GM NPC Karfa

Rogue trader captain Karfa

Beginning story: Frigate has been flying without warp drive for a months and crew arrives to Canor Sol famished. Captain claims bounty mission to fund

rogue trader 14
Arch-militant Optimus, Tech-Savant Myrion, Captain Karfa, Pilot Leger

-Arrives to system after failure in warp drive.

-Captain is technophile, encourages augmentics and cybernetics among the crew.

Karfa's mechanicus
Mycola Krylov

Adeptus Mechanicus Logi Lexico Arcanus Mycola Krylov  has augmented himself as a part of the ship and has become succumbed by all the data revealed to him. He keeps machine spirit of the drive steady and seldom interacts with the crew. Jokaero has hacked his  mind and secretly travels with the star vessel for its own destination.

-Captain Karfa abhors psykers and navigators. Star vessel does not have navigator but instead they are using mechanical alternative (Upgrade: Void Abacus) for warp jumps. That technology has been  declared heretical by pressure of the navigator houses. As computational power of ship’s machine spirit  combined with cogitators of Tech-priest Krylov are not able to fully utilize Void abacus, “Regurgitor” has tendency to get diverted from course and crew frequently faces extended flight timess.

-Star vessel has dark past of cannibalism on extended voyages. Son of Ghilliam subculture. Many members of crew, including captain,  show signs of amputated limbs that have been eaten during the most dire of voyages.

-Mechanicus Krylov has noted data aberrant on Mechanicus gossip about Ultima Tectum and has guided star vessel to exploit trove of arcane technology before other Mechanicus forces arrive.

-Star vessel “Regurgitator” has reserve power and space to install archeotech components excavated from Ultima Tectum system.

-Captain Karfa has Jokaero weapon-smith aboard his ship. Who has his own plans considering Yeti species at Gravis Major. Has gaze of inventory that can be resisted by Gödel’s mechanicus firewall. If not resisted Jokaero is able to index components available in mechanical frame of Specialist Gödel.

jokaero 4

-Captain will be intrigued by mysteries of Gravis Minor and launches his own expedition at surface of the planet.

-Rogue trader captain will excavate archeotech artifacts from Ultima Tectum system if possibility arises.

jokaero 3
Divination vision of Jokaero by astropath Martun

Story threads:

-Jokaero has hacked cogitator interlink of Magos Krylov and he is unaware of it’s existence.

-Magos Krylov plans to further his understanding on quest of knowledge to augment every crew member with cortex implant so that he can override them with cortex controller. He will require mechanicus assitance as captain and crew are unwilling to participate experiment.

-Magos Krylov seeks for auto stabilized  logis targeter to combine with ship’s existing cogitator interlink and upgarding the machine spirit to full potential.

Rogue Trader Captain Karfa

Origin: Forge World
Forge worlds are not environments that reward, let alone tolerate, weakness in body or in mind. To have survived and prospered enough to leave a forge world’s rigid society, a
character must possess drive, ambition, and good fortune, or at the very least be bloody-minded and ruthless enough to have endured. You find yourself in a wider Imperial society that is at once familiar and strangely alien, where fools either fear or profane sacred technology and have no understanding of its spiritual mysteries and purity of essence. Nor do they seem to grasp that men can only prosper by the teachings
of the Omnissiah, that survival requires power, and power is knowledge incarnate.

Birthright: Stubjack
You were born to violence. It has surrounded you your whole life, and you’ve had a weapon in easy reach ever since you were strong enough to grip one. You could have joined the PDF or even become a Guardsman, but what sort of life is that? Joining a regiment means orders here, orders there, and none that make any sense. It was clear to you that fighting for Thrones as a mercenary was the best way for a warrior to become rich in his trade and still escape with his skin. You’ve seen death, victory, and most of the ugly things that lie inbetween, but as long as there is always a fat purse waiting on the far side of the battlefield that’s fine with you. As for the dead, the Emperor will know his own.

Duty Bound
Only the ignorant believe that duty is a prison forced on others by those in power. True duty arises spontaneously from the soul, a call to service and struggle that should be neither shirked nor denied. It is your faith and your honour that impels you to places and labours far beyond the imagining of those that grub in the dirt of self-interest. You serve the honour and calling of your blood, you know well the great trials and far journeys that lie ahead, and intend to see them through to the last.
• Duty to Your Dynasty: You gain the Rival (Rogue Trader family)

Dark Voyage
Starport taverns and station galleys are filled with travellers, wanderers, and old voidfarers. Sooner or later, when the lumen globes have dimmed, these folk will tell of the many strange legends they have heard. They tell of hell-hulks crewed by the lost and warp storms that howl with mocking voices, of the things that claw and scratch at the hull waiting for the merest flicker of the Geller Field for the warp to pour in and devour all, and of horrifying xenos encounters and voyages of the damned. But you have no taste for such stories, because you know the truth—you have lived them. You have
stared into the eyes of the abyss and lived. You have seen the dead walk and the bulkheads bleed. These experiences have marked you, opening your eyes to the darkness that hides beneath the surface of things, and whether you have recoiled in dread or been drawn on in fascination is a truth you keep to yourself.

The Imperium of Mankind is a grand hierarchy, and that, to your eyes, is a ladder reaching from the least peasant to the blinding heights of the God-Emperor’s own Holy Terra. You have dedicated your life to climbing that ladder in search of the highest station you can reach: the greatest power, the most important position of leadership, the utmost influence. Wealth, renown, and relationships with the powerful are only important insofar as they enable you to reach that next step. All too many fools never reach upward, but you bear them no ill-will. The position they might have ascended to will be yours, and they will be your loyal servants in the years ahead.


Phlegmatic: Practical and careful, yet very serious and

Why Are You a Leader Aboard a Rogue Trader Vessel?

Why Does the Koronus Expanse Call to You?

What Will You Sacrifice?
Any flesh necessary.

What Is Your Ambition?
Augmented immortality

What Are Your Hatreds?

Profit factor: 31 Ship points: 40

WS   BS    S     T     Ag   Int  Per  WP   Fel
29    59     44   33    26    51   37     42     38

Wounds: 14    Insanity: 16    Corruption:

Skills: Barter, Carouse, Command +10, Commerce, Charm, Common Lore (Imperium), Common lore (Rogue Trader), Common Lore Basic (Tech), Common Lore Basic (Machine Cult), Dodge +10, Forbidden lore (Archeotech, Xenos), Evaluate, Gamble, Intimidate,  Literacy, Pilot (space craft), Secret tongue (Rogue Traders), Scholastic Lore (Astromancy), Scrutiny, Security, Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic).

Talents: Air of Authority, Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Dark Soul, Exotic weapon training (??), Gunslinger, Iron Disciple, Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus), Quick draw, Resistance (Fear), Technical Knock, Renowned Warrant (Claim to archeotech, Peer (Mechanicus)), Rival (Rogue Trader dynasty)

Traits: Unnatural intelligence (2)

Plasma pistol
Power sword
Void suit
Set of fine clothing
Synth-pelt cloak
Storm trooper carapace

This ancient and blessed technology of the Mechanicus flows through the character’s blood. These miniscule machines repair minor injuries and speed healing. When applying healing, the character is always considered Lightly Damaged, and heals at
an increased rate, removing 2 points of Damage per day.

Baleful Eye
A baleful eye is a legendary archaeotech bionic eye pattern that incorporates a tiny las weapon, which sacrifices some of the normal abilities of a cybernetic vision implant in order for this device to be included. Each baleful eye has been passed from recipient to recipient across centuries or millennia, reclaimed by the Machine Cult whenever its owner dies. As might be imagined, it is very intimidating when used as a part of negotiations with primitive societies. A character with this implant has a weapon equal to a hot-shot pistol in his eye with a Range of 10m. The baleful eye can be fired even if the character’s hands are full and can be used as a Pistol in melee. It also has no Clip Size, however a Jam result causes the character to lose sight in the eye for a number of Rounds equal to the Degrees of Failure on the attack.

Mechanical Arm
(right arm , best quality) add a +10 bonus to Strength Tests using the arm and can be used to store small items such as pistol ammo clips inside concealed interior compartments.

Mechanical Leg
In the basic Common version, locomotion bionics are fully integrated into the hip with a spinal link and allow a Guardsman to walk, run, and climb at normal human levels.
• Good Craftsmanship level artificial legs grant the owner the Sprint Talent (just one leg augmented so cannot use this talent) and add a +20 bonus to Athletics Tests made to jump or leap.

Cerebral Implants (-9 WS, -2 BS, -6 Ag, -2 Int, -4 Fel)
Commonly used to repair a severely damaged brain or hopefully augment its abilities,
these often risky implant systems represent a major step from simply replacing a limb, to altering a character from human to mechanism.
Good cerebral implants are very rare even among the high ranking officers, and are exceedingly difficult to arrange, becoming Near Unique in availability. These grant the user the Unnatural Intelligence (2) Trait (see page 158) and a +20 bonus to Logic and Lore Tests, thanks to the superior mental capabilities he now enjoys.

Interface Port
The Captain has a mechanical port implanted in his body, commonly in the rear of the neck, which can be connected to machines via a data cable. This allows the user faster and smoother access to the valuable information within and grants a +10 bonus to Common Lore, Inquiry, or Tech-Use Tests whilst connected to a relevant mechanism or data spool.


Stranger to the Cult: Although forge world born citizens know that the Emperor is their god and saviour, they see the Imperial Creed through the lens of Cult Mechanicus
doctrine. As a result, they can be surprisingly—and sometimes dangerously—ignorant of the common teachings and practices of the Ecclesiarchy, often failing to offer its clerics the level of deference they expect. Forge world characters suffer a –10 penalty on Tests involving knowledge of the Imperial Creed and a –5 penalty on Fellowship Tests to interact with members of the Ecclesiarchy in formal settings.

Mechanical Arm, Leg: Their robust construction does add 2 to the owner’s Toughness Bonus against hits scored to that particular location. Damage taken to these locations counts towards Damage to the character, and Critical Damage dealt to these locations functions as normal. Any result that causes bleeding or some other inappropriate result instead renders the bionic limb useless. Critical Damage to a limb that results in
death has the full effect, as it can be assumed that the limb explodes into shrapnel, incinerates, or discharges stored energy through its owner with lethal effect.

EXP spent:

250 +5 BS
500 +5 BS
100 +5 Fel
250 +5 Fel
100 +5 WS
200 Renowned Warrant talent
100 common lore (rogue trader)
100 Dodge
200 Command +10
200 Barter
200 Command +10
200 Forbidden lore (Xenos)
100 +5 Int
250 +5 WP
250 +5 Int
200 Carouse
200 Intimidate
200 Scrutiny
200 Security
400 Sound constitution (x3)
500 Exotic weapon training (??)
200 Resistance (Fear)
500 Two weapon wielder (ballistic)
500 Gunslinger
100 Pilot (space craft)
100 Secret tongue (Rogue Traders)
200 Iron Disciple
200 Dodge +10
200 Common lore (Koronus expanse)
200 Gamble

7000 EXP

Takes Augmentisist Alternative career (see below) on rank 4


Advances Advance Cost Type Prerequisite
Common Lore (Tech) 200 Skill
Trade (Technomat) 200 Skill
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) 300 Skill
Speak Language (Techna-Lingua) 300 Skill
Autosanguine 200 Talent
Binary Chatter 200 Talent
Chem Geld 200 Talent
Concealed Cavity 200 Talent
Disturbing Voice 200 Talent
Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound, Smell, or Taste) x4 100 Talent
Mimic 200 Talent
Peer (Nobility) 200 Talent Fel 30
Electro Graft Use 300 Talent
Infused Knowledge 300 Talent Int 40
Logis Implant 300 Talent
Orthoproxy 300 Talent
Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus) 300 Talent Fel 30
Prosanguine 500 Talent Autosanguine
Total Recall 500 Talent Int 30
Physical Perfection x3 500 Talent

Prerequisites: Augmenticist Alternate Career
Almost similar to the Explorator Talent The Flesh is Weak (Mechanical form of a tech-priest), the Augmenticist’s body has been modified to the point where it is almost totally mechanical. This Talent grants the Explorer one level of the Machine Trait. This Talent can only be taken up to three times, gaining one additional level of the Machine Trait each time. When talent is purchased character gains one of the basic Mechanicus Implants of choice, except mechadendrites, but does not gain advanced Mechanicus Implant or related talents.
Additionally, the Explorer’s Wounds may be healed with the Tech-Use Skill in place of Medicae. However, due to the esoteric nature of the aumentations, any Tech-Use Test to do suffers a –20 penalty, in addition to any other modifiers.