Yves Xavier

Minor Daemon

Pieces of identical twins sewn together in mismatch form.

-Two right hands, left hand ends to head, extra left leg with bulging muscles.

WS 50  BS 35  S 44(8)   T 42  Ag 50 Int 55 Per 60 WP 44  Fel 32

Skills: Awareness, Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Mutants, Xenos), Logic, Medicae +20, Scholastic Lore (Beasts, Philosophy), Trade (Chirurgeon)

Talents: Hatred (Ranulf)

Weapons: Scalpel, Syringe, Bite attack, Kick attack

Traits: Daemonic,

Prerequisite: Weapon Skill 30, Weapon Training (any melee) the character’s mastery of bladed weapons and his martial disciplines has no peer. When attacking with bladed weapon the character may reroll one missed attack per round.

Prerequisite: Weapon Skill 30
The character’s weapon seems to be everywhere at once, keeping many more opponents at bay in close combat than would seem possible. Opponents fighting the character in hand-to-hand combat gain no bonuses for Ganging Up.

Prerequisite: Weapon Skill 40
The character’s lightning ripostes are things of deadly beauty;
swift and invisible as the wind. After successfully parrying an
opponent’s attack, the character may immediately make an
attack against that opponent using the weapon with which he
parried as a Free Action even though it is not his turn. This
attack suffers a –20 penalty and may not be combined with
any ability which allows more than one hit or attack such as
Lighting Attack or Two-Weapon Fighting.


Prerequisite: Swift Attack
The character’s speed with weapons is legendary, allowing
him to launch fl urries of attacks in melee. A Heretic with this
Talent may make the Lightning Attack Combat Action (see
page 238).

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: None
The character always expects trouble, even in the most
innocuous situations, allowing him to act quickly when
needed. When making an Initiative Roll the character may
roll twice and add the highest of the two dice result to his
Agility Bonus.

Prerequisite: Medicae +10
The character’s twisted medical skills enable him to knit flesh with deft mastery. The character’s exceptional education in the use of the Narthecium, Med-Slate and supplemental drugs give his patients an enormous advantage. The character gains a +10 bonus on all Medicae Skill Tests. Any successful heal attempt (including Heavily and Critically wounded patients) by the character heals 2 additional Wounds. If his patient is in danger of losing a limb from a Critical Hit, the character provides the patient with a +20 bonus to the Toughness Test to prevent limb loss.

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Agility 40
The character has honed his reactions to a razor’s edge, allowing him to act while most stand dumbfounded. When surprised or ambushed, a successful Agility Test allows the character to act normally.

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Weapon Skill 30
The character’s speed with weapons is legendary, allowing him to launch flurries of attacks in melee. When a character makes a melee attack, he scores one hit on the initial Degree of Success on his Weapon Skill Test, plus one additional hit for every two additional Degrees of Success. Additional hits are counted as separate hits for all intents and purposes, roll their Damage separately and are reduced by Armour and Toughness as normal.
Additional hits are made against the same body location as the original hit. When using Dodge or Parry against a Swift Attack then each Degree of Success scored with a Dodge or Parry Skill
Test negates one hit from the Swift Attack.
If a character is fighting with a weapon in either hand or benefits from a Talent or Power which allows him to make more than one attack in his turn only one of his attacks may be a Lightning Attack and have the chance of scoring additional hits. Melee weapons with the Unwieldy Special
Quality cannot be used to make Lightning Attacks.

The character is fanatically devoted to Nytram and would gladly die in his name. Whenever the Nytram would be hit by a ranged attack any of his Minions can make an Agility Test if they are no further away from him than their Agility Bonus in metres. If they pass the test then they suffer the hit instead as they have thrown themselves in front of their master, and all the hits effects are worked out against the Minion. Provided they are close enough any number of Minions may try to protect the character in this way—forming a human shield against harm.
This Talent only works with Minions and not allied PCs or NPCs no matter how favourably they view the character!

Daemonic Trait
Daemonic creatures are creatures of the warp, but can manifest in real space either through sheer strength of will, hunger or occult rituals. Creatures with this Trait double their Toughness Bonus
against all Damage, except for Damage inflicted by force weapons, Psychic Powers, holy attacks or other creatures with this Trait.
Daemonic creatures are also immune to poison and disease.