang affiliated  possible troublemakers to PC-5728 at Nothus. He also informs that habitat has so many visitors that habitat living space and life-support are operating in maximum efficiency thus at the moment arriving shuttles are not permitted to board until festivals are over.

-Judge Mordechai inspects HLF prisoners to choose ones to execute. Two years of solitary confinement has driven half of 20 prisoners insane. From sane es astropath Martün separates with mind probing hypnodoctrinated HLF members from wanna-bees.  5 of each.

-During week of Imperial festivities daytime is for public display of Imperial might and evenings are reserved for socializing of important and wealthy at luxury quarters of the habitat.

Grand opening of judge Mordechai’s Precinct-Fortress at Sphaera Imperator:

Day 1: Arbitrator troop parades in front of the crowds. Public judgement for crimes of against Imperium of mankind, perpetrators are charged with treason, heresy and conspiracy and are found guilty. Death sentences announced for HLF prisons. Execution of 6 captured HLF traitor conspirators by public impaling.
Evening 1: Deals made with Arviragus, Boltazar, both interested to invest tax factory (10 for each) for hiring minor rogue trader to guard. Mordechai meets Curatorix Mordio.

Mordechai makes speech about Arrival of Imperial law and how infighting is form of rebellion against imperial society order.

Martün meets Astropath Herkel and refuses to kill him during mental communication.

Day 2: Emperor’s blessing to precinct-fortress performed by Cardinal Humer. Imperial structure of Law is sprinkled with holy water by cardinal himself.
Evening 2: Religious mobs clash on corridors of the habitat, arbitrator troops claim curfew.

Cardinal Humer: Afraid of gathered forces of Confederation of Light. Mordechai and Humer come to agreement on tithes and possible accusations. Mordechai accepts paying penance tithes for operating

Evening is disrupted by fire alarm caused by usharillo smoke. Security forces rough handle smokers and fire extinguishing foam spoils large amount of usharillos.

Night 2: Arbitrator squads execute citizens breaking the curfew.

Day 3: Cardinal Humer makes speech about imperial creed and their three enemies (xenos, mutants and witches) and emphasizes importance of holy structures of the Imperium.

Night 3: Arbitrator squads hold martial law at the station and mob gatherings exceeding 5 persons are forbidden.

Day 4: Humer Penance day. Judge Mordechai pays tithes and ecclesiarchy, arbitrators and administrators show Imperial unity in front of the spectators.
Evening 4: Hive tower installment is agreed with Mayor Usindra. Ranch installation is negotiated with Isolte.

Night 4: Arbitrator squads hold martial law at the station and mob gatherings exceeding 5 persons are forbidden.

Day 5: Merchant day (parades of owners and workers of merchant trade warrants, miner’s guild, Void Union, ). Perdiolus publicly displays the power armor he obtained at Gravis Minor mechanicus expedition.

Night 5: Arbitrator squads hold martial law at the station and mob gatherings exceeding 5 persons are forbidden.

Day 6:
6: Administrator Acolyte Eckbert announces initiation of Cognomen System.
“Cognomen” is the official Administratum designation in the Calixis Sector for a citizen’s identity card. In a hive, it is one of the only viable means of tracking, taxing and
identifying the citizenry. Cognomen are usually blank iron-grey, punched-metal squares (about the size and shape of a playing card) and designed to be read by data-slates
and cogitator systems. The only feature on the face of a Cognomen is the symbol of the issuing habitat, guild or Adepta whom the citizen serves. In some ways, ownership
of a cognomen is frighteningly important: it represents the only legal proof of identity, a right to work and even to be fed and housed for the average citizen. Its loss might
genuinely mean starvation, abandonment, arrest or even being cast down into the fringes in the blind face of Imperial bureaucracy. There is, of course, a thriving trade in
the theft and falsification of cognomen, the price for a “face” varies on the identity fabricated or stolen, and can range from a few gelt to thousands. system of Imperial security number tags to the population of the system.)

Night 6: Arbitrator squads hold martial law at the station and mob gatherings exceeding 5 persons are forbidden.

Day 7: Judge Mordechai gives a speech “Emperor protects and righteous are blessed by the emperor, pillars working together”and syndicate assassin try to shoot him with long-glas. Lady Percy and Judge Mordechai’s assassi  are ready to drop shooters as soon as Judge Mordechai has survived display public assassination.
Evening 7:

Night 7: Arbitrator squads hold martial law at the station and mob gatherings exceeding 5 persons are forbidden.

-Gentlemen’s Usharillo Club has obtained more Usharillos for the last evening. By order from Judge Mordechai enforcer Thurio tracks their origin to the container at cargo-bay of Sphaera Imperator. Sender Merchant Petruchio and addressed to Calixis Sector.

-Group divisions of after-party at Luxury quarters: Chorda affiliates, Winterscale affiliates, Cardinal Humer affiliates, High Judge Gregory with Gentlemen’s Usharillo Club

Important visitors, deals made during :

Gravis Minor:
Homo Legatus Perdiolus, Adeptus Mechanicus, deal with Gödel for facial recognition patterns.

Gravis major:
Mayor Usindra, 7 hive towers located to Bastion of Saint Drusus
Major Ardman, Imperial Guard,
Surgeon-sister Aletha, gift of suture packs for space combat triage.
Isolte, Baroness. Tries to get control of coming ranch installation to Grand Falls.
Louis, Noble, has served his sentence and gets freedom after the grand opening.
Trantor, Captain, imperial Guard
Simion, Chorda Consiliatorix, Judge meddles with auroch trade and grox import by banning introduction of grox and rapid wheat to planet ecosystem
Elmeh, has continued use of hypnodoctrination relic on his men at the fortress. Advance plans to requisition of naval ships to protect the system. Elmeh uses his budget to project.
Tesarc, Sanctioned Psyker

Commander Regan
Cardinal Humer, Penitence tithes of 25 TF is set for Judge Mordechai
Conciliatorix Boltazar, Mordechai agrees to spent together 10 TF to hire minor rogue trader to protect system for a year, arrange astropathic choir to Canor Sol.
Curatorix Mordio, Chorda Dynasty
Heron Sanctioned psyker

Scholar Pandarus
Xeno Legatus Quintus

Sphaera Imperator:
Spokesman Memillius, is encouraged to loan  with backing of judge Mordechai to expand Sphaera Imperator facilities. -2 TF
Lady Percy, assassination attempt at last day
Scholar Morton
Administrator Acolyte Eckbert

Idiomus, Headmaster, Skolana Psykana,

Warden Vladir, Judge accuses Vladir for inefficiency with Cult of Alkaline Water and commands to pour concrete to area of alkaline springs.

Canor Sol:
Commander Gurgen, Needs of imperial navy are priority at the system to support  coming assault against Waagh from Unred Undred Teeth area.
Curatorix Hemlock
Conciliatorix Arviragus, Winterscale and arbitrator spend 20 TF together to hire rogue trader
Lieutenant Patris, SDF, gains faith after discussing with Judge Mordechai to assist with conspiracy.
Merchant Alfmed, Sells pies across the system, Has acquired merchant trade warrant
Bernam Bethel

Herkel, Martün refuses to euthanize him so he not interested to stay in the company.

High Judge:

Tax factory burned during negotiations:
-8 best quality astropathic choir, 5 months arrival

-3 TF choir master to Canor Sol.
-3 Plasma core to Imperial friendship bridge, 1 week arrival
-2 7 Hive towers of Bastion of Drusus, 2 to imperial friendship bridge
-3 Best quality Ranch facilities for 1 million workers
-4 Stasis pod to Sphaera Imperator

-Arbitrator body guard units dedicated to protect Noble Louis and Administrator Acolyte Ecbert.

-Martial law ends as festivities are over and habitat population decreases to normal.


OOO Shuttle flight to Gravis Major

bastion of drusus 2
Bastion of Saint Drusus

-Retinue oversees the rise of nine hive towers across the habitats of temperate continent. 7 are located to bastion of Saint Drus ausnd 2 are located to Imperial frienship bridge. Each hivetower reaches height of 1 kilometer and is able to house population of million citizens. Brother-militant Makbae blesses the foundations of structures.

-Judge Mordechai decides to launch servitor forces against archeotech vault at valley of dense smoke.

-Great relocation engine Rananan-8 brings Judge Mordechai’s army to battle-site.

Attacking forces:
60. 000 Servitors, 600 gun servitors, 5 shuttles, hades breaching drill, 2 bomber wings.

Defencing forces:

Scatter laser turrets, void shield, turret rating 3,

-Servitors charge to imminent death to keep scatter lasers busy while Judge Mordechai shuttle fleet heads directly to vault blast doors.

-Enter vault with codes gained from ancient data-wafer inserted to arbitrator shuttle “Urn of Redemption”.

-As soon as they start drilling inner wall of the vault horde of mechanical spheres onslaught the retinue and tunnel boring drill is lost when they retreat to shuttle and exit the vault.

-Specialist Gödel vaccinates surviving arbitrator troops to death to silence the witnesses of archeotech abomination. His actions are notified and appraised by Mordechai.

-Stryxis invade Gravis Major and claim land areas of remaining wild woods and highlands of temperate continent. Xenos launch energy barrier spikes from orbit and surround their claims with 50 m high energy barricade.

-Negotiating with Stryxis merchant Yngs’tix.

OOO Shuttle flight to Imperial Friendship Bridge

-Specialist Gödel initiates holy ignition of the plasma core of Imperial Friendship bridge habitat.

-Judge Mordechai gives names for block a, b and c at Imperial Friendship Bridge

Chapter 7: