Chapter 9

-Canor Sol and Celos: reports of confirming download of “Omnissiah Code” defense parameters and initiating acquirement of factoriums to start production. Specialist Gödel becomes aware of meme-virus that machine spirit of Alpha Vault inserted to Gödel 818.M41.

-Commander Elmeh  of Gloria Lapidarius has had seizure and is in a coma. He is being transported by a militaryshuttle to Avaritas star fortress for emergency medical care. Judge Mordechai tries to re/route the shuttle to Sphaera Imperator but fails. 

-Rogue Trader Captain Qumais and her raider class star vessel “Audacia” arrives to Canor Sol to fulfill contract of protection for a one year. Frigate is stationed to Canor Sol space station.

-Tech-Priest Artesan Beskavar from Canor Sol comes to honor the Tech-Shrine and offers 1 Power Factory as a donation.


Rogue Trader Captain Karfa visits Tech-shrine of Sphaera Imperator

Seeks a guidance from the guardian of Shrine of Omnissiah at Sphaera Imperator.

Captain Karfa initiates ancient Martian ritual of sacrifice to gain advice of Machine God. He offers Baleful Eye from his head as a sacrifice to Omnissiah. Gödel removes it with successful medicae check and upgrades it back again

Logical debate between Gödel and Captain Karfa:
Dilemma of choosing between service of the Omnissiah or the Machine God.
Specialist Gödel guides him to follow the Machine God.

Captain Karfa warns Specialist Gödel about rising Calixian Mechanicus interest on the system. Enginseer Strabolus from EF-118 had been able to protocol isolate the Ultima Tectum system by using Thule Exploration Fleet influence. Now enginseer has not been able to stop Umbolic arriving to reclaim the artefact Specialist Gödel took from slain heretek. And to honor the tech-shrine of the system he arrives with  Mechanicus exploration cruiser “Omnissiah’s Probe”.

Captain Karfa visits Precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator

Seeks legal counseling from Mordechai: Biometric testament and store Warrant of Trade to pass it on for heir from his lineage when deceased from service of the Emperor.

“After arriving to the Ultima Tectum system I have ran several data predictions of possible differences in the outcomes. Logical conclusion is that, in the future it is probable that I am no longer able to be capable to serve the Emperor and as my warrant is granted by his hand I must pass it on to my lineage, so that they will continue my lineages work in his name.”

Offers 10 tax factor points to make testament official. Arbitrator is required to make official astropathic announcement about testament to the dynasty of the captain.

Adeptus Mechanicus Logi Lexico Arcanus Mycola Krylov visits the tech-shrine

Arrives to the shrine through noosphere transmitting servant proxy. As proxy servant is essential for detailed noospheric awareness for Krylov it is it’s it’s weak spot also. Servant firewall is not as secure as Krylovs personal one and information transferred between proxy servant and Krylov can be eavesdropped by skilled tech-analyst.

Orders with Novabyte command tech shrine to open. Specialist Gödel does not resist forced entrance of senior tech-priest.

It ritually offers the data purifier for the tech-shrine to cleanse itself from archeotech meme-virus infected to cogitator banks by Specialist Gödel.

Krylov demands access to cogitators of the tech-Shrine, runs data purifier through the cogitator system and gains faith point.

After running security diagnostics scan to the shrine Krylov uses cogitators system to run through noospheric tests of abacus warp jumps, self-diagnosing, crew rate analyzing.

Krylov interrogates Specialist Gödel for advances on Quest of Knowledge. Specialist Gödel assures that it has recently passed first step and started working on second step.

Krylov needs help in requisitioning of 33.000 cortex implants and auto-stabilized logis targeter and offers to pay extra Power Factory points if requisitioning through or  burning of Tax Factory can be done through Specialist Gödel’s Imperial contacts.

Krylov warns Gödel about succumbing to directives of other tech-priests. Specialist Gödel alone should dictate it’s path own on the quest of knowledge.


-Refugee fleet orbiting Gravis Major is forbidden to unload refugees to the planet and the fleet is re-directed to Nothus to initialize mining arcology “Dolabra Imperator”.

-66.000 miners from the refugee fleet are located to Sphaera Imperator. Sphaera +1 tax factory for cheap work force.

-3 TF burned. Founding of “Dolabra Imperator” large arcology for 10 million citizen to Nothus.

Additional components of the new arcology:
Barrack -1 TF burned
Hob Enforcer -1TF burned
Chemical Procession Facility Best, -2TF burned, Tax Profit +3, yearly increase of +3 up to 15 TF.

Enforcer Aestaban, Canor Sol barrack -1 TF Female

Judge Mordechai orders Specialist Gödel to take genetic samples of him and astropath Martün. Samples of the retinue are stored to a medicae deck of Sphaera Imperator and set to automatic procedure of launching incubation in 5 year cycle if not aborted.

Enforcer Theodore from Imperial Friendship Bridge has caught and executed criminal gang dismantling and selling components from emergency refugee camps. During the raid on a gang’s warehouse arbitrator troops confiscated 15 medbay components and 30 Imperial Figurehead components.

They are distributed across the system as donations of Judge Mordechai.
Dolabra Imperator: medicae deck, 2 x Imperial figurehead
Celos: medicae deck
Canor Sol: medicae deck, Imperial figurehead, both returned by Arviragus 
Imperial Friendship Bridge: medicae deck, 2 x Imperial figurehead
Pauperpolis: medicae deck, Imperial figurehead, short of Power for components
Semis: Imperial figurehead
PC-5728: medicae deck, Imperial figurehead **
Gloria Lapidarius: medicae deck, Imperial figurehead
Bastion of Saint Drusus: Imperial figurehead
Manor-fortress of Grand Falls: Imperial figurehead, medicae deck
Scutum: medicae deck, Imperial figurehead
Sphaera Imperator:
Irae: Imperial figurehead, UNPOWERED
EF-118: Imperial figurehead, medicae deck, figurehead returned by Strabolus
Gravis Major: Snake tribe + Salmon tribe: 1 Imperial figurehead each

Path of Martün:

Astropath Martün continues studying echoes of visions flickering at his peripheral sight.

Scutum?? Other??

Eels tries to summon daemon Nytram. The daemon deflects the summoning and, through a sympathetic connection, directs it towards Martün Underberg.

“Let the flows that dictate affect, not so lightly be dismissed.
Let the ones that flaunt the Architect with the fresher fate be kissed”

Soul of Martün is imprisoned to the pentagrammic circle and misguided clairvoyant of chaos tries to interrogate him instead of the daemon that warlock is after.

Eels makes three questions: “Have you heard the call of Hecaton Rift?”, “Will you support crusade that has been foreseen?” and “Where you stand in the facets of the Chaos?”

Eel tries to bind Martün to a daemon-host but as he is misguided binding fails and Martün gets a chance for a psychic attack (fail) before his soul returns to his corpereal form.

OOO Regurgitator flight to Nothus via Canor Sol to pick up Astropath Martün.

Demise of Nytram

Martün faces his personal daemon Nytram and is victorious.

Ivar Seerslayer tries to execute Martün but is destroyed before it has time to pull the trigger.

Specialist Gödel collects damaged parts of destroyed cyborg.

OOO Regurgitator flight to Sphaera Imperator

Martün is incarcerated by order of Judge Mordechai to a hexagrammic cell at Sphaera imperator


Chapter 10