Voyager on the holy path of Machine God

Tempest-class Strike Frigate
Species: Human
Ship Type: Tempest-class Strike Frigate
Ship Class: Frigate

Dimensions: 1.5 km long, 0.4 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 6.1 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 30500 crew, approx.
Accel: 4.7 gravities max sustainable acceleration

The Tempest is a specialized frigate produced in the Calixis and surrounding sectors. It trades long ranged firepower for heavy, short-ranged broadsides designed to devastate enemies at ‘knife-fight’ distances. To get to those distances, Tempests have triple-armoured prows and boosted drives, and often carry assault boats and large complements of ratings for boarding actions. These larger quarters and hanger bays have been found very useful for other, more commercial purposes as well.

Officers:rogue trader 14
Rogue trader Captain Karfa
-Survivalist, Technophile. Aims to complete augmentation of the body. Cybernetic cogitator implants.
Strategium Optimus, Ballistic skill +5, Scrutiny +10
-Left hand and bodyguard of the captain.
Tech-savant Myrion, Tech-use +15
-Heavily augmented and in some ways more as extension of Tech-priest Krylov than individual person.
Helmsman Leger, Pilot +10, Tacticae Imperialis +5
-Freshest of officers. Has not yet sacrificed limb for the survival of crew.

Machine spirit

Enthralled: Rite of Duplessence has been performed between Magos Mycola Krylov and the machine spirit. Krylov has been innovating with STC technology to almost a heretical degree.

Past histories

Mechanicus experiment: Ship has been modified by Cult Mechanicus to further Quest Of Knowledge. +5 detection, +5 logic skill checks

Speed: 8 Manoeuvrability: +18 Detection: +17
Hull Integrity: 36 Armour: 19 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 42 SP: 40 Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 2

Population: Morale: 100

Power: 35 / 45 Space: 35 / 42 Crew rate: 40

Essential Components

Good quality Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive Pow: +45 Space: 9
Strelov 1 Warp Engine, damaged Pow: 10 Space: 10
Geller Field Pow: 1 Space: 0
Single Void Shield Array Pow: 5 Space: 1
Armoured Command Bridge Pow: 2 Space: 2
M-1.r Life Sustainer Pow: 3 Space: 1
Pressed-crew Quarters Pow: 1 Space: 2
Mark-100 Auger Array Pow: 3 Space: 0

Supplemental Components

Armoured Prow Pow: 0 Space: 4
Crew reclamation facility Pow: 1 Space: 1
Modified Cogitator interlink Pow: 1 Space: 1 (a living tech-priest fused with the ship’s drive)


Void Abacus

Weapon Components:
Dorsal: Mars Pattern Macrocannons Pow: 4 Space: 2
Dorsal: Mars Pattern Macrocannons Pow: 4 Space: 2

Frigate - Regurgitator - Tempest Class Rogue Trader Captain Karfa