Stryxis Star Vessels and Components

To construct a Stryxis Caravan Vessel, note the changes to the Essential and Supplemental
Components listed below. Otherwise use the same method of Starship Creation listed in the
Rogue Trader Core Rulebook.

Essential Components

Stryxis Warp Engine
The Stryxis seem to use a type of warp drive similar to humans, though the exact workings
are unknown. When asked, Stryxis often mention “warp currents unseen by two eyes,”
but give no further details. This component functions identically to it’s Imperial Warp
Engine Equivalents, but when used has a 40 percent chance of decreasing a voyage time by
1d10 months, to a minimum of one day. Other statistics remain unchanged.
In addition, due to the difficulty of hauling multiple ships around while haphazardly
connected, subtract 4 from the speed (Min 1) and 20 from the Manoeuvrability of Transports,
Raiders, Frigates, and Light Cruisers. Subtract 5 from the speed (min 1) and -30 from the
Manoeuvrability of Cruisers and Grand Cruisers.

Phase-Reality Field
These fields protect the Stryxis against warp incursion by keeping a vessel slightly out of
phase with its surroundings during transit. This component functions identically to it’s Imperial
Gellar Field Equivalents.

Ghost-Field Array
Certain Mechanicus agents would dearly love to obtain a sample of this technology, as it
provides more robust protection than that found on Imperial vessels for what seems to be the
same power draw. While most statistics remain identical to their Imperial Void Shield
Equivalents, add 2 to the the number of void shields the ship generates.

Scavenged Bridge
Stryxis tend to scavenge components utilized for the bridge of ships, adapting the
components salvaged to the needs of the ship. Utilize standard Imperial Bridge Components
for this component, and the statistics do not change.

Stryxis Environmental Architect
The Stryxis are oxygen-breathers like humanity, but prefer damp, humid, and cool
surroundings. These do not prove fatal to any Imperial or Xenos race, most likely due to the
Stryxis desire to keep slaves alive and useful as long as possible. They tend to use their own
sustainer systems for this reason. Utilize Imperial Life Sustainer Components statistics
for this component.

Stryxis Quarters
Crew Quarters aboard Stryxis vessels vary depending on what their purpose is. Slaver
vessels may have significantly more cramped quarters, whereas a trading vessel may have
much more ornate ones. Utilize Imperial Crew Quarters component statistics for this

Ghost-Eye Scanner
The scanning devices the Stryxis use are extremely potent. Utilize Imperial Auger Array
Components for statistics for this component, but add +20 to the detection bonus they grant,
or add a +20 detection bonus if the component has none.
Additionally, even when Ghost-Eye Scanners actively scan an opponent, they are all
but undetectable. Stryxis ships may use any actions involving active scanning while on
Silent Running and remain undetected (or may use such actions at other times, such as
alongside a trading partner, without other parties being able to detect any emissions or

Strangely, weapons are one area where the Stryxis show absolutely no interest in using
salvage from other races. They almost exclusively use their own inscrutable technology instead.
The Stryxis do not utilise lance weapons, tending to prefer exotic energy weapons that have an utterly lethal effect on the crews inside starships. These are referred to as “Ghost-light” macroweapons by those who have encountered them, and are utterly reviled by most voidsmen.
Stories abound of corridors filling with a pale gray light—like fog before dawn—and crewmen keeling over dead without a mark on their bodies.

Ghost-Light Macroweapons
For this component use Imperial Macrocannon component statistics, but add in the following rule: Whenever a hit from a Ghost-light Macroweapon strikes a ship and is not absorbed by void shields—even if it does not do damage to Hull Integrity—it does 1 damage to Crew Population. In salvos, each
individual hit still does 1 damage to Crew Population. This damage is in addition to all normal effects from macrobatteries.

For the purpose of purchasing, treat all Macrobatteries purchased by Stryxis as Xenotech Components for determining Rarity.

Additional Supplemental Components
The Stryxis are known scavengers and have a penchant for adapting the technology of other races to the ships they utilize to traverse the void. Pending GM approval, Stryxis may purchase and incorporate any listed Supplemental Component and enhancement listed in the Rogue Trader Core Rulebook and other supplements.
This does extent to the Xenotech Components of other races and the Archeotech Components of the Imperium of Man.

Purchasing Additional Ships
Stryxis frequently purchase via trade agreements the ships of other races. Utilize the rules for purchasing ships presented in the Rogue Trader Core Rulebook and other supplements.

Source: Xenos Character Guide, edited for the Ultima Tectum campaign.