GM “Solemn Whisper” eldar scout vessel

The Nightshade is a dedicated torpedo boat that can swiftly deploy its cargo and use its speed to escape retribution.
Speed: 14 Maneuver: +45 Detection: +24 Hull Integrity: 20 Armor: 14 Turret Rating: 1 Space: 26 SP: 43 Weapon Capacity: 1 Prow, 1 Keel (Torpedo Tubes)

There are many patterns of solar sail out there, similar to the many patterns of Imperial plasma drive. Essentially, to make an Eldar Solar Sail, take a desired Plasma Drive and make the following changes.
External: Space becomes 0. SP: +1
Supreme Maneuverability: The ship can interrupt its maneuver at any time to fire. Once firing has completed, it may resume the Maneuver. In addition, the ship may turn 90˚.

Webway-Plotter, Eldar and Dark Eldar DO NOT enter the Warp. EVER. They have to use the Webway gates, although there means to create temporary Webway portals that link between the main network and the final destination if an original Webway Gate is unavailable. Craftworlds and Fleets are limited to the primary tunnels – secondary tunnels can’t accommodate ships (Source: Path of the Warrior)

Eldar Command Bridge,

Eldar Life Sustainer,

Eldar Crew Quarters,

Wraithbone Song pow: Space: 0, Source: Ultima Tectum campaign
Wraithbone hulls of Eldar ships sense, resonate and sing when gliding through the unknown void. This tune of a vessel gives the Eldar void-farers uncanny awareness of their surroundings. Part of the vessels hull and cannot be damaged by a critical hit.

The Eldar do not use Void Shields, rather a series of baffles and countermeasures that make hitting near impossible.
Holographic Cloaking: All ships firing at a ship with a functioning Holofield suffer a –20 to their
Ballistic Skill Tests for Macrobatteries, and -40 to all other Ballistic Skill Tests or Ram attacks. Any lock on or detection tests against the vessel suffer a –30.
Shield: This takes the Void Shield slot of a ship.
Power: 8 Space: 4 SP: 4

The Pulsar is capable of sustained fire that can ultimately burn through the hardest armor.
Pulse Fire: After resolving a hit with this weapon, roll again to hit with the same modifiers. Up to two
additional hits may be scored.
Lance Power: 10 Space: 5 SP: 3 Str: 1 Dam: 1d10+3 Crit: 3 Range: 30

Torpedo Specialist: The Keel slot is occupied by a Torpedo Tube component, and may not be removed. Str: 2 Dam: 2d10+14 Crit: 10+ Pow: 1 Range: 20 Terminal Pen: 3 Cap: 10+2