Chapter 10

-Late at night Judge Mordechai is drinking best quality amasec at precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator and pondering his duty to the Emperor and actions he should take to fulfill his servitude.

-He has heavy decision to make: Should he execute Astropath Martün as his puritan doctrine dictates or should he should he use compromised Imperial psyker as a weapon against the ruinous powers.

-Specialist Gödel checks Ivar’s sensor and action log. No fault in sensors. Log: Deviation in Astropaths biorhythm data, initiate execution, fire, fire, malfunction.

-Specialist Gödel studies further the broken cyborg. Ivar the Seerslayer’s execution command was initiated when the beta waves of Martün brains had increased beyond recognizable pattern.

-Specialist Gödel heads to the hexagrammic cells for recording up-to-date biorhythm data by himself. Second measurement confirms increase of Martün’s beta waves. At the meeting Martün gives a booklet with necessary information for those who follow him to continue his work.


“Complete report to Judge Mordechai”  by Astropath primus Martün Underberg

-Slaanesh psychic source has arrived to the system. Strategic note: Do not let Cathedral of Immaculate Truth to fall in the hands of a ruinous powers.

-The beacon created by the Huwan rogue psykers at Gravis Major is summoning the eldar.

-Inquisitor Orlov is aware of same Star-child prophesies as Martün and tries to exploit them toward her ends.

-Martün has been missing contact to major psychic influence at the system. Leads: Blessed statue of the Emperor at Celos and mysterious no-flight zone at Nimbus Extern.

-Psychic echoes of xenos have started to emit from Scutum.

-Reference to unsolved and unknown psychic influence at Ultima Tectum Report of Astropathic choirs

Childhood memories:

Idiomus: (7 years old) Whipping failing young Martün for better psychic performance.  After failing Star-child test repeatedly Martün is shipped to Black Fleet to fuel Imperium endless need of expendable psykers.

Inquisitor Auror Orlov:  (5 years old) Indoctrinating young Martün with psychic powers to break his will.

The ritual sacrifice: (4 years old) When awakening to psychic powers, murder of own parents to prevent Orlov making more Star-childs and using that power for a hiding power to mirror-half from the Warp Awakening of Nytram.

A ritual strangling: (7. week of pregnancy: Suffocation of the twin brother with umbilical cord at the womb to prevent him ending in hands of Orlov and to create safe pocket of power (the seed of Nytram) into the Warp.

First premonition (3. week of pregnancy): How to escape from destiny of being used against Emperor predicted and machinated by Inquisitor Aurora Orlov.

Hunt of the nemesis

Martün has been hunting down his personal nemesis Nytram for all his life and aiming to reclaim back his psychic powers Martün had hidden from Inquisitor Orlov.

Operations left behind by minions of Nytram:

Asteroid hideout of Yves and Xavier at Penitus Balteus asteroid belt.

Populations contaminated by medicines of Yves and Xavier (High psychic awakening rate.): Gravis Major, Avaritas, Scutum, Sphaera Imperator, Nothus, Canor Sol, Celos.

Habitats contaminated by potions of Ranulf (High mutation rate): Gravis Major, Avaritas, Nothus, Canor Sol, Pauperpolis.

“True And Accurate Premonitions” drawn by Astropath Primus Martün Underberg

Martün emphasizes that he is loyal follower of the Emperor and accepts any judgement by his laws.

“Nam Imperatoris usque ad consummationem saeculi.”


-Judge Mordechai chooses a slippery path of Radical and does not execute Astropath Martün Underberg as puritan faith dictates. Judge Mordechai’s reasoning for his actions: “As tasks ahead would corrupt any Imperial psyker then it is better to use one that is already lost in the eyes of the Emperor than lead those who are faithful to him to apostasy.”

-Ivar is very succesfully repaired by Specialist Gödel at Medicae deck of Sphaera Imperator. In the databank of Ivar the biorhythm pattern of Martün is updated to new parameters.  Tech-priest meticulous work reward him with Ivars command protocols.

-Invasion to experimental void station of Yves and Xavier. Execution of surrendering clones.  Judge Mordechai claims the confiscation of the experiment void station. “Emplastrum Aegis” is founded to Penitus Balteus to triage wounded across the system.

-Martün gets premonition of ruinous activity at the system. Contacts the astropathic choir of Sphaera Imperator to spread the  warning across the system.

-Vox casters of entire system are overloaded with signal projected by pleasure frigate Apollonia.

-Specialist Gödel triangulates source of the signal to Nothus at Nimbus Extern

Frigate Regurgitator heads towards Nothus with increased speed and estimated arrival in 21 hours/void turns.

-Raider Audacia which has been guarding Canor Sol star fortress and her turn flight distance from Nothus is a one hour/void turn.

-Because of Astroptath Martün’s premonitional warning they are ready to engage flight towards the enemy immediately.

-Apollonia, a pleasure frigate of Slaanesh, bombards from 30 VU planet Nothus with broadband vox caster causing population damage to PC-5728 and  Dolabra Imperator.

-Apollonia approaches the orbit of Nothus for culling of slaves for chaos. Minefield launched by Prison Warden Vladir  from PC-5728 surprises and damages the frigate (-6 hull integrity, -6 pop).

-Apollonia manouvers around Nothus and bombards it with warped vox signals that resonate from the rocrete structures of the arcologies. Population damage to both arcologies.

-Audacia approaches and opens macrobattery fire damaging the pirate frigate (-6 hull integrity).

-Pirate captain Silvan heads to boarding distance and successfully engages Audacia to initiate boarding.

-10 void turns /hours of fierce boarding engagement between the star vessels.

Apollonia has several malfunctions on broadband vox caster during boarding and Audacia is able to contact regurgitator directly and becomes aware of their ETA to Nothus.

Qumais relies on storm troopers and “Kill Them All” boarding action to crush population and morale of “Apollonia”.

Silvan relies on alluring voice and “Shanghai Them” boarding action and is able to minimize crew losses with his unnatural charm and silvery tongue. Large part of Audacia’s crew (pop 48) becomes enslaved by a Demagogue of the Prince of Ecstasy.

Rogue Trader Captain Qumais disengages boarding when crew losses become too grieve to sustain boarding.

Pirate Captain Silvan disengages void combat to buy time for converting new crew to his cause.


Apolonia Hull integrity: -6= 34/40 Population 47+48 (enthralled from Audacia)/100 Morale: 45/100

Audacia: Hull integrity: -2 = 27/29 Population 45/100 Morale: 43/100

As Regurgitator approaches the outer reaches of the system Audacia is forced to replenish it’s crew losses form PC-5728 at Nothus.

Apollonia silent runs towards Graveyard, site of ancient space battle, at Nimbus Extern. Augury of Canor Sol is able to spot the evading ship. Augury of Celos is able to spot, with critical succes, that Apollonia is having tight beam conversation with other party located to Graveyard.

During 5 hours/void turns silent run captain of Apollonia sacrifices prisoners from slave holds and some crew members (+15 morale, -4 crew pop). He then activates Alchymical Life Sustainer to increase crew morale. +15 morale, -5 to crew rate.

Astropath Martün is able to sense with psycience the trail of anguish left to the warp by Apollonia’s sacrifices to Slaanesh. As long as Regurgitator stays on the path of anguish Astropath Martün is able to guide pilot to follow Apollonia.

Audacias crew is replenished to 90 and captain follows Regurgitator with 4-8 hours delay??

As Regurgitator follows

Apollonia +7 mor -1 pop, +3 mor -1 pop, +3 mor, -1 pop, -1 pop, -1 pop, -1 pop, -1 pop +2 mor (3 pop countered by slave holds)

Apollonia Hull integrity: -7= 16/40 Population 60/80

Morale: 23/100 +15 from alchymical , -5 crew rate, -5 command

Audacia: Hull integrity: -2 = 27/29 Population 80/100 Morale: 43/100

Regurgitator faces xeno minefield and

Hit by atomics torpedo to prow, no damage

Regurgitator evades stealth objects, one hit augury component and PCs face sentinel bot.

PCs destroy sentinel bot and collect the eye.


Focused augury


Pop: 87/100Mor: 88/100 Hull: 17/30


Syndicate fang

Focused augury: knows all components



Knows all component of apollonia


Regurgitator hits macro salvo -1 pop to apollonia

Regurgutator salvo to Apollonia -10 hull integrity and population

critical hit: depressurize altar of Slaanesh, -3 crew, -4 morale

second salvo 01 cirt, altar of slaanesh (-pop) and alchymical life sustainers (pop -3)are alame, cancelled by slave hold.

Regurgitator hit by fang -1 pop, -1 mor

Silvan saves temple of slaanesh unsuccessfully  damaged , trophy room gets on ire

alchymical lie sustainer damaged , mimic drive fire, -3 crew, -3 morale

apolloni deprezzurizes ires -6 pop, – 27 cancel 3 from slaveholds

fang hits regurgitator, – hull integrity 11,  -1 pop, -1 mor

Regurgitator hits crit to fang -2 hull int, -2 pop, -2 mor, crit laser battery internal damage

Mordechai hits Borga  -5 wounds, – 1 wounds,

Borga loads and shoots 1 wound to <mordechai

Borga 1 wound

Mordechai 2 wounds

Borga 1 wound

MORDECHAI BREAKS ARM Body crit to borga, stunned 1 round, fatigue 1, ,sTUNNED 1 ROUND