Pioneering faith devoted to spreading the Emperor’s Light to the whole galaxy and all mankind. Missionary work is highly praised (though they often disagree with the Missionarius Galaxia on how to do it), as is colonization of new worlds and prolific procreation. Especially strong xenophobia. This robust faith is carried to the far reaches of the Imperium by conviction of colonists and ecclesiarchy guiding them beyond the borders and safe havens of the Imperium.

Notable members: Brother-militant Makbae, Commander Ardman, Baroness Isolte

Allies: Noble house of Grand Falls,

Strongholds: Manor Fortress of Grand Falls, Bastion of Saint Drusus, Imperial Friendship Bridge, Bullion of Alfmed, Providence of Alfmed,

Sol Invictus cult
Amalgamation of Imperial Creed and local beliefe system that has helped natives to accept the Imperial military service. Founded by Missionarius Galaxia preacher Brother-militant Makbae for converting the surviving native population of Gravis Major to the Imperial Creed in 819.M41. Doctrine emphasizes achievements of martial and military victories as a form of blessing from the True Light of the Universe. 

Notable members: Brother-militant Makbae, Emperor’s Prophet Martün The Sane, Chief-In-Command Red Tortoise.

Strongholds: Military Training Fields at desert continent of Gravis Major

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