Star Fighter 31

Description: Rogue archaotech light cruiser shielded by bright semi-liquid silvery surface which reflects sensors and laser lances.

“??”, Rogue Dedicated AI
-Originally from Solar Hegemony, escaped with its fleet at beginning of Iron wars and Age of Strife
-Paranoid, hatred: humans, ruthless

“??”, Ship technician, Ancient and half-demented
-Enslaved human from times before the Age of Strife.
-Has been on stasis since Iron wars except for times when AI could not repair itself through murder servitors.

Speed: 6 Maneuverability: 15 Detection: 20
Hull Integrity: 65 Armor: 24 Turret Rating: 3
Weapon Capacity: Prow, Dorsal, Port and

Population: 100 Morale: 100 Crew rate: 40
Space:  /65 Power:

Essential components

  • Anti-matter drive Power: +120 Space: 8, Lifetime: Unknown, Core traits: Archeotech, Requires Fuel (Anti-matter), High Power Output, High Peak Resistance, unstable (x5).
  • Triple Void Shields Pow: 7 Space: 2, boosted by Overload Shield Capacitors 
  • Pressed-Crew Quarters Pow: 2 Space 3 ,Decrease Morale Permanently by 2
  • Cogitator Sphere Pow. 6 Space: 1, +5 Detection, +5 Crew rate, +5 Ballistic Skill, AI may perform 3 extended action per turn during void combat.
  • Ancient life support Pow: 2 Space: 2, Increase Morale Permanently by 2; Reduce All Losses to Crew Population (from non-combat sources) by 1 
  • X-470 Ultimo Array Pow: 6 Space: -, +10 Detection, +15 Detection of Ships on Silent Running; +5% Ballistic Skill to hit Vessel; External Component

Supplemental components

  • Teleportarium Pow: 1 Space: 1, Hit & Run without Piloting Test; +20% Hit & Run Action
  • High Energy Chamber Pow: 10 Space: 2, produces anti-matter and other easily decaying unstable matter.
  • Lux Network Pow: +10 Space: 2, Only work on Stationary Vessels inside Solar System; 2 hours to deploy, 10 hours to retract; If move whilst deployed, then Destroyed; +1 DoS for Extended Repairs
  • Murder Servitors Pow: 1 Space: 1, +20% Hit & Run Action; When determining Critical Hit, can choose any result between 1 & 6
  • Manufactorum Pow: 2 Space: 1, +10% Tech Use for Extended Repairs; +10 Acquisition if Buying Hull Integrity; Extra Stuff whilst doing Trade Objectives (x0.5)
  • Munitorium Pow: 3 Space: 4,Extra Stuff whilst doing Military Objectives (x0.5); +1 Damage to Macrobatteries; If Component Damaged, Explodes (2d5 Hull Integrity, Another Component on Fire)
  • Suspension Chambers Pow: 3 Space: 2, -50 Crew, -5 Morale when active; x2 Time Ship can remain in Void without Crew/Morale Loss
  • Augmented Retro-thrusters Pow: 4 Space: -,+5% Manoeuvrability, External Component


  • Best Servitor crew, Replaces Crew with Servitors; -10% Ballistic Skill & Command; Only replenished by Forge/Hive Worlds; Morale always 100, Crew Population losses 1/2; Skill of 40
  • Rad-tempest Device, Fission bomb is teleported and it’s blast causes damage ? and Augury penalty on the blast area for ?. Requires Teleportarium component
  • Overload Shield Capacitors, Once per day/combat encounter, void shields are refreshed after being overloaded; Increase Void Shields permanently by 1.
  • Anti-matter Torpedoes,


  • Prow: Plasma Accelerated Torpedo Tubes Pow: 2 Space: 4, +4VU Speed to Torpedo during first turn; +10% Ballistic Skill; If Damaged/Destroyed whilst Torpedoes loaded, 5% Component Destroyed, 2d5 Hull Integrity Damage; 16 Torpedoes (4 Extra in Tubes)
  • Port:
  • Starboard: 
  • Dorsal: Star-fare Lance Pow: 12 Space Dam: 1d10+3 Str: 3 Range: 3.5/7/14, Additional Hit every 2 DoS