Chapter 8

-At Sphaera Imperator Specialist Gödel takes charge of his factorium and produces 300.000 good quality riot shields and 100 good quality transportable barrier walls for Imperial campaign at Gravis Major.

-Judge Mordecai heads to Gravis Major to create plan with Tacticae Imperialis and to prepare troops.

-Rofue Trader Captain Karfa contacts habitats of Nimbus Extern and requests emergency supplies flown towards as their star vessel approaches the Mandeville point of system.

rogue trader 14

-Astropath Martün merges deeper into prophetic visions that he has been seeing lately. He reports to Judge Mordechai about warp beacon at Gravis Major and that the sun of the system is collecting power from the psychic echoes caused by human population.

-Judge Mordechai negotiates with Imperial authorities who have military influence at Gravis Major.

-Refugee transport fleet arrives again with 10 million refugees more. Ship’s are ordered not to unload their cargo until Siege of Valley of Dense smoke is solved.

-Administrator Eckbert has been integrating cognomen system accross the population of the system. This involves screening the people for a psychic potential. It is notable that psychic potential is much higher on Huwan genetics compared to standard Imperial population. During screening 17 latent psykers have been apprehended and are located to ??

-Army is created to destroy Archeotech Horribilis of ancient STC vault at the Valley of Dense Smoke.

Edifixi Lex Mordechai:

Because of uncommon threat of archae horribilis, each citizen o Gravis major over ten years is obligated by Imperial bond to join planetary civil defense forces. Each citizen must provide gear and weapons on his/her own expense. Threat is severe and imminent. With overwhelming numbers against it, the enemy has no chance and PCD will be victorious in the name of the God-emperor.

Siege army of Valley of the Dense Smoke “No prayer campaign”

115.000 converted Salmonsnake warriors lead by Brother-Militant Makbae

10.000 Arbites troops from Imperial Friendship Bridge with heavy machinery and siege engine. Commanded by Siege Master Godwinne

200 PDF troops with Rhino from Fortress-Manor of the Grand Falls commanded by Captain Trantor

2 million conscripted civilians (age 10-60) commanded by ???

Bomber squadron’s of Gloria Lapidarius commanded by Commander Elmeh.

Frigate Regurgitator commanded by Rogue Trader Captain Karfa

Siege army of Mountain of Frosty spire “Half-prayer campaign”

6 million conscripted civilians (age 10-60) commanded by Major Ardman

-Captain Karfa arrives to Canor Sol to resupply before heading to Gravis Major.  Astropath Martün joins travels along as he is ordered by Judge Mordechai to participate siege of Valley of Dense Smoke and to postpone his study of prophetic visions bothering him.

jokaero 4
Weird being

-As Martün is escorted to his quarters he is stared by weird being on a way.

-During voyage Astropath Martün is confined to his quarters and armed male servant is available at the door around the clock.

-“Reguritator” picks defensive barriers and Specialist Gödel from Sphaera Imperator and continues towards Gravis Major.

Karfa's mechanicus

-Specialist Gödel is also scanned by weird creature but his Mechanicus firewall is able to protect cogitation system breach.

-Specialist Gödel connects to MIU and is greeted by Adeptus Mechanicus Logi Lexico Arcanus Mycola Krylov.

-Gödel also studies ships deck plan through MIU link.

Frigate - Regurgitator - Tempest Class Rogue Trader Captain Karfa
“Regurgitator” deck plan

“Half prayer campaign”

Lead by commander Ardman, Troops: 6 million citizen conscripts. Combat rate: 20% Morale: 100%

-Army is transported to north shore of temperate continent with great relocation engine Rananan-8. It unloads crates of Daily Prayers, edible paper inscribed with Imperial litanies, as provisions for the army. But because of filing error there is only half of the needed amount of provisions for the army.

-Commander Ardman leads army on 150 kilometer march over the sea ice towards vault of the arctic continent. Fierce winter takes it’s toll and 3 million conscript are lost during march to disease, hunger, freezing, gangrene from frostbites and drownings.

-Army arrives to arctic continent and is welcomed by Salmon tribe elders and families. Commander Ardman is not able to control his troops and hungry and cold civil defense force loots and pillages winter storage of the Salmon tribe settlement of all food and anything that can be used to cover themselves from icy wind.

-Army positions itself to siege Archaotech vault to heights of the frosty spire. 100.000 conscripts are lost.

-Army of 2.9 million conscripts begins the siege of the archeotech vault Alpha with estimated combat rate of 5% (-5 morale, -10 fatigue) and troop morale 40%. Estimated daily attrition 10.000 men.

-Siege continues.

-Daily Prayers- Inquisitor’s handbook page 183
Another civilian relief item, these parchments can be airdropped
into cities or even rolled up and fired from grenades or mortars.
Each contains inspirational addresses to maintain spiritual wellbeing
and morale. Each is also heavily imprinted with nutrients—
chewed they can sustain physical well-being as well.

“No Prayer campaign”

Lead by commander supreme Judge Mordechai

-Bombers clear the natural obstacles to open path for siege engines towing transportable defensive barriers. Army HQ is established on 50 km perimeter from the vault.

-Turul, the cyberhawk of Astropath Martün Underberg is able to spot drone spying on the HQ of Mordechai.

-Army HQ is relocated to 30 km perimeter from the archeotech vault.

-The Army of allied Imperial forces advances cautiously from 50 km radius to 1 km radius during several days.

-When army reaches 1 km radius and would step within void shield protecting the vault 6 ancient death machines uncloak themselves and open death rays to advancing army. In 15 minutes they make 5 km perimeter lifeless with deathrays. 1,5 million conscripts, ? Grand Falls PDF toops, ? arbites troops and ? Salmonsnake warriors lost in first contact. Stories told by soldiers often mention that destruction was so sudden that no one had time even to say Imperial prayer before perishing.

-Supreme commander Judge Mordechai uses shroud of battle to infiltrate to vault doors and Specialist Gödel hacks them. They enter through blast doors with rhino and one squad of arbitrator troops to heavy lifter bay and find their Hades drill lubricated and fueled along bay garage. Blast doors of the vault have closed behind them.

-Siege continues in 5 km perimeter.

-As Ungues Aquilarum interact with fully loaded heavy lifter bay servitors and they accept Specialist Gödel’s “Omnissiah code” Gödel notes that servitor are using  Cybernetica Cortex instead of human cortex
-Blast doors, DAMAGED by the sabotage of retinue.
-Gödel finds service entrance to Arterial tube system but without a map they take random routes across the vault.
-20 Cryo-vaults and in one them they find 2000 Huwan tribesmen frozen and stored.
-Flak turrets, ACTIVE
-Cogitator interlink: Guarded by six murder servitors. Not entered.
-Reinforced walls
-Factorium vehicle, DAMAGED by the sabotage of retinue.
-Sensor array, ACTIVE
-Factorium: Gear, UNPOWERED
-Extended supply vault, Retinue (including arbitrator trooper squad) gets equipped with best quality breather units,
-Field bracing, ACTIVE
-Observation dome, Archeotech: Incalculable Precision
-7 hours of being lost
-Temple of Knowledge, Specialist Gödel plugs his MIU to the cogitator system and faces the machine spirit controlling the vault. Specialist Gödel gains master administrator status in the system and downloads maps for parts of the vault he now has access.
-Cold quarters, where ancient crew has been waiting for a day when planetary colony is ready to be included to Solar Hegemony

-Interrogation, condemning and massacre of 200 diplomats of ancient Solar Hegemony

-Judge Mordechai pulls plugs from cryo-pods.

-Retaking the Hades Drill from Vault bay

-Retinue escapes to surface with the Hades drill opening the path and rhino following on it’s trail.

-Siege continues on 5 km perimeter with troops of ??

OOO Flight on “Regurgitator” to Sphaera Imperator

Mordechais secret personality Dock worker Lucas has important things going on his life.

Niece of his “covert identity” has passed psychic screening and received her cognomen. When Mordechai arrives to Sphaera Imperator he is late from her party. Quickly he has to decide at cargo holds should he bring imperial calendar, standard abacus or imperial combat knife as a gift.

Melerna is happy for Imperial abacus that undercover Mordechai brings as gift and spends whole evening at lap of “uncle”. For a moment Mordechai participates “normal” life that he has abandoned so long time ago.

Void clan members gathered at the party discuss about important things:
-Apostasy of Cardinal Humer and his practice of child labour to cut cost of cathedral building. Cardinal’s scholarium is well supplied with orphans of Imperial conscripts from Gravis Major.
-Rising power of Bethel Clan and conflict of interests with Void Union.
-Rumors that signs of Holy War predicted by Saint Clarissa have been seen.


Martün flies to Canor Sol

qumais rajattu
Captain Qumais



Rogue Trader Captain Qumais is assigned to guard mandeville point with her raider vessel.


Chapter 9