System space traffic

Shuttle traveling times across stellar system

-Inside Cauldron: 1 week, From Cauldron to Circle of life: 1d2 weeks
-Inside Circle of life: 1d3 weeks, From Circle of life to Outer reaches: 2d3 weeks
-Inside Outer eaches: 1d6 weeks
-From Outer Reaches to Mandeville Point:  5d6 weeeks

Shuttle design

Star Vessel traveling times

From Mandeville point to system 1d5 days
Inside system 1d2 days

System Vessels

PauperpolisIronclad comet controlled by Void Union

Captain: ??
Interval: Visits Nimbus Extern space station Canto Sol once a year.
Cargo: Brings supplies, transports resources.
Route: Canor Sol ↔ Sphaera Imperator ↔ Gravis Major

Regular star vessels at the Ultima Tectum system


imperial transport

Stepping Stone of Saints, Winterscale Transport
Captain Ingram
Interval: Visits  space station Canto Sol a once a year.
Cargo: Brings supplies, takes resources.
Route: Canor Sol ↔  Footfall ↔ Winterscale Realm
Effects: +10 bonus for acquisition at Canor Sol during visit, contact Winterscale dynasty

“Stepping Stone of Saints”

“Imperial Pursuit”, Winterscale cruiser
Captain Cadogan
Visits Canor Sol every 1-3 years
Refuels and recruits before returning to stars
Effects: Acquisition +10, sub-segmentum information available

“Flail of Saint Drusus”, Winterscale Frigatte
Escorts “Imperial Pursuit”


“Relentless”, Chorda frigate
Captain Kazimir
Every year
Brings visitors to system.
Unknown ↔ Avaritas ↔  Footfall
Effects: Acquisition +25 at Avaritas,

“Renewed Valor”, Chorda transporter
Captain Pancuron
Every year
Brings supplies, takes resources,
Gravis Major ↔ Avaritas ↔ Footfall
Effects: Acquisition +15 to medicine and consumables


“Furious purpose”,  Imperial navy frigate
Captain Egeon
Tech-priest Romtur
Astropath Ithonia
1-3 years
Canor Sol ↔ Vallum ↔ Classified
Effects: Acquisition (Weapons, Armour, Ammunition), possibility to request military assistance, contact to Imperial Navy Fleet Sub-Segmentum HQ

Mule of Armageddon“, Imperial navy transport
Captain Coruso
Twice a year, escvorted by “Furious Purpose
Vallum ↔ Classified
Effects: Acquisition consumables, contact to Imperial Navy Fleet Sub-Segmentum HQ

Patrol fleet IN-78, Heavy cruiser and two frigates

“Gorgon’s Eye”

“Gorgon’s Eye”, Imperial Navy heavy cruiser
Commander Draconia

“Glorious Throne”, Imperial Imperial Navy frigate
Captain Dauphin


“Torch-bearer”, Imperial Navy frigate
Captain Waldron

Fleet visits Canor Sol every 1-2 years. Refuel and recruit and return to deep space patrol.
Canor Sol ↔ Nothus ↔ Classified
Effects: Acquisition +20 (Weapons, Armour Ammunition), sub-segmentum information, xenos star vessel information


“Pilgrim’s Progress”, merchant house charter transport
Captain Thorn
Every 1/2 year
Brings prisoners to Nothus, colonists to system,
Canor Sol ↔ Nothus  ↔ Winterscale realm
Effects: Acquisition +10, Sub-Segmentum informarion information, taking messages to Winterscale realm.

Highest Imperial star fleet authorities at Koronus expanse:

Lord Commander Draconia, Accursed Demesne Sub-sector commander

Admiral Gertrude Koronus Expanse Sector commander

Lord Admiral Camillo, Logis civitas, Segmentum Obscurus
-Relocation of population, space stations, space docks, pilgrim ships, grave ships,

Lord Admiral Gardinem, Merchant fleet, Segmentum Obscurus
-Relocation of resources, emergency provisions,

Lord Admiral Philostre, War fleet, Segmentum Obscurus
-Imperial navy fleets, navy stations, navy fortresses