System space traffic


Shuttle traveling times across stellar system

-Inside Cauldron: 1 week, From Cauldron to Circle of life: 1d2 weeks
-Inside Circle of life: 1d3 weeks, From Circle of life to Outer reaches: 2d3 weeks
-Inside outer Outer reaches: 1d6 weeks
-From outer reaches to mandeville point:  5d6 weeeks

Star Vessel traveling times

From Mandeville point to system 1d5 days
Inside system 1d2 days

Regular star vessels at the Ultima Tectum system


“Stepping stone of saints”, Winterscale Transport

imperial transport
“Stepping Stone of Saints”

Captain Hanharan
Interval: Visits Nimbus Extern space station Canto Sol once a year.
Cargo: Brings supplies, takes resources.
Route: Ultima tectum ↔ Winterscale realm
Effects: +10 bonus for acquisition at Canor Sol during visit , contact Winterscale dynasty

“Imperial pursuit”, Winterscale cruiser
Captain Cadogan
Visits Canor Sol every 1-3 years
Refuel and recruit before returning to stars
Effects: Acquisition +10, sub-segmentum information available

“Winterscale warfleet”, Cruiser, 2 Frigates (Navy standard)
Commander Flaminius
Visits Canor Sol every 2-4 years.


“Relentless”, Chorda frigate
Captain Kazimir
Every year
Brings visitors to system.
Effects: Acquisition +25 at Avaritas,

“Renewed valor”, Chorda transporter
Captain Pancuron
Every year
Brings supplies, takes resources,
Avaritas, Gravis major ↔ Footfall
Effects: Acquisition +15 to medicine and consumables

“Chorda warfleet”, Heavy cruiser, 10 Raiders
Commander Chatillion
Visits Nothus, Avaritas every 1-5 years.


“Torch-bearer”, Imperial Navy frigate
Captain Waldron
1-3 years
Canor Sol, Vallum ↔ Classified
Effects: Acquisition (Weapons, Armour, Ammunition), possibility to request military assistance, contact to Imperial Navy Fleet Sub-Segmentum HQ

Patrol fleet IN-78, Grand cruiser and two frigates

“Gorgon’s eye”

“Gorgon’s Eye”, Imperial navy cruiser
Commander Draconia




“Furious Purpose”

“Glorious Throne”, Imperial navy frigate
Captain Dauphin

“Furious purpose”,  Imperial navy frigate
Captain Egeon
Tech-priest Romtur
Astropath Ithonia

Fleet visits Canor Sol every1-2 years. Refuel and recruit for deep space patrol.
Canor Sol, Nothus ↔ Classified
Effects: Acquisition +20 (Weapons, Armour Ammunition), sub-segmentum information, xenos star vessel information


“Pilgrim’s progress”, merchant house charter transport
Captain Thorn
Every 1/2 year
Brings prisoners to Nothus, colonists to system,
Canor Sol ↔ Winterscale realm
Effects: Acquisition +10, Sub-Segmentum informarion information, taking messages to Winterscale realm.


“Weird ululating sound”, Stryxis merchant transporter
Captain Ung’Tix
Visits regularily
Barters for Xeno drugs, xeno artefacts, archaotech and secrets.
Irae, Peniteus Balteus, Gravis Major ↔ Unknown space
Effects: Acquisition +25, influx of thrones to system economy, influx of drugs to system habitats.

Highest Imperial star fleet authorities at Koronus expanse:

Lord Commander Draconia, Accursed Demesne Sub-sector commander

Admiral Gertrude Koronus Expanse Sector commander

Lord Admiral Camillo, Logis civitas, Segmentum Obscurus
-Relocation of population, space stations, space docks, pilgrim ships, grave ships,

Lord Admiral Gardinem, Merchant fleet, Segmentum Obscurus
-Relocation of resources, emergency provisions,

Lord Admiral Philostre, War fleet, Segmentum Obscurus
-Imperial navy fleets, navy stations, navy fortresses