GM star vessel “Shield of Hermes”

Class: Arc Mechanicus

Machine Spirit: Isolated, gain maneuver bonus when alone. Penalty to maneuver bonus when part of a fleet.

Past Histories: Eternal vigilance

Speed: 5 Manouver: -1 Detection: +30
Hull Integrity: 95 Armor: 20 Turret rating: 5
Power: 100/100 Space: 99/100

Crew Rate: 45 Population: 100 Morale: 100 Creed: High

Essential components

  • Archeotech (Compact) Drive Pow: +95 Space: 14
  • Archeotech (Compact) Warp Engine Pow: 13 Space: 9 Reduce Base Time for Warp Journey; -1d5 Days per Week of Travel; Less than 1 Week, no effect
  • Emergency Field Pow: 2 Space: External, If unexpectedly enter Warp; 1d10, 3+ Gellar Field Activates
  • Repulsor Shield Array (3) Pow: 8 Space: 2, Scarce, No Penalties to Manoeuvre Actions in Small Particles, Shield is boosted by Overload Shield Capasitor (see upgrades below)
  • Exploration Bridge Pow: 4 Space: 2, +5 Detection, Active Augury; Extra Stuff whilst doing Exploration Objectives
  • Life Sustainer, Not installed as crew and officers have machine trait and are able to survive without a life sustainer component. If they encounter living beings requiring transport those can be accommodated at Vivarium component.
  • Quarters, Not installed as servitor crew does not require quarters and tech-priests work at their assigned posts without rest.
  • Deep Void Auger Array Pow: 7 Space: External, +10 Detection

Essential Component total Pow: +61 Space: 31

Supplemental components

  • Cogitator Interlink Pow: 1 Space: 1, +5 Crew Rating
  • Mechanicus Enclave Pow: 2 Space: 1, Enhanced data-tether, Magos Dominus may command troops from the orbit, extra stuff on military objects.
  • Temple of Knowledge Pow: 5 Space: 5, many tech benefits
  • Heavy Lifter Bay Pow: 1 Space: 2 plus 50 AP on trade, +10% on Hit-n-Run
  • Garage: Hades Mining Drill Pow: 1 Space: 2, bonus to Exploration and Trade objectives
  • Garage: Castellan Robots Pow: 1 Space: 2, see Upgrades
  • Cloud Mining Facility Pow: 3 Space: 4 Scrutiny + Detection to locate Comet; Mining takes 1d10+5 days; Then, either restore 1d5 Morale & Extend Supplies for 1 Month; Extra Stuff at the end of a Mission
  • Manufactorium Pow: 2 Space: 1 +10% Tech Use for Extended Repairs; +10 Acquisition if Buying Hull Integrity; Extra Stuff whilst doing Trade Objectives (x0.5)
  • Drop Pod Launch Bays Pow: 1 Space: 3 Extra Stuff whilst doing Military Objectives; May use Drop Pods (Holds 20), Launch 10 every 30 Minutes
  • Vivarium Pow: 1 Space: 1 Zoo, allows transport of xeno plants or beasts
  • Skull and Cog Figurehead Pow: 1 Space: 0
  • Extended Supply Vaults, Pow: 1 Space: 4, Increase Morale Permanently by 1; x2 Time Ship can remain in Void without Crew/Morale Loss; +1 Hull Integrity when making Repairs
  • Crew Reclamation Facility Pow: 1 Space: 1, Reduce Crew Losses by 3 (Minimum 1); Increase Morale Losses by 1
  • Salvage Systems Pow: 5 Space: 3 ,-10% Tech-Use per week spent Salvaging; Success allows removal of scanned Component, Failure means Component is lost; -5 Manoeuvrability
  • Energistic Conversion Matrix Pow: 1 Space: 1, Decrease Power to increase Speed; 5 Pow to 1 Speed; Maximum +5 Speed, before combat vessel may unpower supplemental components to gain extra Pow.
  • Gyro-Stabilisation Matrix Pow: 1 Space: 1, Adjust Speed & Bearing and Evasive Manoeuvres only Challenging.
  • Aqua-Reservoir Pow: 1 Space: 4 water tanks, many benefits, also vs. fires, see below
  • Teleskopein Shrine Pow: 2 Space: 1, tech emplacement, increases exploration
  • Mine Layer Bay Pow: 1 Space: 4
  • Defensive Countermeasures Pow: 1 Space: 1, -20% Ballistic Skill to attack ship for 1d5+1 Strategic Round; -30% Ballistic Skill for Torpedoes; Must be replaced with upkeep test after use.

Supplemental components total Pow: 32 Space: 37


  • Servitor crew Best Quality, Replaces Crew with Servitors; -10% Ballistic Skill & Command; Only replenished by Forge/Hive Worlds; (Vessel has a Crew Reclamation Facility component and may replenish servitors on any world that has human cortex’s available.) Morale always 100, Crew Population losses 1/2; Skill of 40
  • Castellan Robots, +20 to any defensive Boarding actions, +10 to Boarding actions, Requires Tech Use skill check to activate, upgrade requires Garage component on the star vessel.
  • Overload Shield Capacitors, Best Quality, Once per day/combat encounter, void shields are refreshed after being overloaded; Increase Void Shields permanently by 1.
  • Best quality Turbo-Weapon Batteries, Ignore Penalties for one Macrobattery firing at Double Range; Increase Range by 1; +5% Ballistic Skill


  • 1 Prow (Mars Pattern Nova Cannon Pow: 3 Space: 7, Str: Special Dam: 2d5+4 Crit: Special Range: 6-40)
  • 3 port (Sunsear Laser Battery Pow: 6 Space: 4 Str: 4 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 4 Range: 4.5/9/18, Mars Pattern Macrocannons Pow: 4 Space: 2 Str: 3 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 5 Range: 3/6/12, Lathe Pattern Landing Bay Pow: 1 Space 4),
  • 3 starboard (Sunsear Laser Battery Pow: 6 Space: 4 Str: 4 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 4 Range: 4.5/9/18, Mars Pattern Macrocannons Pow:4 Space: 2 Str: 3 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 5 Range: 3/6/12, Lathe Pattern Landing Bay Pow: 1 Space 4 ),
  • 1 Dorsal (Jovian Missile Battery Pow: 3 Space: 1 Str: 5 Dam: 1d10+1 Crit: 6 Range: 3/6/12)

Weapons total Pow: 28 Space: 26


  • Cannot use “Come To New Heading” special orders.
  • By default it is equipped with Repulsor Shields and Augmented Weapon Relays as part of its point cost, and cannot be removed.
  • “Brutal Strike” increases caused Boarding damage by 1d5
  • “Calculated Advance” decreases command of leader of
  • Advanced Plasma Reactor increases speed, and gives bonus +10 to All Ahead, High Energy Turn and Burn Retros actions.

Tactical notes

-As traveling alone without escort ships vessels it’s tactical disadvantages are slow speed, Nova cannon range is beyond vessels Focused Augury range and rear of the vessel is unprotected by any firing arc.

  • Slow speed is countered with Energistic Conversion Matrix and Gyro-Stabilization Matrix and vessel can punch surprising amount of speed, if handled well, and it is able to elude most vessels from cruiser class to higher. Before combat vessel may un-power Cloud Mining Facility, Salvage Systems and Manufactorium to gain 10 extra Pow.
  • For using the Nova cannon for a maximum range fighter squadrons are able to provide required scouting range.
  • To protect the rear arc of the vessel a combination of Bombers Squadrons from fighter bays and Mine Layer Bay can punish the hostile escort vessels aligning their torpedoes.

Non-official star vessel component descriptions

All ships have large aqua-reservoirs, but a ship that selects this component devotes a sizeable amount of space to a major water reservoir. As a result, large quantities of coolant can be delivered anywhere on the ship.
Water Supplies: Increase the time a ship may remain at void without suffering Crew Population or Morale loss by +50%.
Fire Suppression: The reservoir can be used to fight fires more effectively, providing a +20% bonus to Command Tests made to put out fires and reduces Crew Population and Morale loss from fires by 2.
Lance Coolant: Increase the damage of all shipboard lances by 1, as the ship’s lance batteries may be more effectively cooled and fired more rapidly.
Unbalanced: A large aqua-reservoir reduces the ship’s Maneuverability by 5%.

Drop Pod Bays Pow: 1 Space: 2 SP: 1
The ship is fitted with the cradles and launch mechanisms for a formation of pods, allowing it to transport men and materiel to a planet’s surface with the maximum amount of epic. Most famously used by the Astartes, Drop Pod Bays are something of a favourite tactic whenever ground-to-orbit defences are too strong for a shuttle assault, as the fleeting “meteors” of descending pods are far harder to track and destroy with ground fire or intercept with small craft. This same factor also makes them popular with smugglers and assassins, especially when recovery is either not urgent, or not a factor.It is even possible, though difficult and dangerous, to use them as boarding craft against a station or starship.
A ship with Drop Bays may use them for boarding at a distance of up to 5 VUs, providing they make a +0 Maneuver check first. Because Drop Bays are mounted on the underside of a ship, any vessel without a Keel mount cannot fire at the target of its’ Boarding Action in the same Strategic turn.
A ship being Boarded by Drop Pods may make a Hard (-20) BS test to shoot down the incoming pods. Every success, or degree of success provides a +10 modifier to the Command test. The base Crew Population for the Boarding side is deemed to be equal to 1/2 the unmodified Command skill of the Explorer leading the Boarding Action. Obviously, should the defending side win, it cannot inflict Hull Integrity damage.
A ship fitted with Drop Pod Bays gains an extra 50 achievement points when working towards a Military objective or Criminal Objective.

Teleskopein Shrine Pow: 2 Space: 1 SP: 1
Vessel is equipped with a vast and arcane Mechanicus mechanism for the scanning and magnification of light in the electromagnetic spectrum: an ancient and hugely powerful telescope. This enables you to locate nearby stars and star systems more efficiently, and also to map your progress through unknown space more accurately.
Star-scryer: When working towards an Exploration objective, the players earn an additional 100 Achievement Points towards completing that objective.
Line of Sight: If star vessels augur array is damaged or destroyed it can still continue shooting actions in void combat without penalty. But it cannot perform further focused augury actions.

Temple of Knowledge  Space 5, Power 5, Ship Points 10, Archeotech, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Appropriate hull type: Can only be put in a Habitat, Heavy Frigate, sufficiently sized Transport (Space and Hull both of at least 40), Light Cruiser, Cruiser, or Larger ship.
This Temple is a fantastic piece of archeotech and engineering, kept lovingly updated by some of the most powerful members of the Imperium, placing what would normally be many more components, usually spread throughout a fleet in anything other than an Ark Mechanicus, so that a single ship can usefully do a myriad tasks befitting exploration and the obtaining of knowledge.

It has a myriad linked components:

  • A Shrine of the Emperor in his guise of the guiding light of human knowledge, or as his incarnation as the Omnissiah, as well as various Imperial saints associated with blessings of sanctioned, appropriate individuals towards tasks of learning and discovery for the greater humanity.
  • A Librarium where, rather than being stocked mainly with books and scrolls, writings can be etched microscopically onto durable disks of sapphire or diamantine for later storage and retrieval, including facilities necessary to transfer traditional media onto this method.
  • A Laboratorium, where small artefacts can be studied.
  • A small-batch rapid prototyping Manufactorum, with the curious, lost-to-time name of a ‘Skunkworks’.
  • A small research Hospital where humans can be treated or ailments investigated or upgrades installed to the flesh.

Some of the capabilities are less compared to their larger, dedicated equivalents, but the sheer usefulness more than make up for it.
+10 bonus to crafting or repair checks of small items or small batches of items, including via Trade checks, as well as medicae tests, all non forbidden lore investigation tests, as well as forbidden lore archeotech, and, at GM’s discretion, any forbidden lores directly associated with sanctioned Imperial technology, like Mechanicum, Astartes, Ecclessiarchy, or Inquisition (when dealing with Mechanicum/Space Marine/Sororitas/Inquisitorial technology, for example).
Further, at GM discretion, sometimes extended actions such as Triage may work for more crew than otherwise when making use of this component, and other similar benefits.
Counts as having Good Quality Superior Damage Control for this component only, even if that component and upgrade are not otherwise on the ship.
Cannot be made Best Quality; is already Archeotech *+25 to all endeavors due to the multi-faceted utility.

Augmented Weapon Relay: Weapon batteries shift left on the gunnery table before all other modifiers are applied. Lance hits count double on rolls of a 6