Collection of Lex Mordechai

  • Possession of the propaganda and participation to the gatherings of Huwan Liberation Front is announced as Minor Heresy.
  • Children of twin birth at the system should be either drowned or spaced out.
  • Consumption, trade and collecting the Usharillo plant at the system is banned. Arbitratorial penalty level similar to Obscura.
  • Use and distribution of XYZygote fertility medicine is banned across the system.
  • Only pro-Imperial music is allowed on vox channels of system’s habitats.
  • Distributing text of and public agitation about cure for mutation and healing powers of alkaline water is announced as Major Heresy.
  • Drinking, collecting and distribution of alkaline water is announced as Major Heresy.
  • Use of dangerous synth-coffee machines traded from Angelus Sector is prohibited as their malfunction rate pose a threat to the Imperial energy networks.