Eldar star vessel hulls and components

Eldar Voidships are akin to ships of the age of sail, drifting across the void elegantly and quickly. Made of psychic wraithbone, their ships are fragile yet fast, lightly armed but highly maneuverable. A skilled Eldar captain can fly rings around an Imperial ship, to reach the lighter rear armor and go for the perfect kill.
Eldar ships are characterized by their sails that extend from their backs. These sails are not only power generators, but they boost the ship’s speed depending on the location of solar bodies. Imperial commanders have learned to their chagrin that the Eldar always time their attacks based on the positions of celestial bodies, and before the heavier ships can respond, the Eldar are already where they wish to be.
Since Eldar are classified into Craftworld, Corsair, and Dark varieties, only Corsair and select Craftworld ships will be detailed here. An addendum – some of these stats were NOT made by author of the source material, they are adapted from enemy ship stats in Battlefleet Koronus, and given SP and Space based on equivalent ships.

Eldar Ships have the following special rules:
Sailing on the Solar Winds: Eldar ships are powered and boosted by celestial bodies. When moving AWAY from a star, their speed drops by 1. When moving TOWARD a star, their speed stays normal. When moving PARALLEL to a star, their speed increases by 1.
Primordial Enmity: All officers of a star vessel gain Hatred talent towards Dark Eldar and minions of Slaanesh

Eldar Transports are just as swift and delicate as their warships.

The unnamed Eldar Transport is a swift and agile voidship that can rush food and war materiel to attendant fleets via its many chambered holds.
Speed: 12 Maneuver: +20
Detection: +5 Hull Integrity: 30
Armor: 11 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 35 SP: 24
Weapon Capacity: 2 Dorsal
Sailing on the Solar Winds
Primordial Enmity

A majority of Eldar ships are Frigates. While being as fast as raiders, their offensive powers rival ships in higher size categories.

The Hemlock destroyer follows the same design principle of the A10 – how do we make a gun fly?
The Hemlock is useful for little more.
Speed: 15 Maneuver: +40
Detection: +20 Hull Integrity: 18
Armor: 12 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 22 SP: 26
Weapon Capacity: 1 Prow
Sailing on the Solar Winds
Primordial Enmity
Limited Space
: The Hemlock does not have a Warp Drive slot and cannot equip them.
Skeleton Crew: The Hemlock autofails opposed Boarding Action tests by 1d5+1 DoF.

The Nightshade is a dedicated torpedo boat that can swiftly deploy its cargo and use its speed to escape retribution.
Speed: 14 Maneuver: +45
Detection: +24 Hull Integrity: 20
Armor: 14 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 26 SP: 43
Weapon Capacity: 1 Prow, 1 Keel
Sailing on the Solar Winds
Primordial Enmity
Torpedo Specialist: The Keel slot is occupied by a Torpedo Tube component, and may not be removed.

  • Str: 2 Dam: 2d10+14 Crit: 10+ Pow: 1 Range: 20 Terminal Pen: 3 Cap: 10+2

A perfectly balanced Frigate in terms of offense and defense, the Hellebore mounts numerous weapons for any situation.
Speed: 14 Maneuver: +42
Detection: +20 Hull Integrity: 25
Armor: 14 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 30 SP: 40
Weapon Capacity: 2 Prow, 1 Keel
Sailing on the Solar Winds
Primordial Enmity

The Aconite Frigate is usually employed as a ship hunter and optimized for high-intensity laser weaponry.
Speed: 14 Maneuver: +45
Detection: +20 Hull Integrity: 20
Armor: 14 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 32 SP: 38
Weapon Capacity: 2 Prow
Sailing on the Solar Winds
Primordial Enmity

While generally neglected by the Craftworlds, the Corsairs take to the Light Cruiser design with gusto, finding them possessing great offensive power, and enough defense to survive the dangers of the void.

The Aurora Light Cruiser can easily outrun its much more cumbersome contemporaries, and pack more firepower into a smaller space.
Speed: 14 Maneuver: +43
Detection: +20 Hull Integrity: 48
Armor: 15 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 42 SP: 54
Weapon Capacity: 2 Prow, 1 Keel
Sailing on the Solar Winds
Primordial Enmity

The Solaris Light Cruiser is sometimes misidentified as its much larger cousin, but reveals itself as a more maneuverable hit and run specialist.
Speed: 14 Maneuver: +45
Detection: +20 Hull Integrity: 50
Armor: 15 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 40 SP: 50
Weapon Capacity: 3 Prow
Sailing on the Solar Winds
Primordial Enmity

Eldar Cruisers are not the unmoving line ships of other races, but are purpose-built to specific tasks.

Built as a dedicated carrier, the Eclipse Cruiser can release its attack craft in the middle of a strafing run, and return safely to the fleet before the enemy can retaliate.
Speed: 9 Maneuver: +22
Detection: +20 Hull Integrity: 60
Armor: 15 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 45 SP: 58
Weapon Capacity: 2 Prow, 2 Keel
Sailing on the Solar Winds
Primordial Enmity
Carrier: The Keel slots are occupied by Landing Bays, and may not be removed. Str: 2 Pow: 1 each.

The Shadow Cruiser is the preferred cruiser of the Eldar Corsairs for its modularity and balance of power.
Speed: 9 Maneuver: +26
Detection: +20 Hull Integrity: 60
Armor: 15 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 52 SP: 63
Weapon Capacity: 3 Prow, 1 Keel
Sailing on the Solar Winds
Primordial Enmity

A ship rarely found in the Corsair ranks, the Dragonship is the purpose-built cruiser of the Craftworlds. There is no one “class” of Dragonship, merely a blank slate to customize.
Speed: 8 Maneuver: +20
Detection: +18 Hull Integrity: 60
Armor: 18 Turret Rating: 1
Space: 65 SP: 69
Weapon Capacity: 3 Prow, 2 Keel
Sailing on the Solar Winds
Primordial Enmity

Eldar Ship Components

Aspect Shrine Pow: 1 Space: 1, Ultima Tectum campaign
Provides star vessel with Aspect Warrior troops and an Exarch. +? to morale, +? all offensive boarding actions, provides an additional officer (Exarch) for the star vessel

Crystal Dolmen Pow: 5 Space: 1, Ultima Tectum campaign
Provides an Eldar star vessel with a additional Farseer officer, +? bonus to use of psychic powers. If targeted by critical hit may explode on 20% propability. If explodes destroyed and causes 2d5 hull damage and -d10 morale damage.

Eldar Solar Sails Pow: Varies Space: 0 (External), SP +1
There are many patterns of solar sail out there, similar to the many patterns of Imperial plasma drive. Essentially, to make an Eldar Solar Sail, choose Imperial Plasma Drive and make the following changes.
External: Space becomes 0. SP: +1
Supreme Maneuverability: The ship can interrupt its maneuver at any time to fire. Once firing has
completed, it may resume the Maneuver. In addition, the ship may turn 90˚.

Eldar Command Bridge Pow: 1 Space: 1, Soul Reaver page 137, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Cruiser/Craftworld Pow: 2 Space: 1,+10 on command checks of Hit And Run boarding actions, +10 on Command checks defending against Boarding.

Eldar Life Sustainer Pow: 1 Space: 2 Soul Reaver page 137, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Cruiser/Craftworld Pow: 2 Space: 4,+20 bonus for resist disease and effects of Toxic area attacks and Spore attacks, atmosphere of partial area of a ship can be changed to provide life sustain for other xeno species.

Eldar Crew Quarters Pow: 1 Space: 2, Soul Reaver page 137, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Cruiser/Craftworld Pow: 2 Space: 4, Crew morale regenerates 1 per day

The Eldar do not use Void Shields, rather a series of baffles and countermeasures that make detectung and hitting them near impossible.
Holographic Cloaking: All ships firing at a ship with a functioning Holofield suffer a –20 to their
Ballistic Skill Tests for Macrobatteries, and -40 to all other Ballistic Skill Tests or Ram attacks. Any lock on or detection tests against the vessel suffer a –30.
Shield: This takes the Void Shield slot of a ship.
Power: 8 Space: 4 SP: 4

Temple of Eldar God Pow: 2, Space: 3, Ultima Tectum campaign
+? to crew morale, Provides an additional officer (Far-seer or Avatar), bonuses up to GM

Tree of the Ancestors Pow: 2 Space: 5, Cruiser/Craftworld only, Ultima Tectum campaign
This tree is a unfathomable piece of Eldar heritage and cultural continuity, saved from the Eldar home-world before the Fall of Eldar and kept lovingly alive by most powerful seers, a living entity which could normally be alive only on a planet.

It has a several linked components:

  • Aspect shrine: Provides an Exarch officer and Aspect Warriors
  • Librarium: +20 to Lore Checks
  • Garden of Wraith-bone: Production of specialized wraith-bone items
  • Sanctuary of Healing: Different parts of the tree provide herbal medicines which alleviate and cure wounds, both physical and mental.
  • Council of the Seers: If benevolent +20 bonus to psyniscience checks on board.

Webway-Plotter Pow: 5 Space: 2, Source: Path of the Warrior, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Eldar and Dark Eldar do not enter the Warp. Ever. They have to use the Webway gates, and Webway-plotter gives Eldar means to create temporary Webway portals that link between the main network and the final destination if an original Webway Gate is unavailable.
Craftworlds and Fleets are limited to the primary tunnels – secondary tunnels can’t accommodate ships. Craftworlds and Eldar star vessels have endured for so long because they don’t use the warp and therefor do not leave a warp signature when they translate into or out of a Materium, that’s why Imperial captains aren’t able to pursue their vessels after an attack.

Webway Shunt Generator Pow: ? Space: ?, Cruiser/Craftworld only, Ultima Tectum campaign
It is a highly complex and advanced Craftworld Aeldari technology that is most often equipped aboard a Skathach Wraithknight tasked with defending the labyrinthine corridors of the Webway from all trespassers.
It allows this solitary Ghost Warrior to enter, exit from and maneuver through the Webway at will.

Wraithbone Song Pow: 0 Space: 0, Ultima Tectum campaign
Wraithbone hulls of Eldar ships sense, resonate and sing when gliding through the unknown void. Instead of relying to augury systems similar to Imperial tech the tune of a vessel gives the Eldar void-farers uncanny awareness of their surroundings. A component is integrated to every Eldar star vessel hull and cannot be damaged by a critical hit.
As the hull sings the whole Eldar crew are constantly aware of situation of the star vessel. +5 bonus to crew rate.

General rules for adapting Imperial components on Eldar star vessels

  • Any Eldar version of Imperial component should be counted as best quality Imperial component (two picks for Pow: -1, Space: -1 and/or +10 bonus to relevant skill check.
  • Any Eldar versions of archeotech components should be counted as two steps easier to acquire for the Eldar compared to Imperial versions. In example: Ext. rare -> Rare
  • Eldar star vessels do not use components that cause penalties to the crew morale.
  • Eldar star vessels use only components created by their own race.


Starcannon Battery, Power: 5 Space: 3
The bright flashes of plasma from these batteries is the first signal to an enemy that their end is near.
Pinpoint Precision: This weapon is fired at +10 to the BS test.
Macrobattery weapon SP: 3 Str: 4 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 4 Range: 6

Pulsar Lance, Power: 10 Space: 5
The Pulsar is capable of sustained fire that can ultimately burn through the hardest armor.
Pulse Fire: After resolving a hit with this weapon, roll again to hit with the same modifiers. Up to two additional hits may be scored.
Lance Weapon SP: 3 Str: 1 Dam: 1d10+3 Crit: 3 Range: 3

Eldar torpedoes
Eldar Torpedoes contain the same holofield technology that their larger ships have. Others use
sonic waves to make armor inconsequential.
Plasma Torpedo Dam: 2d10+14 Crit: 10+ Range: 20 Terminal Pen: 3 Self Guided: +30 Torpedo Rating
Defensive Holofield: Ignore Turret Rating when firing.
Availability: Very Rare
Sonic Torpedo Dam: 2d10+5 Crit: 10+ Range: 20 Terminal Pen: 5 Self Guided: +30 Torpedo Rating
Gone with the Blast-wave: Damage ignores Armor.
Availability: Near Unique

Strike Craft
Eldar Strike Craft are crewed by the greatest of the Crimson Hunter Aspect Warriors, and can put lesser pilots to shame.
Master Pilots: No penalty if Squadron is below half strength.

Craft Rating: +15
Speed: 12
Squad Size: 12
Class: Fighter
Availability: Very Rare

Craft Rating: +6
Speed: 9
Squad Size: 6
Class: Bomber
Availability: Extremely Rare

Source: Fear and Loathing, edited and expanded for Ultima Tectum campaign