Timo’s character

Judge Mordachai

Name: Arbitratus Mordechai

Home world: Imperial agriworld Vyn-8, present state Forbidden world

Birthright: In service of the throne, Born to lead 150 xp
-Rose to position of authority when Heretical cult of Corn Children caused agriworld Vyn-8 to plunge in to the heart of warpstorm.

Lure of the void: Duty bound, Duty to the throne,
-Personal vow to the Emperor to prevent with extreme measures the calamities caused by a heretical cult activity.

Trials and travails:
Lost worlds, beyond the pale 100 xp
-Warpstorm caused by agricultural festivities was hijacked by Corn Children Cult. It  ravaged agriworld for several months. Rampant mutations among population lead to angry mobs. Young adept arbitratus Mordechai gains following of angry mob after public execution of his mutated siblings.

But still faint hearted parents protected their damned children and burning of great sacrificial effigy was not stopped. It called a warpstorm upon the plighted world. Only ruthless execution of everybody under 30 years old by mob leader arbitrator Mordechai was able to cease cult activity and dissipate churning excrement of warp.

Motivation: Knowledge, Know thy foe 200 xp
-Fight against heretical cult and terrors seen during those warp days have infused Mordechai with deep understanding of forbidden ways of heretics and warp-witches. (Forbidden lore: occult) When infiltrating on cults he is able to act as one and disguise his true nature.

Career: Arbitratus of Ultima Tectum

Demeanor: Melancholic

Why have you risen to your position?
-By ruthless summary executions of everybody under 30 years old and saving planet from the warpstorm.
-As the warpstorm dissipates Mordechai is teleported to inquisitorial black ship “Orlov Principle”. There he reports planetary situation to Inquisitor Aurora Orlov, who condemns planet to Exterminatus.
-His ruthless methods and vow to the Emperor made impression on Aurora Vorlov and she forwarded promotion of Adept Arbitus Mordechai to plenipotentiary Arbitrator of Star System.

-By wisdom of Adeptus Adminstratum newly assigned system-arbitrator was assigned to Imperial colony at Ultima Tectum system acquiring for status of Imperial world.

Why Ultima Tectum calls you?

-Assignment to Ultima Tectum gives opportunity to create personal assault group “Unguea Aquilarum” of Imperial justice and purify tarnished glory of Adeptus Arbitratum and the Throne. With embracing the Ultima Tectum to Imperial Justice Mordechai plans to prove to Ordo Arbitratus that he is worthy of sector judge seat when next one will become available.

What is your ambition?
-To rise up in imperial hierarchy. Today system judge, tomorrow sector court member, in future inquisitor.

Mannerism: Waving hand in circular motion

Reputations at Ultima Tectum system

Nimbus Extern, Fear +1, for summary mutant purge of Pugia habitat