GM “Solemn Whisper” eldar scout vessel

The Nightshade is a dedicated torpedo boat that can swiftly deploy its cargo and use its speed to escape retribution.
Speed: 14 Maneuver: +45 Detection: +24 Hull Integrity: 20 Armor: 14 Turret Rating: 1 Space: 26 SP: 43 Weapon Capacity: 1 Prow, 1 Keel (Torpedo Tubes)

There are many patterns of solar sail out there, similar to the many patterns of Imperial plasma drive. Essentially, to make an Eldar Solar Sail, take a desired Plasma Drive and make the following
External: Space becomes 0. SP: +1
Supreme Maneuverability: The ship can interrupt its maneuver at any time to fire. Once firing has
completed, it may resume the Maneuver. In addition, the ship may turn 90˚.


Eldar Command Bridge,

Eldar Life Sustainer,

Eldar Crew Quarters,

Sensor Array

The Eldar do not use Void Shields, rather a series of baffles and countermeasures that make hitting near impossible.
Holographic Cloaking: All ships firing at a ship with a functioning Holofield suffer a –20 to their
Ballistic Skill Tests for Macrobatteries, and -40 to all other Ballistic Skill Tests or Ram attacks. Any lock on or detection tests against the vessel suffer a –30.
Shield: This takes the Void Shield slot of a ship.
Power: 8 Space: 4 SP: 4

The Pulsar is capable of sustained fire that can ultimately burn through the hardest armor.
Pulse Fire: After resolving a hit with this weapon, roll again to hit with the same modifiers. Up to two
additional hits may be scored.
Lance Power: 10 Space: 5 SP: 3 Str: 1 Dam: 1d10+3 Crit: 3 Range: 30

Torpedo Specialist: The Keel slot is occupied by a Torpedo Tube component, and may not be removed. Str: 2 Dam: 2d10+14 Crit: 10+ Pow: 1 Range: 20 Terminal Pen: 3 Cap: 10+2