Archeotech star vessel components

Essential components

Cogitator sphere Pow: 6 Space: 1
-May replace Bridge/HQ component in essential components.
-Forbidden archeotech
-Efficient and heretical cogitator configuration that grants excessive bonus to machine spirit housing it. +5 Detection, +5 Crew rate, +5 Ballistic Skill
-Upgrades Machine spirit of to drive/core to level of Abominable Intelligence.
-Not available but hereteks may create one with a modified and forbidden combination of Cogitator Interlink and Auto-Stabilized Logis Targetter components.

Stasis Quarters Pow: 4 Space: 1, Unique
-Suitable for extremely long voyages as crew can be suspended for eternity until

Supplemental Components

Teleskopein Shrine Pow: 2 Space: 1 SP: 1
Vessel is equipped with a vast and arcane Mechanicus mechanism for the scanning and magnification of light in the electromagnetic spectrum: an ancient and hugely powerful telescope. This enables you to locate nearby stars and star systems more efficiently, and also to map your progress through unknown space more accurately.
Star-scryer: When working towards an Exploration objective, the players earn an additional 100 Achievement Points towards completing that objective.
Line of Sight: If star vessels augur array is damaged or destroyed it can still continue shooting actions in void combat without penalty. But it cannot perform further focused augury actions.

Autonomous Protection Unit Pow: 2 Space: 1 Unique
-Squad of dreaded Men of Iron from Dark Age of technology
-Requires Cogitator Interlink component (-20 to command checks) or Cogitator Sphere component to operate.

Mechanicus Enclave Pow: 1 Space: 1, Battle Fleet Gothic: Armada 2, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Magos Dominus has an enclave of lesser tech-priests at his disposal and they work in a binary harmony to amplify, through Archeotech STC component, will of the magos over the followers of the paragon of the Omnissiah. Through servants blessed with enhanced data-tether talent overseer of troops may fulfill his duties from an orbiting star vessel or void habitat. Gain bous on Command checks for planetary Boarding actions?? Magos Dominus cannot be threatened by enemy combat actions.

Pentagrammatic Sphere Pow: 1 Space: 1
Techno-Arcane radius for summoning and interrogating a daemon. Gain ? bonus to summon/control.

Temple of Knowledge Space 5, Power 5, Ship Points 10, Archeotech, edited for Ultima Tectum campaign
Appropriate hull type: Can only be put in a Habitat, Heavy Frigate, sufficiently sized Transport (Space and Hull both of at least 40), Light Cruiser, Cruiser, or Larger ship.
This Temple is a fantastic piece of archeotech and engineering, kept lovingly updated by some of the most powerful members of the Imperium, placing what would normally be many more components, usually spread throughout a fleet in anything other than an Ark Mechanicus, so that a single ship can usefully do a myriad tasks befitting exploration and the obtaining of knowledge.

It has a myriad linked components:

  • A Shrine of the Emperor in his guise of the guiding light of human knowledge, or as his incarnation as the Omnissiah, as well as various Imperial saints associated with blessings of sanctioned, appropriate individuals towards tasks of learning and discovery for the greater humanity.
  • A Librarium where, rather than being stocked mainly with books and scrolls, writings can be etched microscopically onto durable disks of sapphire or diamantine for later storage and retrieval, including facilities necessary to transfer traditional media onto this method.
  • A Laboratorium, where small artefacts can be studied.
  • A small-batch rapid prototyping Manufactorum, with the curious, lost-to-time name of a ‘Skunkworks’.
  • A small research Hospital where humans can be treated or ailments investigated or upgrades installed to the flesh.

Some of the capabilities are less compared to their larger, dedicated equivalents, but the sheer usefulness more than make up for it.
+10 bonus to crafting or repair checks of small items or small batches of items, including via Trade checks, as well as medicae tests, all non forbidden lore investigation tests, as well as forbidden lore archeotech, and, at GM’s discretion, any forbidden lores directly associated with sanctioned Imperial technology, like Mechanicum, Astartes, Ecclessiarchy, or Inquisition (when dealing with Mechanicum/Space Marine/Sororitas/Inquisitorial technology, for example).
Further, at GM discretion, sometimes extended actions such as Triage may work for more crew than otherwise when making use of this component, and other similar benefits.
Counts as having Good Quality Superior Damage Control for this component only, even if that component and upgrade are not otherwise on the ship.
Cannot be made Best Quality; is already Archeotech *+25 to all endeavors due to the multi-faceted utility.

High Energy Chamber Pow: 10 Space: 2
Produces anti-matter and other easily decaying unstable matter.

Archeotech habitation cores/star vessel drives

  • Tidal core, Power output: 70 Space: 10, Lifetime: Unlimited
    Core traits: Requires water-world with moon, archaotech, no pollution.
  • Tectonic core, Power output: 100 Space: 20, Lifetime: Unlimited
    Core traits: Requires volcanic activity, archeotech, no pollution, unstable.
  • Anti-matter core/drive, Power output: 120 Space: 8, Lifetime: Unknown
    Core traits: Archeotech, Requires anti-matter as fuel source, High power output, High peak resistance, unstable (x5).
  • Psi core, Power output: 10 x psyrating Space: 5, Lifetime: Unknown (psykers TB amount of years?)
    Core traits: Requires psykers, Archeotech, High peak resistance, No pollution, Risk of malfunction.
  • Warp core/drive, Power output: Unlimited in theory, depends on a fuel source used. Space: 15, Lifetime: Unknown
    Core traits: Heretical/Xenos origin, requires Forbidden lore (warp) for re-configuration, requires fuel (rituals, sacrifices, bound deamon, Imperial relics etc), high power output, high peak resistance, risk of malfunction, high pollution, unstable (x3).
  • Black hole core/drive, Theoretical
    Core traits: Unstable (x10), Archeotech
  • Gravity core/drive, Theoretical
    Core traits: Gains strength in near powerful gravity wells, No pollution, Archeotech
  • Perpetual motion core/drive, Lost technology
    Core traits: No maintenance, No pollution, Archeotech


  • Mechadominator, BFG Armada 2, Haywire attack which overwhelms the bridge of the target vessel. Requires Auto-logis Targetter component.
  • Micro Warp Jump Engine, BFG Armada 2, Enables vessel to engage short warp jumps. Range 20-30 VUs Requires Warp Antenna and Auto-Stabilized Logis Targeter components.
  • Rad-tempest Device, BFG Armada 2, Fission bomb is teleported and it’s blast causes damage ? and Augury penalty on the blast area? Requires Teleportarium component