GM NPC Silvan

Pirate Captain

Human renegade devoted to chaos god Slaanesh. Commander of defiled Imperial frigate “Apollonia”

Pride: Grace
The Heretic is proud of his grace and speed, so much so that he disdains the vulgarity of ranged combat and delights in engaging his opponents up close.

Disgrace: Wrath
Anger is a constant companion and drive for this Heretic. He firmly believes that the universe actively conspires against his pleasure, and that his success can only be achieved by exacting his vengeance upon his oppressors.

Motivation: Perfection
The character holds himself and all of his allies to an impossible standard of perfection in worship of Slaanesh. However, attempting to reach this ideal ensures other aspects slacken.

Mark of Slaanesh
Recipients of Slaanesh’s mark are marked by the Lord of Pleasure with a perfectly formed mark upon their body. Characters who bear this Mark must attempt to seduce those they encounter to the paths of lust and greed.
The Mark may grant further bonuses as determined by the GM, and may be a prerequisite when performing rituals and interacting with various beings of the warp, etc.

Perhaps the most bizarre of all Gifts of the Gods is that which lends the recipient the outward appearance of complete normality when he is, in fact, a seething mass of mutation and corruption. To most, the character appears to have the unaltered
form he was born with, while to those touched by the warp the truth is more likely to be visible, and truly horrific. The character gains the Unremarkable Trait, regardless of how
many mutations he has, what weapons he is carrying, or even if he is a Chaos Space Marine. This gift is more than a quirk, it is an active power, and as such it may be detected by enemies using the Psyniscience Skill. For each Gift the character has, deduct 5 from the difficulty of the Psyniscience Test. The character gains +20 to all Deceive Skill Tests.

Gift of Slaanesh: INFERNAL WILL
-The needs and desires of the mortal realm hold no power over the character, and his drives and passions are entirely those of the warp. He is motivated by the will of the empyrean, and his deeds make little sense to mere mortals.
The character is entirely immune to the effects of Fear. Should the character fail any Skill Test by four or more Degrees, however, he must immediately roll on Table 8–4:
Shock and apply the result.
-If the Skill Test was for a Skill aligned with Slaanesh (Acrobatics, Charm, Deceive, Dodge), the character may adjust the result rolled up to an amount equal to his Corruption Bonus +5.

Addictions: Asphyxiophilia, Scraper-Ripper

WS   BS    S    T     Ag  Int   Per  WP   Fel(2) Inf
51      37   36   41    37   35    37   45     46      29

Corruption: 40 Insanity: 50 Wounds: 16 Move: 3/6/9/18

Skills: Athletics (Ag), Awareness (Per), Charm (Fel, S), Command (Fel), Common Lore (War) (Int), Common Lore (Imperium) (Int), Deceive (Fel, S), Dodge +10 (Ag, S), Linguistics (Low Gothic) (Int), Parry (WS), Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) (Int), Medicae (Int), Operate (voidship), Trade (Slaver) (Int), Stealth (Ag)

Talents: Air of authority, Ambidextrous, Blade dancer, Bolter Drill, Combat Sense, Counter Attack, Demagogue, Disarm, Heavy Weapon Training (Flamer), Hard Target, Heightened sense (all), Inspire wrath, Jaded, Lightning reflexes, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Step Aside, Sure Strike, Weapon Training (Chain, Las, Primary, Shock), Whirwind of Death

Traits: Adroit, The Quick and The Dead, Unnatural fellowship, Unremarkable

Draethri pain gauntlet: 1d10+2R, Pen: 0, (Shocking), very rare. A useful interrogation device. See text for details. RHB p. 201
Bolt pistol: 30m, S/2/-, 1d10+5X, Pen: 4, Clip: 8, Rld: Full, (Tearing), Very rare
Weapon upgrade: Mag-lock holster, to draw/holster is a free action
Ammo upgrade: Glitter bolt pistol rounds, Reduce damage to 1d10, add Hallucinogenic (2). Counts as Hallucinogenic (4) against psykers.
Daemonic rune sword: 5m, 1d10+5R, Pen: 5, (Balanced, Tainted, Tearing, Vengeful (8), Flexible), Unique

Heavy carapace armor, all 6
Armor upgrade: Chest barbed spikes, Any melee hits against a spiked part of the body result in the attacker suffering 1d5+1R which can be avoided by Parry or Dodge. 
Armor upgrade: Hexagrammic warding, Ignores Warp Weapon quality, provides double AP against psychic powers, and adds +20 on tests to resist psychic attacks.

Medikit, +20 to medicae checks
Dataslate with annotated version of Tactica Imperialis (+10 to skill checks)
Drug: Scraper-Ripper, Grants +30 to all Agility tests for 1d5 hours, but the user must make a -20 WP test to avoid reacting violently if surprised.

“Soul Kisser”, Daemonic rune sword of Slaanesh
WP 55 Infamy: 35 Binding: 1

Lashing: Weapon with this attribute gains the Flexible Quality, cannot be parried and can attack from up to the daemon’s Willpower Bonus in metres away, in a similar manner to a whip.

Entrancing Aura: The daemon is well-versed in spells of enticement and desire,
and weaves them about the weapon, making its motion impossible to ignore, grabbing attention and refusing to release it, leaving the entranced enemy exposed to attack.
Effects: A melee weapon with this Quality, when drawn, allows the wielder to Feint as a Free Action once per turn.

Indestructible: Can’t be destroyed by Power Fields.

Tainting rune: Causes 1d5 Corruption when triggering Righteous Fury through specialty Vengeful (8).

Notorious blade: +5 to characters infamy.

Talent descriptions:
Air of authority, Affect more targets with Command.
Ambidextrous, Use either hand equally well and reduce penalties for using two
Blade dancer, Reduced penalties for fighting with two melee weapons.
Bolter drill, Additional DoS when firing Bolt weapons.
Combat Sense, Use Per bonus instead of Ag bonus for initiative.
Counter attack, May attack after successful Parry.
Demagogue, Affect larger groups with Charm and Intimidate.
Disarm, Force opponent to drop weapon.
Hard target, –20 to hit character when he Charges or Runs.
Heightened sense (all), Gain +10 bonus to particular sense.
Inspire wrath, Inspire crowds to hatred and anger.
Jaded, Ignore mundane horrors.
Lightning reflexes, Roll twice and take highest for Initiative rolls.
Quick Draw, Draw weapon as Free Action.
Rapid Reload, Reduce reload time.
Step aside, May make additional Dodge or Parry attempt.
Sure Strike, Reduce penalties for melee called shots.

Trait descriptions:
To survive in the Vortex, particularly as a human, one must be quick, both in wits and action. Sometimes fast reflexes can compensate for ceramite armor. All Heretics with this Trait add a +2 bonus to Initiative Rolls.

The Renegade is a skillful and talented individual who substitutes raw power for honed ability. Throughout the game, he adds one additional Degree of Success to successful Tests involving Fellowship. (this includes Skill and Characteristic Tests).

Heretic is easily forgotten, only his caressing whispers remain.

Weapon quality descriptions:
Balanced, Grants a +10 to WS tests made to parry.
Flexible, Weapons with this quality cannot be parried.
Hallucinogenic, Anyone hit by this weapon must make a Toughness test (-10 per X) or suffer a delusion (BC 150, OW 170, DH2 146). Respirators and sealed armor grant +20 to resist. This effect lasts 1 round, plus 1 per Degree of Failure.
Shocking, A target hit by a Shocking weapon must make a Toughness test or be Stunned for a number of rounds equal to his Degrees of Failure.
Tainted, Increase the weapon’s damage by the wielder’s Daemonic (X) value or the 10s digit of their Corruption score, whichever is higher.
Tearing, Roll one extra die for damage, and discard the lowest result.
Vengeful (8), Triggers Righteous Fury if any damage die result is X or higher.

EXP used:
-100 +5 to Fel
-250 +5 to Fel
-250 +5 WS
-100 Deceive known
-500 +5 WS
-250 Ambidextrous
-750 Bolter drill, Additional DoS when firing Bolt weapons.
-750 Step aside, May make additional Dodge or Parry attempt.
-500 Two-weapon wielder (melee), May fight with two weapons.
-200 Lightning reflexes, Roll twice and take highest for Initiative rolls.
-500 Counter attack, May attack after successful Parry.
-750 Whirwind of death, Make one attack for each melee opponent.
-750 Blade dancer, Reduced penalties for fighting with two melee weapons.
-200 Air of authority, Affect more targets with Command
-300 Inspire wrath, Inspire crowds to hatred and anger.
-100 Charm trained.
-400 Demagogue, Affect larger groups with Charm and Intimidate.
-200 hard target

6850 EXP Total