Chapter 12

-Dead navigator Kelper is exhumed, specialist Gödel vivisects the body of dead navigator and takes his warp eye as a biological sample, at the mandeville point and Judge Mordechai gives speech about “Absolution in the service of the Emperor”. Urn is located to precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator.

-Crippled (critically damaged drive, hull integrity: 15/30, population: 63/100 , morale: 30/100) arbitratorial star vessel “Golden Fury” returns from mandeville point to Canor Sol for repairs and enlisting of additional crew.

OOO “Golden Fury” flies from mandeville point to Canor Sol.

-Chorda dynasty has forced judge Mordechai to position (Chapter ?, confiscation of components at Gravis Major) , where he should investigate his own doings at the Ultima Tectum system. To evade legal battle, which could take a century, Mordechai pays compensation for earlier confiscated medbay and imperial figurehead components. After a hard study of the Imperial law and a precise bargaining Judge Mordechai is consent to pay 33 tax factory out of 45 demanded to counter the legal matters with Chorda dynasty.


Specialist Gödel investigates the tech-shrine of Sphaera Imperator.

Urgent report of astropath Martün warns about premonitions of xeno psychic activity at Scutum

OOO Flight to Scutum with Regurgitator 14 hours.

-As retinue arrives to airlock of Scutum and is greeted by

-+11 to tax factorfrom Chorda dynasty

Mechanicus expedition to Graveyard at Nimbus Extern.

-Expedition pedition was accepted by Judge Mordechai.

-Graveyard is found to be scavenged empty by Bethel void clan and Syndicate henchmen.

OOO Flight from Sphaera Imperator to No flight zone 2 at Nimbus Extern.

22 VU

12 VU

OOO Flight to Scutum with regurgitator

Captain for 1 TF, Mechanicus and pilot for 1 power factory