Report of Astropath Martyn from Plateau of the Sun 821.M41

Report conducted for Judge Mordechai by Astropath Martyn Underberg 821.M41 Gravis Major.


  • Psychometric measurements at Vault Gamma desert continent: Vault provides adequate protection against the current psychic glare of the Sun.
  • Psychometric measurements reveal echoes of psychic phenomena in a vicinity. Echoes are located to the Plateau of the Sun.
  • Plateau of the Sun: Psychometric study of one of the four ancient calcified ceremonial poles reveal initiation ceremonies spanning over millennia.
  • 2000 similar poles have been constructed from plasteel thus expanding the size of the initiation field 500 fold.
  • Holo-pics of murals on the wall of an Imperial shrine and rough astromantic calculations. Murals depict an ascension of evil sun that has started at the spring equinox and will gain full power on the summer solstice.


  • Summer solstice of Gravis Major is approaching in estimate of three years. Research request for the exact date has been forwarded to Specialist Gödel. 21.11.823.M41
  • Studies of Sister-surgeon Aletha from patients secured at the Mordechai Memorial Hospital has been presenting rising numbers of emerging insanity and psychic activity. Research request for specialist Gödel for correlation with astronomical conjunctions
  • Astronomical positions of the systems planets during the coming solstice should be researched further. Research request forwarded to Specialist Gödel.
  • Astronomical positions and orbits of the planets which were shattered and thus created the asteroid belt of Penitus Balteus should be studied to gain a knowledge of the shape of the original star system. Research request forwarded to specialist Gödel.
  • Solstice may be a catalyst for heretical cult activity. Increased social surveillance at the system around the date of solstice is recommended for Adeptus Arbites.

Urgent recommendations:

  • Preparations should start now and not on the eve of the approaching solstice.
  • Study of Xeno Construct at sun spot must be initiated with a haste. Specialists, observation equipment and cogitation power are required for the study.
  • Outfitting of a star vessel able to penetrate the corona of the sun should be initiated with a haste. Work could be done on Spacedock Pier of Canor Sol.
  • Crowd control units of veteran troops able to face psychic phenomenons and moral threats should be formed. Screening and training of such troops requires Skolana Psykana training center at Imperial Friendship Bridge or other secure location.
  • Preparing the task-force Unques Aquilarum for an assault to perish the greater forces of the Chaos.


“Faith and conversion of the Huwan tribes”, written by Brother-militanta Makbae

Primordial spirits

  • Pair of ANGELS with silver wings guided the Huwan ancestors until they abandoned their children.
  • Stories have become fragmented after many extinction events faced by the Huwan tribes. Existence of creator spirits called ANGELs come up as dim memory.
  • If someone is skilled, people say, “He was birthed by ANGELs.”
  • An ancient hypno-doctrination song used by the Abominable Intelligence’s incubating children for Solar Hegemony has persevered, it has been sung by countless mothers to soothe their children since the Dark Age of Technology.
  • Creation legend: ANGELs embraced first mother who hatched from an egg and the ANGELs gave to her and her children the paradise.
  • Ancient Sky-canoe was a cultural relic passed on by Huwan tribes through several extiction events until destroyed by Judge Mordechai‘s remote detonation to exterminate the Elders of Huwan Liberation Front 818.M41.

Old gods

  • Urbog, Benevolent earth god, Creator of the life, Protector of the Huwan tribes, Guards three underground sanctuaries which locations are are known to Huwan tribes.
  • Valbog, Temperamental sun god, Sustainer and destroyer of the life.
  • Urbog and Valbog are brothers who every now and then end up in a terrible solar fight.

New gods

  • Eriad, Hunter goddess, Mother of the sacred plant Usha, ally of Huwan shamans.
  • Usha, Smoke god, trickster god, Son of Urbog or Valbog and Usha, ally of Huwan shamans. Native population had annual celebrations to worship Usha until the Imperial forces clear-cutted the forests of temperate continent growing Usha plant and decimating the cultural centers of Huwan native faith.
  • Since Eriad arrived around M40 and married both of the Old Gods, spending every other season beside the one and vice versa, Old Gods have ceased their battle. As neither of them is aware if Usha is his or the other brothers son, they are cautions not to fight and destroy everything.
  • Ung’tix, god of trade, secrets and hang over.
  • Every few years one of the three continents is visited by Ung’tix, god of trade, secrets and hang over. He manifests himself to planet around time of Usharillo festival. He liked to relax, enjoy and trade Usharillos to secrets and amaze simple natives after hard negotiations and snorting of psycrystals at Scutum.
  • God of trade is publicly escorted by his personal guard of flesh golems, whom protect and support it on the moments of stupor.

Only God

  • God of Trade was banished by prophet Martyn 817.M41 at the “Valley of a Dense Smoke“.
  • Prophet Martyn curses Eagle tribe, which rebelled against the Imperium, at walls of Bastion of Saint Drusus 817.M41. Forces of Eagle tribe were decimated by Imperial counter-attack and proved to Salmon and Snake tribes that curse of Martyn brings genocide to unfaithful.
  • After Baptism of Fire (Native Uprising 817.M41, Archeotech Horribilis campaign 818-820.M41) surviving Huwan population was converted to the Imperial Creed. They now believe that Sol Invictus, which shines through the Most Radiant, who sits on the throne, is the only power able to conquer the evil sun and the one who reveals his divine will is Astropath Martyn Underberg, the prophet of the God-emperor.
  • Salmon-Snake PDFs are aware of the prophesies of the End Times proclaimed by prophet Martyn and understand their duty in the great battle opposing the False Sun. Their spiritual goal is to become a regiment of the Imperial Guard and join the endless fight for the God-emperor.