Chapter 4


-Retinue investigates xeno habitat and find five centiworms captured under force fields. Two of xenos monsters have reached huge size. Gödel activates containment protocol of xeno habitat and exterminates xeno lifeforms.

-Retinue investigates advanced apothecarium. It has been used to produce rejuvenation drugs until half year ago. Since then it has been used to produce XY-zygote medicine. Specialist Gödel deletes formula of XY-zygote from data-chest of the advanced apothecarium.

-Genetic engineering facility is found to be used for developing immortality for humans. Judge Mordechai seals facility with red tape of arbitrates.

-Retinue investigates rejuvenation chamber and find it to be, even as rare it is, an standard Imperial component.

-Retinue investigates bio-regeneration chamber and find out that it has been intensively used for production of clones of Yves and Xavier and find out that in last half year it has produced 120 clones. After estimating how many clones they have executed, it is estimated that there are about 40 clones still alive. Judge Mordechai seals the chamber with red tape oh arbiters.

-Martün initiates psychic technique Foreshadow to help his psyniciense awareness. He overburdens himself and face the perils of warp: Blood Rain: A psychic storm erupts, covering an area of 32 meters in which everyone must pass a Challenging
(+0) Strength Test or be knocked to the ground. In addition to howling winds and the roof of hallway raining blood, any psychic powers used in the area automatically invoke a Perils of the Warp check for next four Rounds.

-As ectoplasmic blood pours over the retinue Martün opens himself to whispers of the warp and finds out that psychic taint he located has been removed from the station. Specialist Gödel takes an sample of the ectoplasmic blood.

-Specialist Gödel unpowers hidden components (except Shadowblind bay and “Vivarium” xeno habitat) and seals them with mechanicus noosphere code.

-Judge Mordechai meets conciliatorix Boltazar and orders installation of barracks to Avaritas station. Component is located to guard passage to hidden area of the station. Judge Mordechai oversees installation of the barracks. Operations takes one week.

OOO Frigate “Furious Purpose” flight to Sphaera Imperator, 1 day.

-Specialist Gödel uploads flight data gathered from shadowblind bay of Avaritas to data-chest of the precinct-fortress.

-Rune-priest Regiomontanus reports problems with waste disposal pit. He has collected seven bodies with mesh armors cut to pieces from the pit. Corpses are preserved on formaldehyde tanks at the medicae deck.

-Specialist Gödel studies the preserved bodies and finds out that they have been cut to pieces by mono-filament grenade and their blood samples show traces of powerful and expensive short duration combat drugs.

-Retinue analyzes flight data of shuttles that was gathered from Avaritas shadowblind bay. Until half year ago flights have been destines to Scutum, Peniteus Balteus, Irae, Moon of Impensus and Nothus. After that flights have been destined across the system, except to Gravis Minor, Gravis Major and Semis.

-Astropath Martün orders acolyte Teresa to focus astropathic choir to obstruct psychic burden emitted from the sun. (Teresa burns designated fate point and succeeds.)

OOO Frigate “Furious Purpose” flight to Canor Sol, 1 day

-Retinue acquires barracks, which is established to Imperial friendship bridge (Gravis Major) and personal cogitator system, which is surgically augmented to Specialist Gödel’s brain.

-Judge Mordechai meets commander Gurgen of Canor Sol and they discuss about problems caused by Huwan Liberation Front. Security forces of the station have prevented several terrorist attacks against space pier dock of the station. Judge Mordechai creates division between commander Gurgen and curatorix Hemlock over motives to protect the station. Gurgen tells that he has made lieutenant Patris his vice commander in case of personal emergency.

-Specialist Gödel collects data of child births, especially quantity of twins, from Canor Sol logs for further analysis. Timing of rise in twin births correlates with medicine production and shipments of the clones of Yves and Xavier from the hidden medical area of Avaritas station.

-Specialist Gödel discusses with electro-monk Omnisheim about origins of petrified cogitator he wears. Omnisheim was unaware that they originated from Gravis Minor, which enginseer Strabolus has claimed to be hallowed ground of the Machine God. Omnisheim computed that archaotech he confiscated originated from prospectors looting the Graveyard of Nimbus Extern.

-Some years ago Omnisheim interfered operation of cold trade merchants at Canor Sol, he executed a group of hereteks and confiscated shipment of sacred archaotech cogitators. By higher authority among tech-priests Specialist Gödel orders Omnisheim to cease trade of the archaic cogitators.

-Omnisheim has traded several petrified archaotech cogitators to Lathes, Belacane and Cyclopea forge worlds of Calixis sector.

OOO Frigate “Furious purpose” flight to Pugia habitat, 1 day.

“Furious Purpose”, stats and background

“Pugia” habitat, stats and background

-As frigate approaches Pugia habitat it becomes target of active augury from the habitat and captain Egeon commands crew to prepare for void battle. Tech-priest responsible for frigate’s augury informs the captain that habitat’s core power production has spiked and energy distribution suggests to activation of the weapon systems.

-At distance of 20 void units captain orders frigate to move ahead, continue active augury and prepare to fire at command.

“Void skirmish of Pugia comet”, combat rounds 817.M41

“Boarding of Pugia”, combat rounds 817.M41

Battle for criminal  HQ of Pugia habitat

As boarding forces lead by Judge Mordechai breach the HQ of the habitat he immediately searches commander of the station to challenge him to personal combat.

Crime-Lord Borga

Judge Mordechai engages Crime-Lord Borga to melee. Specialist Gödel and Astropath Martün follow on his heels as Specialist Gödel engages dark mechanicus Luxium and Astropath Martün challenges Vile Xeno Psyker.

von trotha 2

Specialist Gödel charges against the dark mechanicus as it furiously fires at Specialist Gödel with laspistol mechadenrites. Luxium’s archeotech force shield proves to be inadequate against logical wrath of the envoy of Machine God and Specialist Gödel’s power-axe shatters it’s metal frame.

Astropath Martün confronts the Vile Xeno Psyker whose psychic projection of its name against boarding forces cause nose-bleed and uncontrolled shiver’s on the weak of heart. As fearless Martün attacks Vile Xeno Psyker it groans, “How did I fail you Master. I brought all the gifts you desired and pledged myself to your cause.” Psychic techniques (Dark Whisper and Choking Grasp, unfettered use) and shard sword of Vile Xeno Psyker fail time and again against Astropath Martün and with assistance of Specialist Gödel’s firepower he brings down the xenos travesty.

Crime-Lord Borga high on stims proves to be challenge able to resist righteous fury of judge Mordechai. As Mordechai is heavily wounded by tearing blades of Borga’s chainsaw he is able by Emperor’s grace to dodge blow that would have decapitated him. (Burn 1 faith point) As Gödel joins combat by shooting in to the melee with his augmented bolter, barrage of explosive rounds blow away Borga’s right hand and he is tossed across the headquarters by force of the blast.

As habitat’s officers are vanquished the defense of “Pugia” collapses and Imperial Navy troops squash the last pockets of the resistance and capture remaining population.


-After victorious seizing of habitat’s criminal HQ by Judge Mordechai’s retinue, they investigates battleground. Corpse of vile xeno psyker is preserved /3 DoS) by Specialist Gödel and shipped to precinct-fortress at Sphaera Imperator. Crime-lord Borga has escaped but his severed and mangled right hand is left behind among pile of used stims (Burn 1 dark faith). Heretek Luxium’s battered chassis is found but his cranium is missing (Burn 1 dark faith).

-Retinue locates hidden cargo store loaded with illegal drugs, forgery that has been producing Imperial standard ration coupons and xenotech dismantling facility full of valuable xeno trinkets.

-Judge Mordechai burns stash of forged Imperial standard ration coupons in front of his retinue and Imperial Navy troops. Mordechai s speech ” Moral”

-Astropath Martün confiscates xeno shard sword of vile xeno psyker, xeno warp launcher component and selection of illegal drugs from the hidden cargo storage.

-Specialist Gödel confiscates two laspistol mechadendrites, petrified cogitator and archaotech force field from heretek Luxium and selection of illegal drugs from the hidden cargo storage.

-Surviving population is sentenced by Judge Mordechai to be abominations in the sight of the Emperor and  mutant scum of “Pugia” habitat are executed by Imperial navy firing squads. Judge Mordechai sentenced corrupted imperial soldiers.?? +Respect

-Dismantling of “Pugia” habitat with help of Bethel void born clan’s shuttles begins.            (2 weeks)

Resources and components found at “Pugia” are distributed to:

Donated to void born clan Bethel:
M-1.r life sustainer Pow: 4 Space: 2
M-100 Augur array Pow: 3 Space: 0

Donated to Imperial navy frigate “Furious Purpose”:
Voidsmens quarters Pow: 2 Space: 4

Confiscated to precinct-fortress at Sphaera Imperator:
Hidden cargo storage Pow: 1 Space: 2 (Hidden)
Collection of xeno artefacts +4 TF, Somna +4 TF, Kalma +2 TF, Usharillo +3 TF, Blue crystal TF +5 , Spook, Fury
Forgery, enables production of forged imperial documents.
Corpse of vile xeno psyker (preserved)

Confiscated by Specialist Gödel:
Epsilon lance  Pow: 1 Space: 4 Cost: 3  Str: 5 Dam: 2d5+3   Crit: 4  Range:3/6/12
Two laspistol mechadendrites of Heretek Luxium and archaotech force field.
Samples of illegal drugs from hidden cargo storage

Confiscated by Astropath Martün Underberg:
Xeno warp launcher Pow: 10 Space: 2, Enables vessel/station to flicker between Materium and Immaterium. Xeno tech build by Vile Xenos Psyker. Requires Forbidden lore: Xenos and arduous (-40) WP check to activate.
Xeno shard sword
Samples of drugs from hidden cargo storage.

Donated to Sphaera Imperator
Habitat’s stores Pow: 1 Space: 10, Acquisition +20 gear and consumables

Donated to Pauperpolis
Main cargo hold Pow: 2 Space: 4, Gain +5 to acquisition
Cloud mining facility Pow: 3, Space: 4, Enables harvesting of resources from a comets.

Donated to Scutum
Xeno habitat Pow: 1 Space: 1, Enables xenos to live at the station.

Located to Imperial Friendship Bridge
Void shield array Pow: 5 Space: 1
Criminal HQ Pow: 1 Space: 3, Gain +5 to criminal trade and cold trade barter checks.


-Titanforge lance weapon of “Furious Purpose” obliterates Pugia habitat and remaining heretek and xenotech components within. Destroyed components: Xeno core, two shard cannons, Xenotech dismantling facility Pow: 2 Space: 3, Heretek, Gain +20 bonus to investigate and activate xeno equipment.

OOO Flight of “Furious Purpose” to Sphaera Imperator, 1 day

-Enforcer Thurio reports assassination of Master Mawsan of Adeptus Adminstratum acquired by Winterscale dynasty. As retinue investigates the assassination, they find out that apartment, where the longlas shot that killed Master Mawsan came from, was rented by Lady Percy. She had tried to hide her involvement by tampering apartment logs.

-Barracks acquired to Canor Sol for stationing arbitrator’s Enforcer and his troops.??

OOO Flight of “Furious Purpose”  to Gravis Major, 1 day

-Vox reports of native uprising against “Bastion of Saint Drusus” reach “Furious Purpose” as it approaches orbit of the Gravis Major.

-Astropath Martün is able to perceive signs of warp activity caused by psykers at the planet.

-Judge Mordechai contacts Commander Elmeh from Imperial fortress Gloria Lapidarius at Vellum, moon of Gravis Major. Squadron of three fighters are ordered to protect and support arbitrator as shuttle lands to Imperial Friendship Bridge.

-Judge Mordechai meets imperial guardsmen who are assigned to protect the bridge. He commands them to provide Rhino troop transporter for his use. Guardsmen report heavy fighting near spaceport and Bastion of Saint Drusus colony.

-Astropath Martün is able to accurately pierce escalating disturbance at warpscape of the planet. He senses ongoing psychic combat between group of unsanctioned psykers and freshly awakened psyker at the spaceport of planet.

-Retinue takes charge of the rhino and pack it up with squad of arbitrator troops. He attaches injector to engine to boost it with careful appliance of promethean to combustion chamber of the transporter vehicle. Rhino model they are using is armed with two side-bolters instead of storm bolter on top of the vehicle.

-Astropath Martün takes place of spotter, Specialist Gödel keeps on tampering with the engine and judge Mordechai takes right side bolter. Left side bolter and driver positions are filled with arbitrator troops (crew rate 30).

-As retinue gets their sight on spaceport they notice that it is overrun by 7.000 Huwan tribal warriors. Astropath Martün pinpoints locations of five unsanctioned psykers and becomes aware of unnatural warp rift at the entrance of the spaceport. Using psychic technique: aura reading to nearest psyker  he apprehends that individual is practitioner of unsanctioned psychic technique classified as Elemental Shaman. Psyker is exhausted after heavy psychic combat.

-As exhilarated Huwan warriors charge towards Imperial rhino Judge Mordechai orders gunners to keep 20 meter perimeter clear of charging natives. Bolters of the vehicle spew bursts of high caliber ordnance towards tribal warriors and wall of bodies circle the rhino  and block their sight of battlefield. Judge Mordechai orders driver to advance and engine revving the vehicle grinds it’s tracks over the wall of shredded bodies of tribal warriors.

-Judge Mordechai ignores unsanctioned psykers and ululating tribal warriors and commands rhino to approach warp rift fluctuating around entrance of the spaceport. As it passes through black whirling eddies of warp energy his troops show exceptional willpower and advance without fear.

-Inside warp drift is the entrance of spaceport. Extra-dimensional echoes bring up images of past events and voices. Retinue is able to recognize echoes to be past experiences of Jotak, the half-blood. In center of the warp rift, there is gravitational anomaly and replica of Imperial Friendship Bridge, made of matches, floats and revolves at the anomaly.

-Astropath Martün is able to see warped figure of a boy holding model of “Imperial Friendship Bridge” in his hands.

-Judge Mordechai and his retinue exits the rhino and carefully approach the anomaly. As Specialist Gödel studies data gargled by his servo skull and Astropath Martün opens himself to the echoes of the warp Judge Mordechai grasps the  model of “Imperial Friendship Bridge”.

-As Judge Mordechai touches the model strange energies of warp cause him to travel deeper into the Immaterium and he finds himself standing on warp shadow of tremendous Imperial Friendship Bridge floating inside the warp bubble. At the center of bridge Jotak is deeply concentrated to reading Imperial Tarot. Jotak seems to be oblivious to Judge Mordechai’s presence as he draws his melta pistol and advances towards point-blank range of awakened psyker. Judge Mordechai opens fire at the point-blank range and each of his shot misses as Jotak predicts his shots. Telekinetic blast from Jotaks awakened mind throw Judge Mordechai back to warp-rift at the spaceport entrance.

-As Judge Mordechai is recuperating his senses Astropath Martün grasps the model and is thrown to warp shadow of the bridge. He approaches and tries to intimidate Jotak while gathering his psychic forces to subdue him. As soon as he launches psychic attack he is thrown away from the shadow bridge.

-Specialist Gödel inspects with gravitational anomaly with his mechadentrite he makes contact with it and like other members of retinue is drawn to bridge. He faces Jotak with holy logic of Omnisiah but fails. Specialist Gödel is expelled from the heart of the anomaly.

Imperial Tarot Readings of Jotak half-Blood for the “Ungues Aquilarum:
Judge Mordechai: Primarch, Eye of Horus, Shattered world
Astropath Martün: Inverted Mechanicus
Specialist Gödel: Inverted God-Emperor

-Judge Mordechai requests reports from his retinue:

-Astropath Martün recommends capturing and delivering Jotak to “Collegio Magnitudo” at Semis, Moon of Impensus as he is too dangerous to leave unfettered.

-Specialist Gödel reports about successful Forbidden lore warp and understands that Imperial Friendship Bridge has shadow existence in Immaterium.

-Judge Mordechai enters the shadow bridge alone and faces awakened psyker. With instincts honed in battles by the name of the Emperor his full auto-burst of bolter wounds critically Jotak and as his body is pierced by by several hits. As Jotak falls unconscious warp bubble, that he created when he went through psychic awakening, dissipates.

-Warp bubble dissipates and at the entrance of spaceport Judge Mordechai’s imperial rhino is confronted by 6000 ululating Eagle tribe warriors. Bolters of the rhino blazing and crushing tracks reaping bloody trail through charging primitives. Some of the tribal warriors are able to throw and thrust their obsidian spears inside through observation holes of shooters but their attacks with cannot penetrate armors of the crew.

-Greatest danger rhino faces occurs when Judge Mordechai orders air support to wrong co-ordinates and rhino is streaked by auto-cannons of fighters on their side with several shots causing hull damage to Imperial Rhino.

-As the dusk paints victorious rhino red Judge Mordechai stands on a field of mangled and pierced carnage of 7.000 fallen Huwan warriors. Huwan shamans have escaped while retinue was concentrating fire to charging primitive warriors.

-Judge Mordechai commands Imperial guard of bastion of Saint Drusus to charge against massive army of 100.000 primitive tribal warriors who have been partially armed with auto-guns, stubbers and grenades by Huwan Liberation Front. By command of higher Imperial authority Major Ardman personally leads the out launch of three hundred guardsmen which will be known afterwards as “Charge of the Light Brigade“.

-As Judge Mordechai’s Imperial rhino speeds through the surprised primitives and is able to shoot safe perimeter around grievously wounded Major Ardman still holding regiment Aquila standard. Wounded officer and standard are saved and Imperial rhino speeds towards colony across minefield remotely controlled by defenders of the colony.

-Wounded officer and wounded child psyker are taken to field hospice of Aletha, Ordo Hospitaller.

-Judge Mordechai meets with colony’s Imperial authorities:

Reports of Imperial officers of bastion of Saint Drusus

Conciliatorix Simion: Demands immediate crush of native rebellion and securing continent through genocide of Eagle tribe. In three months colony population will increase to over 10.000.000 imperial citizens. (Asks personally judge Mordechai to sentence Brother-militant Makbae to remove him from position of authority thus directly increasing Tax Factor paid by the colony.)

Komuk: Best to draw tribes to minefields and use sewers to counter attack their rear. Komuk has built Underground HQ inside colony sewers.

Aletha: Field hospital overrun by wounded after initial attack of the primitives.

Baroness Isolte: Has secured Manor-Fortress of Grand Falls and Imperial Friendship Bridge. Demands immediate occupation to secure space port. (Reports through Vox)

Brother-Militant Makbae: Endure siege for three months while airlifted Snake tribe warriors loyal to Imperium are able to attack home-grounds of Eagle Huwan tribes to pillage, enslave and loot.


To comply with Conversion strategy of Missio Galaxia judge Mordechai follows the wishes of brother-militant Makbae. To ensure safety of spaceport, Imperial friendship Bridge and Manor-Fortress he commands Commander Elmeh of Vellum’s moon fortress to shuttle 3.500 Imperial guardsmen to ensure strategic of spaceport, Imperial Friendship Bridge and Manor-Fortress of grand Falls.

-Judge Mordechai agrees to spent Tax Factory (-2) to support propaganda campaign of Commander Embeh of Vellum naval fortress.

-It takes two days for Judge Mordechai to inspect the colony of “Bastion of Saint Drusus” thorough. Colony is low on rations and sustaining the siege will bring hunger to citizens of the colony. He notices that among colony’s children who have been collected to safety of bunkers is unnatural amount of individuals looking like they are related to mayor Usindra.

-For two days astropath Martün stands, surrounded by spooky glow, on the walls above the gate of colony and projects his psychic hatred against loathed unsanctioned psykers and challenges them to face the light of the Golden Throne. None dare to answer his call for psychic duel.

-For two days Specialist Gödel helps Nurse Aletha on suturing, amputation and euthanization of wounded Imperial guards and citizens.

-As siege continues for three months of attrition  Judge Mordechai relocates with Imperial rhino to comforts of luxury quarters and librarium vault to sort out imperial accounts of nobility of Grand Falls. He finds out that they have evaded tithes worth of 20 tax Factory from Ecclesiarchy and used it to sustain colony of Bastion of Drusus when it was falling behind on it’s tithes. He fines Isolte, Baroness of Grand Falls, for 15 Tax Factor.

-At vehicle maintenance bay Specialist Gödel repairs and maintains damaged Imperial rhino. He also studies the petrified cogitator he received from reactor-monk Omnisheim at Canor Sol, Contains hexagrammatic code scrapcode command lines.

-Astropath Martün delves into secrets of heretical book “Fall of the Throne” and untangles series of prophetic visions of Valquan Sark. His forbidden prophecies foretells Emperors death and how fragments of his soul are reborn across the galaxy in physical forms known as Star Child‘s. Martün decipheres ancient astrodivinations and one of places visioned by Valquan Sark was system fitting description of Ultima Tectum (“Around the Daemon at the heart of Blue brilliance”).

-Judge Mordechai appoint Enforcer Malakai to supervise barracks of Imperial Friendship Bridge (-1 to Tax Factor)

-As Brother-Militant had planned Bastion of Saint Drusus is able to hold against offensive against Huwan Eagle tribe army. Meanwhile Snake tribe that has been converted to Imperial creed and tactics pillage, enslave and loot home-grounds of Eagle tribe and destroy their winter provisions. When news of their atrocities arrive to siege camp warriors of Eagle tribe plan to stop the siege and face the snake tribe warriors encircling their army. When Brother-Militant Makbae notices this he orders bombers from Gloria Lapidarius at the moon Vellum to strike. Snake tribe witnesses holy power of the Emperor dropped from the orbit to blast and incinerate the heathen army daring to challenge the Imperium.

-Brother Militant Makbae gives sermon to leaders of Snake tribe at his Shrine. Astropath Martün presents himself to Snake tribe to remind them who is the prophet of the Emperor among primitives. Martün notices ritual scarring on the chest of Brother-Militant, similar to snake tribe chieftains.

-Major Ardman is stable but recovering from grievous wounds. Colony has gathered +2 Tax Factor bounty for purchasing mechanical pelvis augmentation for him.

-Unconscious starchild has been stabilized by Nurse Aletha. Child has been kept in chemical coma by order of judge Mordechai for three months. Nurse Aletha reports that advancing muscular atrophy is endangering boys life and chemical restrain cannot be continue further or boy will die.

Astropathic Martün’s report 817.M41

My divination recommends to:

Operation “Jotak”, Gravis Major
-Hexagrammatic cells (5 cells for psykers) require burning 3 Tax factory to acquire it immediately.
-Null bay (100 cells for psykers) require burning 5 Tax Factor to acquire it immediately.
-Chemical coma cannot be continued, permanent muscular atrophy damage on the boy.
-If awakened psyker not constrained by hexagrammatic cells then dire prediction of catastrophic psychic phenomenons.
-Hexagrammatic cells of Semis can be used to constrain Jotak.
-If no plan of constrain then immediate execution recommended.
-Because of the current anomaly Shadow Bridge, echo of Imperial Friendship Bridge existing at the Immaterium, requires study of Jotak further.

Operation “Five Shamans”, Gravis Major
-Locating native unsanctioned psykers, before they have time to prepare counter psychic activity is imperative.
-Use of Snake tribe scouts to locate “Shamans”.?
-Put bounty on locating rogue psyker Shamans of the Eagle tribe. Recommended bounty 6-8 Tax factory?

Operation “Club Excess”, Avaritas
Sounds of moral threats
-Echoes of Slaanesh influence detected.
-Curious warp resonances of psychic entity activities detected.
-High suicide rate among population still not investigated.

Operation “Sober lumberjack”, Gravis Major
-Suspicious songs about healing water and immortality.
-Song about psyker becoming a spiritual leader at the Gravis Major.
-Minstrel performing song “Charge of the Light Brigade”, demeans Judge authority at the system.

Operation Cathedral, Avaritas
-To investigate building project and plans of “The Cathedral of Immaculate Truth” by Arch-Diocese Humer.

Operation Snake Tribe, Gravis Major
-Spiritual dominance gained for the tribe by Martün.
-Use of tribal scouts to locate HLF headquarters?
-Authority of Makbae over Snake tribe is considerable .
-Brother-Militant Makbae has ritual scarring on chest which  similar to ones Snake tribe chieftains have.

Operation Freedom Cafe, Canor Sol
-Signs conspiracy movement gathering influence among the population.
-Prediction that “Freedom Cafe” has become operational again.

Operation Interrogation, Canor Sol
-Prisoners of Incarceration vault of Canor Sol. (HLF, X/Y)

Operation Astropathy, Sphaera Imperator
-To use astropathic choir to scan warp around system to get deeper understanding to other psychic sources detected by astropath Martün’s divination of Immaterium. Requires several months of staying at the astropathic choir of Sphaere Imperator.

Operation Inaugural of Law, Sphaera Imperator
-Work of Judge Mordechai continued without the blessing of the ecclesiarchy borders an act of blasphemy against the Holy Synod of the Emperor.

Operation Infiltration
-Hiring agent to work for Astropath Martün for monitoring and locating unsanctioned psykers around Ultima Tectum.
-Use GRG servitors across the system to gather intelligence. Gravis Minor, Avaritas, Semis, Nothus, Canor Sol.

Chapter 5: