Pleasure frigate of Slaanesh

Dimensions : 1.5 km length, 0.42 km abeam approx.
Mass : 6.4 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 28,000 approx.
Accel. : 4.3 gravities max sustainable acceleration

Stout and dependable are words that come to mind when assessing the Mabus class frigate. Designed around many components readily accessible in the Imperium some systems sacrifice the latest technology for ease of replacement or repair. Tales abound of these ships suffering dire damage only to have critical systems jury-rigged by shipboard tech priests and quickly returned to battle.
The Mabus class frigate was built in fair numbers in a number of shipyards and is assigned to many battle fleets across known space. Still a workhorse of the
fleets, the Mabus class is starting to show it’s age and as ships become severely damaged or require more drydock time, many find their way into Rogue Trader dynasties.
One common complaint among crew members below decks concerned overheating due to the placement of the plasma exhaust ducting, much of it running
through lower rating crew quarters.

Captain Silvan Asphyxitor
Jospeh, chaos reaver pilot, Pilot +10, BS +5
Hayward, enslaved mechanicus, Tech use +10, Scrutiny +5

Past history: Defiled Imperial Navy vessel

Gives Hatred (pirates) talent during void combat for Imperial Navy commanders opposing the ship. +20 bonus to tech-use checks to mimic Imperil Navy frigate drive signature.

Machine spirit: Addicted to warped sensation

Every void turn noise bombardment kills population ship gains +5 to manoeuverability and +5 tech-use checks

Speed: 10 Maneuverability: +17 Detection: +10
Hull Integrity: 34 Armor: 20 Turret Rating: 2
Space: 40 SP: 40 Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 2

Population: 100 Morale: 78 Crew rate: 40
Space: 40/40 Power: 48/48

Essential components:

Segrazian “Viperdrive” Pirate Engine Pow: +45 Space: 16, +2 Speed, +5 Manoeuvrability; If Engines Crippled, then Engines Wrecked (8-10 on Critical Hits Table).

Altar of Slaanesh Pow: +3 Space: 1, for vessel to plunge to realm of Immaterium, requires constant sacrifice during use, generates Pow from the warp if used during flight in Materium, if hit by critical explodes 1-5 of d10, requires slave hold or population -5, morale -5. 

Warding of protection Pow: 1 Space: 0, To protect vessel from ravages during warp voyage, requires sacrifice before launch, requires slave hold or population -5.

Void shield array Pow: 5 Space: 1

Luxury bridge Pow: 3 Space: 2, +5 to morale, -Imperial creed?? 

Alchymical life sustainer Pow: 4 Space: 2, quality: toxic When activated; Increase Morale by 15, Crew Rating downgraded one level; On deactivation -15 Morale and -10 to crew rate for 1 Day; -15% Command for Hit & Run Actions against the Vessel.

Slave quarters Pow: 1 Space: 1, -5 to morale

W-240 Passive Detection Arrays Pow: 3 Space: 0, When Silent Running, may perform any Detection actions without penalty.

Supplemental components:

Cargo hold and lighter bay Pow: 1 Space: 2, -3 Manoeuvrability, Extra Stuff whilst doing Trade/Criminal Objectives to quickly loot subjugated vessels and habitats.

Slave holds (3 pcs) Pow: 3 Space: 3, -15 to morale, to fuel vessel’s warp travel and to conduct Trade slavery. Extra Stuff whilst doing Trade/Criminal Objectives

Trophy room Pow: 1 Space: 1, Extra Stuff whilst doing Exploration/Trade/Criminal Objectives. Large collection of Slaanesh, warp and chaos reliquary.

Luxury passenger quarters Pow: 2 Space: 1, Extra Stuff whilst doing Trade/Criminal/Creed Objectives (x2)

Sensorium Pow 1 Space: 1, Increase Morale Permanently by 2; +10% Charm & Commerce conducted on the vessel

Melodium Pow: 1 Space: 1, Increase Morale Permanently by 1; +10% Social Tests

Broadband noise caster batteries Pow: 12 Space: 0, quality: unreliable, archeotech When activated   -60 Tech-Use checks for other ship bridge’s or habitat HQ’s to use Vox across the system. +10 to Intimidate and -1 population (one time) against ships and habitats within 30 VU’s (does not penetrate warpsbane hull). -5 to hit&run and boarding actions against the vessel, -3 ship’s own population when activating casters.


Best Mimic drive, Plus 20% Tech-Use, opposed by Detection + Scrutiny; Replaces Drive Signature with another Vessel; -10% for specific Vessel; 2 Vessels pre-programmed (Imperial Navy frigate, Imperial Transporter)


Titanforge lance Pow: 9 Space: 4 Str: 1 Dam: 10+4 Crit: 3 3/6/12 Rare
Sunsear laser batter Pow: 6 Space: 4 Str: 4 Dam: Crit: 4 4/9/18 Scarce

Ship specialities:

Below decks overheating: due to the placement of the plasma exhaust ducting, much of it running through lower rating crew quarters. When Titanforge lance is first time fired during void combat +0 command check to evacuate population quarters. -1 population if fail and for each 2 DoF -1 population more.

Directed noise bombardment: -20 tech-use check if success then able to direct broadband noise caster towards single target within 30 VUs. -1 population of target each void combat turn. Does not penetrate warpsbane hull.

Bequiling oratory of Captain Silvan: If ship participates to hit & run, boarding command/charm/intimidate vs Captain Silvan’s charm or loose 1 population for each DoF to join Captain Silva’s crew.

Unique component origins:

Alchymical life sustainer, Limited number was developed at factoriums controlled by Meritech clans.

Broadband noise caster battery, Legacy from Noise Marines from times of Horus heresy. Holy relic of cult of Slaanesh.

Altar of Slaanesh, after boarding Imperial Navy vessel and losing his own Captain Silvan was stuck to ship with enthralled crew and no resources to repair warp engine or gellar field. With blessing of Slaanesh and sacrificing majority of the crew he was able to to escape his stellar confinement.

Warding of Protection, etched to star vessel hull by daemonic blade of Captain Silvan