Chapter 12

-Dead navigator Kelper is exhumed, specialist Gödel vivisects the body of dead navigator and takes his warp eye as a biological sample, at the mandeville point and Judge Mordechai gives speech about “Absolution in the service of the Emperor”. Urn is located to precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator.

-Crippled (critically damaged drive, hull integrity: 15/30, population: 63/100 , morale: 30/100) arbitratorial star vessel “Golden Fury” returns from mandeville point to Canor Sol for repairs and enlisting of additional crew.

OOO “Golden Fury” flies from mandeville point to Canor Sol.

-Chorda dynasty has forced judge Mordechai to position (Chapter ?, confiscation of components at Gravis Major) , where he should investigate his own doings at the Ultima Tectum system. To evade legal battle, which could take a century, Mordechai pays compensation for earlier confiscated medbay and imperial figurehead components. After a hard study of the Imperial law and a precise bargaining Judge Mordechai is consent to pay 33 tax factory out of 45 demanded to counter the legal matters with Chorda dynasty.

Specialist Gödel investigates the integrity of the tech-shrine’s code at Sphaera Imperator.

Urgent report of astropath Martün warns about premonitions of xeno psychic activity at Scutum

OOO Flight to Scutum with Regurgitator 14 hours.

-As retinue arrives to airlock of Scutum and is greeted by ??. As Judge Mordechai is suspicious of the void habitats moral health he divides his group to key components of the habitat. Judge Mordechai heads to the HQ, Specialist Gödel life sustainer and Astropath Martÿn to ??.

-Astropath Martün is ambushed by mentally controlled citizens and transported to be sacrificed for a large xeno crystal.

-Arbitrator Billi, Judge Mordechai and Specialist Gödel rescue Astropath Martün, who has been bolted to the crystal and crystal is fragmented before it can rip open Martün’s mind.

-Population of the void habitat is purged by Judge Mordechai.

OOO Flight to Sphaera Imperator with Regurgitator, 1 day

-Precinct-fortress  gains +11 to tax factor from fines to Chorda dynasty for restoring order to Scutum.

OOO Flight  Nimbus Extern with Regurgitator, 1 day

-Mechanicus expedition by Mycola Krylov to Graveyard at Nimbus Extern.

-Expedition petition of Krylov was accepted by Judge Mordechai for star vessel’s bravery at combat??.

-Graveyard is found to be scavenged empty of unique finds by Bethel void clan and Syndicate henchmen.

OOO Flight from Sphaera Imperator to No flight zone 2 at Nimbus Extern, 1 day.

22 VU

12 VU

OOO Flight to Scutum with Regurgitator, 1 day.

Judge Mordechai hires a captain for 1 TF, a mechanicus and a pilot for 1 power factory each to commandeer Golden Fury.

-Retinue investigates void station of Veiled Ugrippa who presents her Inquisitorial mandate. Retinue inspects training of Thalia, a potential star-child and an alpha level psyker.

OOO Flight to cauldron 1 day Golden Fury

-Meeting with Von Trotha and Maximus of Grand Falls. Gödel gains experimental grenades.

OOO Flight to Sphaera Imperator 1 day, Golden Fury

-4 tax factory burned to gain best Astropathic Relay component Golden Fury

The end of act one

Characters prioritize their goals for the next act:

Goals of Martün

A: Studying psychic landscape of Ultima Tectum and Koronus Expanse further and with deeper detail.

B: Preparing personally for fight against major daemon. Equipment and elite advance pack looked for.

C: Build up astropath organization and influence in the system.

D: Studying the Visions of Martün, divining the future, developing divination psychic techiniques.

Goals of Gödel

A: Stewardship of Tech-shrine for rituals annointed for the Omnissiah

B: Prepare for personally fight against hereteks, Equipment and talents looked for.

C: Study of administratorial data-vaults for big data collected from the system.

D: Exploring Gravis Minor, archeotech mysteries.

E: Quest of Knowledge, delving deeper.

F: Factorium efficiency, elite advance pack.

G: Exploring Gravis Major, archeotech mysteries.

Goals of Mordechai

Evidence collected to laboratory annexes of Emplastrum Aegis about medical experiments and heretical rejuvenation techniques (against Chorda dynasty, against several noble houses of Calixis sector, against Ordo Ministorum of Calixis sector, against Ordo Administratum of Calixis sector).

Intrigue towards Ordo Inquisition

Aurora Orlov, Inquisitor Grandmaster,  help denied but her goals not opposed
Victoria Aldrich, Inquisitor, move against her goals
Rotho Klaive, Inquisitor Master, support his goals

Veiled Ugrippa, hidden from Imperial records, taxed +10 tax factory. Umbra Aegis sanctioned to keep her operations hidden from Imperial records.

A: To prevent followers of Tcheeztec to gain influence on star-children.

B: Influence towards Calixis sector

C: Network of trusted underlings and infiltrated agents.

D: System influence.

Chapter 13


After Borga is slain Judge Mordechai infiltrates


the Syndicates operation at Ultima Tectum. Covert identity protects Judge. Lieutnats run the operation but are shadowed and scrutinized by Louis of Grand Falls. Thus making Louis and arbitratorial agent on this operation.