New Star Vessel Components

“Ah! A planet destroyer!”

The ever-excitable Fio’El Fal’Shia Kais, Earth Caste Combat Engineer, sees the Accelerator
Cannon for the first time.

With the establishment of the Squat Holds in the Tiji Sector, and the grand return of Imperial Knight
House Excelsus to the galactic stage, new ship components long thought lost have begun to circulate
amongst Rogue Trader circles in the Eastern Fringe.
While the Imperial Navy would almost never dream of using such technology, preferring the tried and true systems that have served them for thousands of years, Rogue Traders are somewhat more open minded, and may mount that bank of Death Rays just to see what happens.

CORTEX CORE Pow: 5 Space: 3 SP: +4
Most ships have thousands of people aboard them which, given time, can solidify itself into multitude of vibrant cultures, idiosyncracies, and qualities to make a ship feel like home.
Alternatively, you can rip out such things, and rely on the cold logic of Battle Automata. A Cortex Core replaces the thousands of living, breathing humans aboard a vessel with a singular pulsing, organic, Cybernetica Cortex. Crew members are replaced with Legio Cybernetica constructs that know no fear, no disloyalty, no enemy equal to them. Disconcerting to many, but very helpful to those who prefer machine compatriots to living, breathing ones…
Automata Synchronization: The vessel ignores Crew Morale, and Crew Population is set to 100 (but
can be degraded through combat actions, etc). The Battle Automata that are now the crew will obey
orders perfectly and without disloyalty. The “crew” no longer require food, air, motivation and supplies.
Battle Automata: During boarding actions, the Battle Automata crew inflict an additional 1d5
damage to Crew Population and 1d5 Morale damage.
Cybernetica Core: If this component is ever damaged, Crew Population is immediately reduced to
maximum 40 until repaired. If this component is disabled or destroyed, Crew Population is
immediately reduced to 0, with all the horrors that entails.
Crew Quarters: This fills the Crew Quarters (Essential) slot of any Imperial voidship. Crew
Rating is set to 30 for Common Quality versions of this component, while Good Quality sets Crew
Rating to 40 and Best Quality sets Crew Rating to 50.
Crew may be replenished at Forge Worlds with an Acquisition test as normal, or replenished at 10 Crew Population per week if the vessel is equipped with a Manufactorum.

GRAVITY ANCHOR Pow: 2 Space: 2 SP: +2
The establishment of new Squat Holds in the Tiji Sector has seen the return many types of Squat
technology, brought from the destruction of the original Homeworlds by the Tyranids. Of these, the
most desired amongst spacefarers is the Gravity Anchor. Squats come from a high gravity world, and
their mastery of it is without equal.
Anchors Aweigh: A Squat Gravity Anchor can be equipped to any Light Cruiser or higher class of
Imperial voidship, allowing the vessel to make 90° turns in void combat instead of the 45° it is normally limited to.
Supplemental: This component is a Supplemental component.

HALL OF GRUDGES Pow: 1 Space: 1 SP: +1
The peculiar mindset of the Squat allows for no slight to be forgotten. Individual Squats often record their troubles and woes inflicted upon them by others in personal Books of Grudges. When entire crews recount their grudges together, it can often fill an entire hold in itself. The Hall of Grudges allows a crew to meditate on these past troubles, and reaffirm their hatred of the enemy.
No Grudge Unpunished: A Squat Hall of Grudges can be equipped to any class of Imperial voidship.
Characters can spend one hour meditating on the wrongs inflicted on them by any group they have
encountered previously. Upon completion of the meditation, they gain the Hatred talent for that
particular group, and may apply the Hatred bonus to shooting in Starship Combat. The effects last for one full day, at the end of which the character calms down, and may meditate anew, on a separate enemy if desired.
Supplemental: This component is a Supplemental component.

HALFUS TORPEDOES, Availability: Very Rare
Halfus Torpedoes are torpedoes with fragmentation charges within them instead of plasma cores. They are not meant for destroying enemy voidships, but rather excel at taking down hordes of incoming strike craft. When fired into a cloud of fighters, bombers, or assault boats, Halfus torpedoes explode with incredible force, sending building-sized shrapnel in every direction, annihilating most squadrons with incredible ease. Regrettably, for most of the Imperium, the pattern for Halfus Torpedoes was lost when the Tau Empire annexed their singular Forge World of origin. The Inquisition of the Tiji Sector, however, sits smugly – they have an eager seller.
Halfus Fragmentation: Halfus Torpedoes are capable of exploding in the midst of strike craft,
dealing grievous damage. A Halfus Torpedo inflicts its damage against the number of Squadrons in an attack. If the Torpedo reduces the Squadrons in an attack to 0, the strike craft wave is fully destroyed.
For example, if 4 bomber squadrons are in a wave, and the Torpedo rolls a 3 for damage, then the wave consists of only one bomber squadron – the rest are destroyed.
Torpedo: This is a torpedo for use in a Torpedo Tube. They may be equipped with normal Torpedo
guidance and modifications.
Speed: 10 Dam: 1d5 Crit: –
Range: 60 Terminal Pen: 1

Everyone loves martian death rays, and if they don’t, at least they learn to appreciate them as they
superheat, explode, and usually die. Volkite Bombards are upsized variants of normal Volkite
weaponry, for mounting on voidships. In this role, they take the role of macrobatteries, their ability to superheat and explode enemy vessels remaining unchanged.
Deflagrate: Every hit not stopped by void shields generates a second hit. These are then combined as
normal. For example, if 2 hits are blocked by void shields and 2 hits get through, hits are doubled to 4.
Macrobattery Ships: All
Power: 6 Space: 3 SP: 3
Str: 3 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 5 Range: 4

When one Volkite Bombard just isn’t enough, the option exists to mount them in Broadside
Macrobattery (Broadside)
Ships: Light Cruisers, Cruisers, and above.
Power: 10 Space: 5 SP: 3
Str: 5 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 5 Range: 4

A scaled up version of the Photon weapons of the Mechanicum, the Photon Destructor fires a black
lance of energy, its sustained beam capable of raking across enemy hulls and inflicting inordinate damage before the beam must cool down. The Dark Eldar find it humorous.
Raking Fire: The Photon Destructor inflicts an additional 1d10 per Degree of Success on the Ballistic Skill test, up to a maximum of 2d10.
Lance Ships: All
Power: 10 Space: 4 SP: 3
Str: 1 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 3 Range: 4

What’s worse than an armor piercing, light eating, starship lance of dubious origin? Two of them on the same weapon slot. The Photon Breaker lives up to its name, as very few enemies can survive a focused blast from its twin barrels.
Raking Fire: The Photon Breaker inflicts an additional 1d10 per Degree of Success on the Ballistic Skill test, up to a maximum of 2d10.
Lance (Broadside)
Ships: Light Cruisers, Cruisers, and above.
Power: 14 Space: 6 SP: 3
Str: 2 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 3 Range: 4

A weapon recovered from lost datavaults during the Great Crusade, the Kinetic Lance accelerates matter instead of energy, striking with the efficiency of a lance weapon, increasing with effectiveness the more the Lance is focused. It combines the fire rate of a macrocannon with the armor-piercing potential of a lance weapon.
Kinetic Lance: This weapon scores one additional hit per Degree of Success on the Ballistic Skill test.
All hits are combined into one damage roll, which ignores the Armor of the target.
Lance Ships: All
Power: 10 Space: 5 SP: 3
Str: 4 Dam: 1d5+1 Crit: 4 Range: 6

During the Great Crusade, the threat of Phosphex to destroy a world or cleanse an area was a threat rarely sanctioned. Emperor preserve the guy who figured, “Well, if we shoot phosphex at them while they’re in space, they can’t run away, right?” Phosphex burns out rapidly in vacuum, but the burst of blue-green fire is easily enough to deal a deathblow to an enemy vessel.
Phosphex Bombardment: This weapon doubles the amount of Crew and Morale damage inflicted upon the target. Fire! Critical results that this weapon generates can only be put out by exposing the
component to the void. If hit at least once in a barrage, the target reduces its Armor value by 1d5
after resolving all Phosphex Web-Projector hits.
Core Architecture: This weapon Component is always revealed by successful Active Augury – it is
too large to be concealed.
Detonation: If this component is damaged, the vessel suffers one hit from the Phosphex WebProjector, inflicting 2d5+3 hull integrity damage. If this component is destroyed, the vessel instead suffers 1d5 hits, and automatically inflicts a Fire!
Critical result that can only be put out by exposing the component to the void.
Nova Cannon Ships: Cruisers
Power: 5 Space: 8 SP: 5
Str: 1d5 Dam: 2d5+3 Crit: 10 Range: 6-30

Source: Fringe Is Yours, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign