GM NPC Makbae

makbae “Every human born, Imperial or non-Imperial,  has the soul as a gift from the Emperor and it is ecclesiarchy’s duty to guide them to sacrifice that gift in his glory. Denying that duty from them is a sacrilege against their Terran heritage.” “Just in three generations those fine humans will make the Emperor proud.” WS 45 BS 24 S 30 T 46 Ag 35 Int 29 Per 25 WP 52 Fel 40 Movement: 3/6/9/12 Wounds: 16
Armour: Chain Reinforced Robes (3 All except Head)
Total TB: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per), Charm (Fel), Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Parry (WS) +10, Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int) +10, Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int).
Talents: Air of Authority, Demagogue, Hatred (Chaos Space Marines, Daemons, Heretics, Mutants, Psykers, Renegades, Xenos [All], Unshakable Faith (counts as Unshakable Will).
Weapons: Chainsword (1d10+5 R; Pen 3; Balanced, Tearing), Shotgun (Basic; 30m; S/–/–; 1d10+4 I; Pen 0;Clip 8; Reload 2 Full; Scatter).
Gear: Ecclesiastical robes, prayer book. Origin: Shrine world Demeanor: Fiery minister of Emperor, field robes Nature: Tactical Authority: Agent of Missionarius Galaxia Goal: Fear: Allies and enemies: Insanity: Corruption:
-Fervent preacher of Ministorum Galaxia. -Rose from a local preacher to spiritual counselor of salmon and snake tribes.  He teaches Imperial creed and explains Prophet Martün’s words to his Huwan followers. -100 year plan to fully convert Huwan society to Imperial Creed. Conversion strategy:
  • Study local mythology and integrate it’s symbolism with Imperial creed. Sun = Emperor
  • Find group of dissidents from local population. Snake Tribe
  • Find ambitious local leader. Red Tortoise
  • Missionary arms dissidents and leader with the Imperial weapons and blesses them in the name of Emperor/Local god hybrid. Native Insurgency campaign 819.M41
  • Help dissidents to overthrow local authority. Native Insurgency campaign 819.M41
  • Anointing of  the chosen leader with the blessing of the Emperor. Chief-in-Command Red Tortoise
  • Create with native help sacred place of the Emperor as central headquarters of native dissidents and teach locals that they are now able to summon power of Terra on their enemies. IE orbital bombardment. Plateau of the Sun at desert continent of Gravis Major
  • Use your pawns to start civil war among natives, use Imperial resources and manpower to get anointed leader unite the natives, Native Insurgency campaign 819.M41
  • Make local version of Imperial creed mandatory to every native citizen. 820.M41
-Used his Imperial authority to prevent orbital bombardment of native population 818.M41. -Participated Snake tribes rituals of courage and honour and bears severe scars as reminder. 819.M41(May have become tainted by the primitive sun ritual) -Shares with unease stalemate the powers of ecclesiarchical influence at the system with cardinal Humer. -Judge Mordechai backed up substantial loan for brother-militant for building of Imperial shrines across habitats of Gravis Major. 820.M41 -Has ordered construction of military training ground and Shrine of the God-Emperor to desert continent of Gravis Major. 820.M41 Allies: Judge Mordechai, Mayor Usindra, Commander Ardman, Convert Pietor, Chief-In-Command Red Turtle Adversaries: Cardinal Humer, Astropath Martün, Commander Elmeh Location: Shrine of God-Emperor at Plateau of the Sun To come: Early game: Trusted ally of PCs Middle game: Succumbed to power or achieves the goal. End game: If succumbed to power he becomes antagonist, if goal succeeds abandons PCs.