Shuttle design

Basic imperial shuttle

-Interior for human interaction is divided to cockpit, passenger hold, nutrient dispenser, sanitation closet, airlock and engine sanctum.

-Tactical targets for critical hits at space combat: Cockpit, passenger hold, life support, sensors, installed component/s, drive.

-Following components included (may be damaged by critical hits) to basic shuttle template:

*Flight radar and control, reveals size and movement of objects within Astronomical Unit.
*Vox communications, channel for open communication, basic range to own orbit  and fer range to neighboring orbits.
*Pilot seat

Life support:
*Life stabilizer, 18 weeks life support, filters for recycled air and water, stores waste.
*Standard nutrient puddy dispenser, (color choices of the puddy are brown or red), 18 weeks of nutrition, large pressurized canister of raw puddy (grey).
*Sanitation closet for disposing bio-waste and sanitation.

Passenger hold:
*Passenger seats
*Imperial air lock

*Communication/Navigation laser, For secured communication and targeting landings to dock. Can be used for sight range sensor.

Additional components:
*Each additional component

Hull poins: 25  Armor: 3

Shuttle drives:
Fission drive, 1 additional component, fuel 12 weeks,
Speed: 2 Manouv: -10, Av: Scarce
Fusion drive, 2 additional components, fuel 18 weeks,
Speed: 4 Manouv: +0, Av: Rare
Plasma drive, 3 additional components, fuel 24 weeks,
Speed 6 Manouv: +15, Av: Very rare

Additional components:

Sensor array, bonus to scan and target                Av: Rare
Weapon (Imperial heavy weapon)  Av: Based on heavy weapon’s rarity
Life support                                          Av: Scarce
Void shield, Absorb one hit                           Av: Rare
Geller field, protects at the warp                  Av:Extremely rare
Tractor beam                                        Av: Scarce
Jammer                                                  Av: Rare
Boarding gate                                       Av: Rare
Atmospheric flight                              Av: Scarce
Armor plating Av: Rare


Common shuttle designs in the system

Winterscale transport shuttle
Fusion core, Cargo hold, Life support

Winterscale patrol shuttle
Fusion core, Sensor array, Lascannon

Winterscale scout shuttle
Plasma core, Sensor array, Void shield, Life support

PC-5827 Prison shuttle
Fission core, Cargo hold

Voidclan scout shuttle
Fusion core, Life support, Sensor array

Voidclan prospector shuttle
Fusion core, Boarding gate, Cargo hold

Voidclan hauler
Fission core, Cargo hold

Colony shuttle, Gravis Major
Fusion core, Cargo hold, Atmospheric flight

Vellum military transport shuttle
Fusion core, Atmospheric flight, Void shield

EF-118 exploration shuttle
Plasma core, Athmospheric flight, Void shield, Sensor array

Chorda patrol shuttle
Plasma core, Sensory array, Void shield, Autocannon

Chorda storm shuttle
Fusion core, Void shield, Boarding gate

Chorda transport shuttle
Fusion core, Cargo hold, Atmospheric flight.