Huwan Liberation Front

Heretical sect associated with infamous text “In Defense of the Future“. Not much is known about origins of the sect. Along millennia it has resurfaced in several sectors.

Investigations and interrogations of Judge Mordechai reveal that under illusion of Freeing Their Minds recruited members are heavily hypno-doctrinated. Higher echelon, so called Elders of the Tribe, use insanely loyal recruits for actions of sabotage, propaganda and recruitment while operating on a background.

Arbitratorial report by Judge Mordechai declare Ultima Tectum system free of HLF influence 820.M41

Notable members: Code-name Adonis (declared wanted by Judge Mordechai 818.M41), Elders of the Tribe (terminated by Judge Mordechai on Gravis Major 819.M41).

Adversaries: Imperium

Strongholds: Freedom Cafe at Canor Sol (purged by Judge Mordechai 818.M41), Fallout Shelter at Gravis Major (Purged by Judge Mordechai 818.M41)

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