Ungues Aquilarum

Arbitratorial task force formed by the order of Inquisitor Grand-master Aurora Orlov.

Arrives to Ultima Tectum system on Imperial transport vessel “Stepping Stones of Saints” 817.M41

Establishes Precinct-fortress at Sphaera Imperator 819.M41

Assists several military campaigns at Gravis Major 818.M41-820.M41.

Last seen on late 820.M41, right before the system’s suns eruptions, when raider class star vessel “Golden Fury” departs Sphaera Imperator.

Notable members: Judge Mordechai, Astropath Martÿn the Sane, Genetor Specialist Gödel

Associates: Brother-militant Makbae, Commander Elmeh,

Adversaries: Chorda Dynasty, Winterscale Dynasty, Inquisitor Grand-master Aurora Orlov, Cardinal Humer, Headmaster Idiomias, Commander Ardman, Prison-warden Vladir

Strongholds: Arbitratorial Forces and Agents and Vassals at Ultima Tectum system.

!GM notes!