Tax factor

Tax factor of arbitrator coffers

Imperial taxation: +138, Fines: +26, Bounties: +14 = 181

Upkeep: -25,  Burned: -107, Bounties: -10, Tithes: -25, Blockade: -0 = -167

Current tax factor: 13


Estimated power factor of the tech-shrine of Sphaera Imperator: 4

Tax factor production of the Astropathic choirs of Ultima Tectum system: 6


Arbitratorial taxation of Ultima Tectum system, total +129

Gravis Minor, Total: 5

5 Strabolus, Enginseer of EF-188, Power factory converted to tax factory

Gravis Major, Total: 31

2 Usindra, Councilor of Imperial colony Bastion of Saint Drusus, Chorda tax revenue
5 Isolte, Imperial tax, Baroness of Grand Falls, Noble house of Grand Falls tax revenue
4 Makbae Brother-militant, conversion funds of Missio Galaxia, Bastion of Saint Drusus,, additional arbitrator revenue
1 Barbadon Enginseer, Mechanicus, Vellum, Power factory converted to tax factory
4 Gravis Major spaceport, Bastion of Saint Drusus, Arbitrator revenue
2 Conciliatrix Simion, Grand Falls, Chorda tax revenue
1 Imperial Friendship Bridge colony, Chorda tax revenue
2 War tax to channel planetary defense funds of Gravis Major to arbitratorial tax  revenue, Noble house of Grand Falls tax revenue
1 Tax invoice for stamping the Official Letter of Complainant filed by Conciliatorix Simion.
1 Investigation of mold sabotage. Costs charged from Chorda tax revenue of Gravis Major.
3 Special custom declaration fees pays by “Imperial Pies” consortium run by warranted merchant Alfmed
2 Colony Providence of Alfmed official registeration fee from merchant Alfmed

0 Tax revenue of Imperial colony: Providence of Alfmed, Imperial Pies Consortium tax revenue
2 Noble house of Grand Falls pays for warrant to lead military campaign against xenos occupying Gravis Major.
1 Conciliatorix Simion, stamping costs of Letter of Official Complaint.

Penitus Balteus, Total: 45

6 Boltazar, Chorda dynasty resource consultant, Avaritas space station, Chorda tax revenue
2 Fortius Mechanicus, Avaritas, Power factory converted to tax factory
8 Memillius, Spokesman of Sphaera Imperator habitat, Void Union tax revenue
0 Offertory donations of faithful followers of Confederation of Light donations, Penitus Balteus
2 Custom fees at Avaritas station, Peniteus Balteus, Arbirator revenue
8 Ptera-squirrel sales to rich and influential of the sector, Sphaera Imperator habitat, Penitus Balteus, Arbitrator additional revenue
6 Revenue from Merchant warrant taxes of merchant Alfmed tax revenue
10 Legal fees of Rogue Trader Captain Karfa’s testament, precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator
1 refugee miners citizen fees collected by spokesman Romero Linza (60.000 citizens) settled to Sphaera Imperator. Pinorian Conglomeration tax revenue
1 Revenue generated from arbitratorial squad protecting spokesman Memillius, Sphaera Imperator, Void Union tax revenue
1 Boltazhar, cost of starting an investigation on mold problem and sabotage by Winterscale dynasty. Avaritas, Chorda tax revenue

Tax factor produced by Astropathic Choirs of the system, Total: 6

1 Chorda messages, Legatus Lady Percy of Sphaera Imperator, Chorda tax revenue, Sphaera Imperator
1 Winterscale messages, Legatus Morton of Sphaera Imperator, Winterscale tax revenue, Sphaera Imperator
1 Imperial navy tax revenue, Sphaera Imperator
1 Chorda messages, diplomat Gabriele Alquesta, Chorda dynasty tax revenue, Canor Sol
1 Winterscale messages, Curatorix Viktor Hemlock , Winterscale dynasty tax revenue, Canor Sol
1 Military messages, Imperial Navy liaison Officer Ignacia Bedelson, Imperial navy tax revenueCanor Sol

Semis, moon of Impensus. Total: 1

1 Imperial fee for Imperial Scholarium, Idiomus, Headmaster of Collegia Magnitudo, Skolana Psykana tax revenue

Nothus, Total: 14

4 Vladir, Prison Warden of PC-5728, Imperial Navy tax revenue
1 Morcutor, Mechanicus, PC-5728, Power factory converted to tax factory
9 Chemical Procession Facility Best quality, Dolabra Imperator industrial arcology, Pinorian Conglomeration tax revenue

Nimbus Exter, Total: 32

5 Arviragus, Adepta Adminstratum, Canor Sol, Winterscale tax revenue
1 Beskavar, Artesan Tech-Priest, Canor Sol, Power factory converted to tax factory
4 Custom fees, Canor Sol, Arbitratorial revenue
1 Soliciting, Solomon, Enforcer, Pauperpolis, Additional arbitratorial revenue
2 Custom fees Pauperpolis, Arbitratorial revenue
3 Industrial mining of heavy water, Celos, Miner Guild Bethel tax revenue
2 Custom fees, Celos, Arbitratorial revenue
10 Providing Umbra Aegis for void station of Veiled Ugrippa, -CENSORED- funding
2 System mining vessel charter tax revenue, Pauperpolis, Void Union tax revenue
2 Clan Bethel has secured Imperial mining rights of heavy ice from Nimbus Extern. Celos, Mining Guild Bethel tax revenue.

Outside Ultima Tectum system, Total: +4

0 IN-78 funds arbitratorial forces for eradication of HLF terrorists from Ultima Tectum system. Imperial Navy tax revenue. As HLF is declared to be decimated at the system by judge Mordechai, funding (+5 TF) ceases. Judge Mordechai gains Peer (Imperial Navy) talent.

4 Imperial Navy for securing the factory production of Gravis Major and Dolabra Imperator

Fines sanctioned, total +26

15 Noble house of Grand Falls, fines for evading ecclesiarchial tithes.
11 Cost of fines for the purge Scutum void habitat paid by Chorda dynasty.

Bounties claimed, total +14

2 Arviragus, Bounty for  Yeti gonads, Canor Sol
7 Idiomus, Bounty for Alpha Level Psyker, Collegio Magnitudo, Semis
5 Assassination of Crime-lord Borga by Unknown

Arbitrator Upkeep total: 25

Gravis Major, Total: -11

-2 Komuk the Rat-cather, sanitation specialist for Bastion of Saint Drusus colony
-1 Imperial Rhino for barracks of Grand Falls
-1 Trantor, Imperial Guard captain, additional troops for barracks of Grand Falls.
-1 Malakai, Enforcer, barracks, Imperial Friendship Bridge.
-2 Elmeh, Commander, Propaganda campaign across the system.
-2 Enforcer Theodore, Precinct-fortress, Imperial Friendship Bridge
-2 Champion of law Godwinne, Toll booth, Imperial Friendship Bridge

Peniteus Balteus, Total: -4

-2 Thurio Enforcer, Sphaera Imperator habitat.
-1 Enforcer Xanatov, Avaritas star fortress barracks
0 TF Saboteur Wolfhart, Avaritas star fortress barracks,  (-2 paid with Thrones, no effect to TF)
0 Assassin Ulrica, Sphaera Imperator, (-3 paid with Thrones, no effect to TF)
0 Saboteur Elgast, Sphaera Imperator, (-1 paid with Thrones, no effect to TF)
-1 Captain Jacta Carilli of Golden Fury
0 Mechanicus Piston and pilot Korey hired as officers of Golden Fury. (Paid by tech-shrine-2 Power Factory)

Nothus, Total: -2

-1 Morcutor, Rune Priest  from EF-188, Enginseer of PC-5728
-1 Korba, Enforcer, Dolabra Imperator

Nimbus Extern, Total: -8

-3 Solomon Enforcer, Pauperpolis system vessel
-1 Jarian, Enforcer,  Canor Sol station
-1 Josette, Enforcer, Celos habitat
-1 Aestaban, Enforcer Canor Sol barrack
-2 to support Miner Guild Bethel, Celos, for preventing guild wars at the system

Unstationed agents:

Syndicate saboteur??

Tithes paid, total: -25

-25 tithe to Cathedral of Immaculate Truth, Avaritas, for Cardinal Humer

Bounties paid, total: -10

-5 for rogue trader captain to protect star system for a year by Arviragus and Mordechai. Answered by Rogue Trader Captain Karfa
-5 for rogue trader captain to protect star system for a year by Boltazar and Mordechai. Answered by Rogue Trader Captain Qumais

Tax factor burned, total: -108

-4 Hades breaching drill, Gravis major
-1 Shuttle cargo hold, Urn of Redeption shuttle
-3 Good quality Precinct-fortress (Pow: -1), Sphaera Imperator
-1 Arboretum, Sphaera Imperator
-3 Hydroponics deck, Sphaera Imperator
-1 Medicae deck, Sphaera Imperator
-5 Warp gate map, Sphaera Imperator
-1 Plasma banks, Sphaera Imperator
-1 Barracks for PDF, Sphaera Imperator
-4 grand adamantium nugget, Sphaera Imperator
-3 Best quality amasec purchased to precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator.
-8 best quality astropathic choir to Canor Sol.
-3 choir master to Canor Sol.
-3 Plasma core to Imperial Friendship Bridge
-2  Seven hive towers of Bastion of Saint Drusus, 2 to Imperial Friendship Bridge, 1 million workers each
-3 Best quality Ranch facilities to Gravis Major
-4 Stasis pod to Sphaera Imperator
-3 Dolabra Imperator, large Imperial arcology for 10 million citizen builded to Nothus.
-1 Barrack Dolabra Imperator Nothus
-2 Chemical Procession Facility Best quality, Dolabra Imperator Nothus
-33 Payment to counter legal problems with Chorda Dynasty

-1 barracks to Bastion of Saint Drusus-1 Emergency supply of mild sedatives (3 month supply for 2 million population) stored to Mordechai Memorial hospital under supervision of Hospitaller Aletha.
-2 Good quality arbitrator barracks (-1 POW)

-5 Barrack: 3 vaults, providence of alfmed, bullion of alfmed/Gravis Major

-9 star vessel components for Golden Fury

-1 for arranging free 2 hours from work during Lex Mordechai 821.M41


-Component or item can be acquired by Tax Factor check or burning Tax Factor. Rarity of component affects difficulty of acquisition check.
-During Tax Factor check characters can barter using items and components to ease availability of acquired item.

*If bartered item is same rarity as acquired item it becomes one degree more available.
*If bartered item is higher rarity acquired item it becomes same degrees more available.
*If acquisition is failed bartered item is not lost.

-Archaotech, xeno-tech and heretek cannot be acquired by burning tax factor as those are no longer or ever have been produced in Imperium.  Especially cold trade operatives  may require barter item as illegal as one that is sought for.
-Even if Tax factor is burned to acquisition character still have to check for speed of delivery.