Rak’Gol Star Vessels and Components

Rak’Gol Starships are constructed much in
the same way as Imperial starships, with some
differences to the rules. Begin by selecting a
Hull from the Rak’Gol Hull Types. After this is
done, proceed with selecting Essential
Components, checking below to make sure
what parts and effects are available.
Essential Components:
Essential Components are required for a
starship to function. A ship must have one (no
more) Component from each of the following
categories, lest the ship lose some vital
function. Without a life sustainer, for instance,
the vessel is nothing more than a cold and
empty tomb, while a ship would be blind and
deaf without an auger array.
Fission Pulse Drives
Instead of the plasma drives of humanity, the
Rak’Gol rely on something referred to as a
“fission-pulse” drive. These drives are far
inferior to the plasma drives of Imperial
vessels, based around an atomic reactor core
and relying on explosive “pulsed” fission
reactions to move their ships through space. In
general they can accelerate to a decent speed,
but fall far short on manoeuvrability.
There are two broad classes of drives used
by the Rak’Gol, categorised by
xenostechnologists as the “Stutter” class and
the “Burst” class, with the latter being the
larger of the two. Like the smaller “Stutter”
class drives, the “Burst” drives of the Rak’Gol
are capable of accelerating to high velocities,
but are incapable of nimble manoeuvring.
However, Imperial captains tend to
underestimate the brutal force behind them,
sometimes to their peril. Statistics for Fission
Pulse Drives can be found on page XX.
Crystalline Warp Drives
The Rak’Gol’s warp drives are far more
advanced than the xenos races’ other
technology. Inspections of several hulked
Rak’Gol vessels revealed the warp drives
seemed to have been added to the Rak’Gol

ships independently of the starship’s
construction. This was further borne out by
strange crystalline devices that make up part of
the warp drives. These function identically to
Imperial Warp Drive Equivalents for statistics.
Warp Charms
To protect against the predications of the
warp, the Rak’Gol seem to rely exclusively on
a series of talismans, charms, and symbols built
into the hulls of their vessels. These
components function identically to Imperial
Gellar Fields in regards to statistics.
Void Shield Array
Rak’Gol Void Shield Components function
identically to their Imperial Equivalents in
regards to statistics.
Clutchmaster’s Bridge
Rak’Gol Bridge Components function
identically to their Imperial Equivalents in
regards to statistics.
Fume Sustainer
Although the Rak’Gol seem able to breath
oxygen, the atmospheres aboard their ships are
thick and choked with noxious chemicals, as
well as radiation from their unshielded fission
piles. This has lead xenostechnologists to
derisively dub their sustainer systems “fume
sustainers.” These function identically to
Imperial Life Sustainers in regards to statistics.
Brood Quarters
Unlike Imperial Crew Quarters, Rak’Gol
living quarters are hot, dry, and awash in
radiation. In regards to statistics, they function
identically to Imperial Crew Quarters.

A strange piece arcane technology, Void-
Watchers scan the stars for threats and targets.

This component functions identically to
Imperial Auger Arrays.


Creating Rak’Gol Starships




Supplemental Components
Rak’Gol Weapons
Rak’Gol tend towards macrobatteries firing
swarms of warheads, or unwieldy lance
Howler Cannons
These weapons were nicknamed by the
survivors of Rak’Gol attacks, who described
the sound of their shells impacting a ship’s hull
as an “unrelenting howl.” Howler Cannon
batteries fire massive and brutal barrages of
ordinance to overwhelm their targets with shear
volume of fire.
Roarer Beam
“The foulest bellow of the vile xenos,” these
gigantic beam weapon clusters seem to run the
entire length of the largest Rak’Gol ships. They
fire rad-beams that voraciously eat through the
toughest armour.
Clanger Torpedo Tubes
These tubes are capable of firing two
torpedoes in each salvo. They are always
loaded with Boarding Torpedoes, which are
functionally identical to those used by Imperial

Raider Landing Bay
During combat, these bays are completely
open to the void. Docked assault craft are each
attached to an airlock which is used to load the
vessels. In non-combat situations, massive
doors are closed to seal off the Component so
that the area may be used to conduct repairs and
maintenance—inasmuch as the Rak’Gol engage
in these activities. Bloodflayers are utilized in
place of conventional Imperial Craft, but share
the same statistics presented in Battlefleet
Koronus and other supplements.
Other Supplemental Components
Due to their penchant for scavenging and
adapting technology Rak’Gol may purchase
Rak’Gol versions of any Imperial Supplemental
Components detailed in the Rogue Trader Core
Rulebook and other supplements.
Rak’Gol and Warp Travel
Rak’Gol utilize an arcane means of
traversing the warp that seems to be a mix of
technology and immaterial mastery. In game
terms, utilize the standard method for entering
and traversing the warp detailed in the Rogue
Trader Core Rulebook and other supplements.

Rak’Gol Butcher
Hull: Transport
Class: Xenos vessel
Dimensions: 2 km long, 0.6 km abeam at widest point, approx.
Mass: 9.4 megatons approx.
Crew: Unknown number of xenoforms
Accel: 1.8 gravities max sustainable acceleration
Very rarely found alone, the “Butcher” is used on the rare occasions when the Rak’Gol attack
planetary targets. While capable of assisting in combat, these starships are relatively poorly armed
and lightly armoured. Their slow speed and lack of manoeuvrability exacerbates the issue. In
combat, they prefer to stand off from the main fight and inundate their opposition with swarms of
small craft and boarding torpedoes. Once opposition is eliminated, they enter low orbit over a
target world and mercilessly pound targets with warhead swarms while launching waves of
assault craft.
Speed: 5 Manoeuvre: -5
Detection: +8 Hull Integrity: 35
Armor: 16 Turret Rating: 4
Space: 40 Ship Points: 25
Weapons: Prow 2, Keel 2
Rak’Gol Mauler
Hull: Frigate
Class: Xenos heavy missile boat
Dimensions: aprox 1.3 km long, 1.0 km abeamat widest point, approx.
Mass: 8.4 megatons approx.
Crew: Unknown number of xenoforms.
Accel: 6 gravities max sustainable acceleration
Less common than other Rak’Gol escort craft, the “Mauler”-class frigates are still far more
commonly seen than any lone explorer or trader would like. These vessels vary—often
dramatically—in their precise secondary armaments, defences, and appearance. They are,
however, distinguished by their primary weapon, clusters of torpedo tubes. These tubes are almost
always loaded with boarding torpedoes, offering another method for the vicious Rak’Gol to enter
into direct melee with their prey.
Like other smaller Rak’Gol warships, Maulers generally travel without the support of other
vessels. In these cases, the vessels begin firing salvo after salvo of torpedoes towards their victims
the instant that they enter range. Maulers then continue to close to bring their howler cannons into
play. In the rarer cases where a Reaver is part of a mixed squadron, they generally hang back,
firing continuous salvoes of torpedoes, while vessels with shorter ranged weapons close.
Speed: 8 Manoeuvre: +2
Detection: +14 Hull Integrity: 45
Armor: 16 Turret Rating: 3
Space: 40 Ship Points: 42
Weapons: Prow 2, Dorsal 1





Rak’Gol Marauder
Hull: Raider
Class: Xenos Pirate Vessel
Dimensions: approx. 1.5 km long; approx. 0.8 km abeam at widest fins
Mass: 7.2 megatonnes approx.
Crew: unknown number, but thought to be upwards around 20,000–30,000 xenoforms
Accel: 7 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration
Marauders are the name given to the most common of Rak’Gol ships, sharing the name
with the Rak’Gol warrior caste. Given that no two are exactly alike, they are similar enough
in size and performance to be grouped together into a broad classifi cation. All Marauders
seem to be haphazardly constructed with little regard for layout or comfort of crew. They are
all generally brutal craft that are over-gunned and have impressive amounts of speed thanks to
their fission-pulse drives. However, though they are quite fast they are slow to manoeuvre,
and savvy captains have been known to exploit this weakness in order to win the day.
Speed: 9 Manoeuvre: +6
Detection: +12 Hull Integrity: 40
Armor: 15 Turret Rating: 3
Space: 40 Ship Points: 35
Weapons: Prow 1, Dorsal 1, Keel 1
Rak’Gol Mangler
Hull: Light Cruiser
Class: Xenos light cruiser
Dimensions: aprox 3.1 km long, 1.2 km abeamat widest point, approx.
Mass: 18 megatons approx.
Crew: Unknown number of xenoforms
Accel: 5 gravities max sustainable acceleration
“Manglers” vessels are full sized warships. These (mercifully rare) ships are generally
found accompanied by at least one to three Butchers or Maulers. In a few rare instances,
Manglers have led larger squadrons. The examples that have been identified share a common
core design and armament, but vary significantly in their architecture. This may be due to
extensive repairs or may indicate that they were designed by different artisans. Thus far, only
Manglers are large enough to mount Rak’Gol lance weapons.
These warships, especially when accompanied by a support squadron, are fully capable of
launching a planetary assault against smaller colonies. In addition, the wings of assault craft
in concert with their beam weapons can be an absolutely devastating combination against any
but the largest of vessels.
Speed: 7 Manoeuvre: +1
Detection: +12 Hull Integrity: 55
Armor: 17 Turret Rating: 5
Space: 60 Ship Points: 55
Weapons: Prow 1, Dorsal 2, Keel 1

Source: Xenos Character Guide