GM NPC Humer


Humer, Hierarchical priest of ecclesiarchy

-Believes the edifices of the Cult Imperialis should be heavily ornamented works of art, in praise of the Emperor. Stricter in treatment of mutants than Lucid[s]. Founded by Gracius of Armorm.
-Orthodox zealot who is immensely fond of cherubae.
-Gets organ transplants from Chorda dynasty.
-Relies on Chorda dynasty medics for rejuvenation process.
-Has plans to build immense cathedral for the glory of the Emperor. Beside plans has also funding from ecclesiarchy to build greatest cathedral at Koronus Expanse. Plans of the cathedral have been drawn by Theodor Cadizky and it acts as psychic resonator which armormants plan to use against daemon bound to the sun. 
-Has deals with Isolte, Arviragus, Boltazar, Fortius, Vladir for materials of the cathedral.cardinal humer
“Yes, you have my blessing on holy massacre of heretical heathens as the Emperor knows his own and there is none of them among those sub-humans.”


-Opens auto-temple in a cathedral under construction and announces to be Cardinal of the system.

-Receives great tithes (TF 25) from Judge Mordechai during opening of precinct-fortress of Sphaera Imperator


-Scholarium gets a boost as tens of thousands children left by conscripted citizens become orphans.