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GödelName: Specialist Gödel, Adeptus Mechanicus Genetor

Home world: Forge world Lathe Hesh
The very portrait of a classical forge world, Lathe-Hesh is covered with enormous factories, towering production lines, and vast assembly yards that churn out specialized weaponry and vehicles for the Sector militaries and for the Adeptus Mechanicus itself. Huge plains of marshaling yards and tank parks hold a generation’s worth of fighting vehicles and massive artillery waiting to be deployed where needed. Picking up more of the overall production as its sister worlds shift more to management or fall fallow, the adepts of Lathe-Hesh are the most ardent followers of the  Omnissiah within the Lathes System and, indeed, possibly all of the Lathe Worlds.
Lathe-Hesh consists mostly of construction facilities for large or specialized combat vehicles, such as battle tanks and larger war machines. The most recent additions to the august roll of manufacture are the enormous Valdor Tank Hunters, whose facilities were moved entirely from Lathe-Het very recently. Home to the most conservative adepts, Lathe-Hesh looks at those of Lathe-Het as manipulative politicians, and Lathe-Hadd’s as indolent layabouts.
There are more temples and sites sanctified to the Omnissiah on Lathe-Hesh than on any of the other Lathe Worlds. Of all the holdings of the Adeptus Mechanicus within the Calixis Sector and neighboring regions, it is on Lathe-Hesh that the Lords Dragon are most fervently feared, and entire sermon-cants are broadcasted to massed congregations in the hopes that an agent of the Lords Dragon are listening.
The most holy construct on the planet, the Curia Mechanicum, is a towering bastion of faith dedicated to the Machine God, piercing the foul clouds of noisome pollution that cling to the planet’s surface. Built to enclose the planet’s sacred Fabricator ship, the entire complex is a maze of black basalt and burnished brass. The Curia is the center of worship on the forge world, but also houses the offices and manufactorium directly under the supervision of the Fabricator of Lathe-Hesh. Also housed within the Curia are the offices of the Officio Vigilis, a unit of the Crimson Guard unique to Lathe-Hesh. Some of the most gifted Artificers working within the Calixis Sector call the Curia home, spending lavishing years of doting attention on a single weapon system in the name of the Divine Light of Sollex.
Although most adepts consider the heart of the planet to be the Curia Mechanicum, the soul is almost certainly the Ordinatus Yards, a continent-sized array of fabrication sheds,
manufactories, assembly halls, and detailing amphitheater, all dedicated to the refurbishment, rebuilding, and repairing of the enormous Ordinatus Platforms. It is here that these ancient and enormous creations are brought back to life after battle, imbued with the most powerful and responsive machine spirits, and lavished with the utmost care upon every rivet and seam. Adepts from near and far visit the Yards merely to honor the mighty machine-spirits that have been resurrected there over the millennia, even though they are almost always silent, as the call to resurrect an Ordinatus platform only comes perhaps once in a generation.

Birthright: Unnatural origins -> Contaminated environment.
There are many in the Imperium whose existence is not kind; indeed, there are few for whom the Imperium is anything other than a distant and uncaring master. For some, however, existence is something to be suffered and endured. For these wretched few like Specialist Gödel, life is a twisted and unnatural thing, and individuals like him either find release in an early death or rise above their abhorrent origins. Gödel is cursed by a polluted environment he has endured and his bleak existence is hardened by it, made resolute by an unrelenting desire to leave his toxic past behind. It is said in hushed tones that individuals like him may be something less than human.
Contaminated Environs
The industry of man leaves entire worlds choking on acrid fumes and drowning in noxious effluvia. On innumerable worlds, and hive worlds in particular, chemicals flood from manufactoriums, research stations, starports, and all manner of other locations, leaving the world poisoned. Such places are toxic to human life, yet humans may still exist there, the dregs of society forced into the most inhospitable places imaginable. Amidst polluted water and foul vapours, these people endure horrific lives, and as generations pass the poisons that suffuse their erstwhile homes taint their very nature, scarring their genes and rendering their very humanity a flawed and deformed thing. Specialist Gödel appears unhealthy with failing lungs and overtaxed liver.
Cost: 100xp
Effects: Gain the Peer (Mutants) and Resistance (Poisons)
Talents: Also gain +3 to either Toughness or Willpower, but suffer –3 Fellowship.
-Escape to better life

Lure of the void: Duty bound -> Duty to Omnissiah
Only the ignorant believe that duty is a prison forced on others by those in power. True duty arises spontaneously from the soul, a call to service and struggle that should be neither shirked nor denied. It is your faith and your honor that impels you to places and labours far beyond the imagining of those that grub in the dirt of self-interest. Whether you serve the Aquila, strive to guide and guard the numberless masses of mankind, or serve the honor and calling of your blood, you know well the great trials and far journeys that lie ahead, and intend to see them through to the last.
Duty to the Machine God: You gain +3 Willpower and (if you meet the WP 40 prerequisite) the Armour of Contempt Talent. You suffer a –10 penalty to any Interaction Skill Tests when dealing with any source outside of the Imperium (e.g., aliens and traitors).
-Gödel’s faith is founded on the gratitude towards the Omnissiah, whose unfathomable deduction elevated him from the underbelly of a waste-reclamation fields of forge world Hesh to the stars and beyond.

Trials and travails: Lost worlds -> Beyond the pale
There are long-lost worlds being discovered all the time by members of the Imperium. The Explorator fleets of the Adeptus Mechanicus chart and record planets, sending that
information back to be analyzed. Some are worlds that were once part of a Rogue Trader dynasty, now lost to antiquity. Some are bizarre and upset the laws of physics: malignant worlds torn from their stars to float in the voids, alien constructs, space hulks of enormous size, and other equally strange phenomena. Those who choose to catalogue and explore these lost worlds sometimes return with wealth or knowledge undreamt of; others come back changed, as if they passed beyond the material universe.
Beyond the pale
Gödel has always been an explorer, willing to travel to places beyond the edges of the map. This time, however, he did gone too far. He witnessed something that man was not meant to see and came back changed as a result. He fought against mutiny of a star vessel initiated by a heretic of the ruinous powers during the warp voyage. The experience has changed him and his perceptions—perhaps not for the better.
Cost: 100xp
Effect: Gain +1d5 Corruption Points and +1d5 Insanity Points. In addition, select two Forbidden Lore Skills (or gain +10 to two Forbidden Lore Skills already possessed).

Motivation: Fear -> Haunted by thy own sins
It is not the future’s promise that drives Specialist Gödel, but the nightmares of days past. (Days of?? Repercussion from actions during beyond the pale??) Frailty of the flesh haunts him, and he does not dare speak of it but it is what makes him so eager to press on.
Only by going forward can Specialist Gödel hope to elude unnatural changes that he seek to escape, but no matter how far he goes he cannot escape it completely, for the revelations of mutating flesh remain with him always, stealing away his restoring update cycles with a data-hypothesis of terror. Gödel knows that others may deduct the haunted look within his organic light sensors, and that they guess at his motives when his back is turned, watching for that tell-tale signs of a mechanical twitch or a noospheric grimace that surfaces when Specialist Gödel’s fears come unbidden to the forefront of his logic.
Haunted by Thy Own Sins
Blessed are the repentant, for they have seen the face of damnation and yet return to vis light. Specialist Gödel knows that he has done wrong (what is your wrongdoing?), but in sacrifice and service you can be redeemed, and that distant chance gives you the courage to achieve anything. The failures of your past give you insight into corruption of life, and with that hard-won knowledge you can strike out against it, to cleanse your biorhytms with the extermination of the enemies of opulent Mars. Should his life be the cost of his  success, then so be it, for it is a far better thing to die as a martyr than live on as an abomination.
Cost: 300xp
Effects: Gain the Dark Soul, Frenzy and Flagellant (see sidebar) Talents. In addition, gain any one Forbidden Lore as an untrained Basic Skill. However, the character also gains
1d10 Corruption Points from his past sins.
Gödel practices compulsory self-mutilation with medicae mechadendrite. After witnessing for so many forge laborers to succumb to mutations and executed out on sight has left Gödel with illogical approach to mutants and profound fear of developing a mutation by himself. Gödel has developed an obsession to take a sample pieces of himself for analyzing the signs of mutation of his polluted flesh.

Career path: Menial Laborer -> Technomat -> Tech Acolyte -> Adept Initiate -> Tech-priest -> Tech-adept -> Adeptus: (Tertius -> Secundus -> Primus) -> Genetor 1: Genetor Extremis -> Genetor 2: Corpus Illuminator -> Genetor 3: Metasurgeon

Official and honorary titles: Guardian of the Tech-shrine, Magos Dominus Explorator??

Demeanor: Fixed

Why has Gödel risen to his position?
-Waste-pit compressor technomat Gödel reveals a heretical laborer strike attempt at his factorium district at Lathe Hesh. As hereteks lash out to sabotage the factorium Gödel and his trusted personnel hold control room against agitated masses and their master. Mentor of Gödel is murdered by them during the defense of the factorium. Gödel helps pit-master Yorric to continue his service in the name of the Machine God in a form of servo-skull. Senior tech-priest of the factorium recognizes technomat Gödel’s dedication to sanctity of Mechanicus apparatus and initiates him to tech-priest.

Why Ultima Tectum calls you?
Driving goal is the duty to the Machine god. As a Adeptus Tertius Specialist Gödel was dedicated to uphold the sacred digituals of Omnissiah and as his servant Specialist Gödel is duty-bound to bring the sacred spark to the fringes of the Imperium.  Every raised tech-shrine, installed manufactorium and consolidated forge world manifests worship of the Omnissiah in it’s purest form. Not just to be a cog – but to be the cog that revolves new cogs towards seeking the truth of logic and the service to appease the machine..

Gödel’s ambition
-To find the profound organ responsible for the human condition and to remove or alter it surgically. Quest of knowledge aims to?? Philosophical tendency: Companions of Vogel, see below.

Mannerism: Invasive poking mechadendrite which draws blood samples from biological targets.

“Yorrick”, Auspex servo skull
-Faithful and duty bound tech-mentor who died on duty during upheavals of the heretical strikes at the forge world.
Frame: Small
Parts: Cybernetic link, power cell, field generator, sensor (experimental), transmitter
Special: Vocalizes random statistical blurts caused by experimental parts used when servo skull was manufactured.


They are one of the four Holy Orders that make up the Ruling Priesthood of the Adeptus Mechanicus, specializing in genetics. They are very common among the Mechanicus and often accompany Imperial forces involved in the exploration of new worlds. They are dedicated to the study of biology and organic anatomy and are heavily represented among the Mechanicus, possibly due to the Mechanicum’s experiences with mutants on Mars during the Age of Strife. Some sources state that the term ‘Genetor’ is synonymous with the Magos Biologis (sometimes Divisionis Biologis or Divisio Biologis), while some place ‘Magos Biologis’ as a title within the wider Genetor Order, or within the Magi Order.


The Order commonly studies biological systems; those of the xenos in order to defeat them, those of the human in order to improve them. It is one of the few institutions in the Imperium, alongside the Inquisition‘s Ordo Xenos, permitted to study xenos and regularly examine alien species.  Members frequently accompany exploration fleets, sometimes even forming their own Genetor explorator teams, to test the populations of rediscovered worlds for mutation outside of the prescribed norms. Genetors often augment their bodies with vat grown muscle,toughened skin, and organic-reinforced bones rather then cybernetics like the Tech-Priests. Small sect called “Companions of Vogel” are an exception among Ordo Genetor as they promote extended mechanical augmentation of biological organisms.

Gödel’s philosophical alignment

Companions of Vogel: Forced and extended genetic enhancement and cybernetic augmentation is necessary to strengthen the humanity. It is a young and radical philosophy that has not yet been condemned heretical by ecclesiarchy, even as it implies that the human form is somehow insufficient alone.

Quest for Knowledge

The ultimate goal of the Cult Mechanicus is to understand the Omnissiah. The communal and individual attempt of Mechanicus believers at this is known as the Quest for Knowledge, and the Cult’s followers view this endeavor as paramount and more important than any other concern. Generally, the Quest is pursued through scientific and exploratory endeavors. The Cult believes that all knowledge already exists, and it is primarily a matter of time before it can be gathered together to complete the Quest. The Mechanicus’ members are therefore disinclined to perform much original research, and they consider it more important to safeguard that knowledge which they already have accrued and gather more by searching for STC templates and similar lost pieces of ancient human technology from the Dark Age of Technology. Some original research does happen within the Adeptus Mechanicus, although the results of such endeavors are strictly quarantined for many years before being disseminated publicly.

In the Quest for Knowledge, members are guided by the Sixteen Universal Laws. The Sixteen Laws, or “lore’s” are as follows:

The Mysteries

    • 01. Life is directed motion.
    • 02. The spirit is the spark of life.
    • 03. Sentience is the ability to learn the value of knowledge.
    • 04. Intellect is the understanding of knowledge.
    • 05. Sentience is the basest form of Intellect.
    • 06. Understanding is the True Path to Comprehension.
    • 07. Comprehension is the key to all things.
    • 08. The Omnissiah knows all, comprehends all.

The Warnings

    • 09. The alien mechanism is a perversion of the True Path.
    • 10. The soul is the conscience of sentience.
    • 11. A soul can be bestowed only by the Omnissiah.
    • 12. The Soulless sentience is the enemy of all life.
    • 13. The knowledge passed from ancients stands beyond question.
    • 14. The Machine Spirit guards the knowledge of the Ancients.
    • 15. Flesh is fallible, but ritual honors the Machine Spirit.
    • 16. To break with ritual is to break with faith.

Duties of main Adeptus Mechanicus sects:

Magos, Military commanders
Logis, Datavault production and maintenance
Genetor, Cybernetics production, installation and maintenance
Artisan, Building of factories and production of general items

Electro Priest: Power distribution and maintenance.
Rune Priest: Ignition machine rituals and blessing of new equipment.
Transmechanic: Collection of the sensor data and distribution of communication bandwiths and maintenance of alleged components.
Lex Mechanic: Compilation and analyzing of the compiled statistical data

Adeptus mechanicus hierarchy

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Mechanicus hierarchy

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