“Furious Purpose” Naval Frigate

Hull: Frigate
Class: Firestorm-class frigate
Dimensions: 1.8 km long, 0.3 km abeam and fins approx.
Mass: 6 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 25,000 crew, approx.
Accel:4.4 gravities max sustainable acceleration

-Part of Imperial Navy patrol fleet. Mission “Long range scout on borders of Chaos Reaver space controlled by Pirate-King Karrad Val”

Power output: +45 – Usage: 45 = +0 Reserve
Space used: 40/40

Essential components
Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive Pow: +45 Space: 10
Strelov 1 Warp Engine Pow: 10 Space: 10
Gellar Field Pow: 1 Space: 0
Single Void Shield Array Pow: 5 Space: 1
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer Pow: 4 Space: 2
Voids mens quarters Pow: 2 Space: 4
Command Bridge Pow: 2 Space: 1
Mark 100 Augur Array Pow: 3 Space: 0

Supplemental components
Munitorium: Pow: 2 Space: 3
Gain +10 for acquisition of weapons and ammo
Temple-Shrine to the God Emperor: Pow: 1 Space: 1

Machine spirit

Martial Hubris: The ship has a glorious legacy of warfare and triumphant combats. It is always eager to fight, and unwilling to back down. The ship gains +5 to all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire its weapons, but suffers –15 on any Pilot (Space Craft) Tests made to escape combat.

Past histories

Turbulent Past: Over the years this ship has been used to perform deeds dastardly to some and heroic to others. The GM selects a social group (pirates, heretics, the Imperial Navy, the Inquisition, or inhabitants of an important locale like Footfall). All ship’s crew suffer a –20 to social Skill Tests when interacting with that group. The GM then selects
a second group naturally opposed to the first. All ship’s crew gain +20 to social Skills when interacting with that group. The additional problems that could arise from being hated by a particular group of people are limitless. (+20 to Imperial Navy, -20 to pirates

Special rules
-Imperial Navy Crew: The vessel has a Crack (40) Crew.
-Unique pilots: Crew rate +20 on pilot skill checks, re-roll failed check once per void combat. (Imperial Navy is testing new combat drug known as “Blue” for improving piloting skills during void combat.)

Captain Egeon: +10 Skill command, +5 ballistic skill checks
Tech-priest Romtur: +10 tech use, +5  scrutiny
Astropath Ithonia +10 skill psysciense, +5  ballistic skill checks

Speed: 7 Maneuverability: +20 Detection: +15
Void Shields: 1 Armour: 18 (20 Prow) Hull Integrity: 37
Morale: 99 Crew Population: 100 Crew Rating: (40) Crack
Turret Rating: 2 Weapon Capacity: Prow 1, Dorsal 1

Dorsal Sunsear Mark 1.5 Laser Battery (Macrobattery, Strength 3, Damage 1d10+2, Crit Rating 4, Range 6) Pow: 6 Space: 4
Prow Titanforge Lance Weapon (Lance, Strength 1, Damage 1d10+4, Crit Rating 3, Range 6) Pow: 9 Space: 4

Frigate - Imperial Navy - Furious Purpose - Firestrom Class Space 40