Ready to run star vessels


Imperial frigate commanded “Regurgitator” commanded by Rogue Trader Captain Karfa

Imperial raider “Audacia” commanded by Rogue Trader Captain Qumais

Imperial raider “Squalus Purus” commanded by Rogue Trader Captain Georgene Klimnik.

Merchant vessel “Steppingstone of Saints” commanded by Captain Ingram

Chorda dynasty smuggling frigate “Relentless” commanded by Captain Kasmir

Imperial Navy frigate “Furious purpose” commanded by Captain Egeon

Inquisitorial black ship ”Orlov Principle” commanded by Captain Barkar

Adeptus Mechanicus

Mechanicus research cruiser “Omnissiah’s Probe” commanded by Von Trotha

Ark Mechanicus “Pride of Ares“, vessel eternally dedicated to void battles of tech-priests.

Ark Mechanicus “Shield of Hermes“, vessel capable for exploration voyages taking centuries.

Ark Mechanicus “Cradle of Hefaistos”, vessel worshiping archeotech and implementations of it.


Light Cruiser “Starfighter-31“, survivor from Dark Age of Technology commanded by rogue and paranoid AI.


Pleasure frigate of Slaanesh raiders “Apollonia” commanded by Sylvan Asphyxitor


Stryxis Carvan Barge “Weird Ululating Sound” commanded by captain Ung’tix

Eldar Scout vessel “Solemn Whisper” commanded by


Fleet of Tyrannous Stars campaign