GM “PC-5728”


Habitat: Industrial penal colony
Description: Ancient STC domes
Population: 150 guards, 30.000 prisoners
Cultural specialties:

Power output: +30 – Consumption:15 = +15 reserve
Space used: 19

Essential components:
Fusion core Pow:+30 Space: 6
Prison HQ Pow:  2 Space: 2
M-1 life sustainer Pow: 4 Space: 2
Slave quarters Pow: 1 Space: 2
M-100 augur array Pow: 3 Space: 0

Supplemental components:
Chemical procession facility Pow: 4 Space: 3
Heavy lifter bay Pow: 1  Space: 2

Upgrades: Resolution arena

Weapons:Minefield Pow: 1 Space: 4

Notable persons:

Story thread: Centiworms from Irae are used as opponent in Fighting pits. One small of them escapes and finds it’s way to habitat core. Amble amounts of nutritional radiation feeds it rapidly to gargantuan size. Morcator summon Gödel for help.

Story thread: At the resolution arena of penal colony prized champions, unlucky bastards and xeno life forms engage mortal combat while rich and powerful of the imperium wage bets worth of planets. Chorda dynasty organizes the games but they are also influenced by cult of Tzeentch.

Story thread:

Great game of Nothus

-“First rule of the Great Games is that you do not speak about the Great Games.”
-Regular games that are arranged through Calixis sector and Nothus as first placefrom Koronus expanse approved to circle of games.
-Main diplomatic effort of Chorda dynasty. Usharillo and local xeno life-form are the key components for succesfully selling games of Nothus to high society.
-Games are attended by high society of Oscurus sector and many influential. At the end of the festival members of high society bet even entire colonies and star vessels
-During games Chorda frigatte “Relentless” blockades Nothus and prevents any outside interference.

Influential attendants at the games:
-Judge of high court of Calixis sector
-Emissary of Malfi Noble House, Seeks to gain influence for the house at the Koronus Expanse
-Obscurus sector emissary for Terra, seeks information about development of Koronus Expanse
-Cult of Tseentch, “The Donors of the Realms”.
-Aurora Orlov and her retinue,
-Imperial navy admiral, Tries to win favor of Obscurus Sector emissary
-Open Agents of Victoria Eldrich, shadows
-Deep agent of Victoria Eldrich, shadows Aurora Orlov
-Cult of Alkaline spring, Challenges the Donors of the Realms”
-Nytram Red Handed, Seeks favor of Tseentch
-Louis of Grand Falls, Seeks influence in Koronus Expanse and Calixis Sector
-Independent druglord of Pugia, Seeks customers from Calixis sector
-Boltazar Chorda Conciliatrix Avaritas, Seeks high society contacts
-Simion Chorda Conciliatrix Gravis Major, Seeks high society contacts
-Usindra, Seeks to connect with high society
-Arcdiocese Humer, To relax and enjoy for a while before returning to building plans of the great cathedral. To spend a some on betting.
-Chorda dynasty family member, to negotiate flow of Stryxis drugs to Calixis Sector. Promote paradise world beyond borders of the Imperium, arrange sector wide distribution of replacement limbs and organs.
-Dark Mechanicus, Seeks further influence at the Ultima Tectum
-Calixis sector Navigator, Seeks warp gate co-odinates at the Koronus Expanse. Seeks reppoorts Koronus expanse astropathic signals and astronomicon.
-High position Adminstrator, Inquires carer development of Adeptus Börn, seeks to win big to fulfill sector adminstratumm coffers he has borrowed from.
-Druglord from Calixis sector, Seeks new products for Calixis sector. Will be assasinated by Chorda dynasty.
-Envoy of cold trade syndicate, Seeks contacts for xeno and archaotech. Interested about local xeno drugs.
-Omnisheim, Seeks contacts for the Levelists conspiracy
-Noble from Calixis Sector who seeks fame and possibility to fight against Ozmot.
-Quintus Chorda Conciliatorix (Scutum), Seeks contact for xeno cold trade
-Idiomus, Seeks contacts to high society, increase of funding of Collegio
-Rogue trader captain ??, High betting after succesful exploration mission.
-Rogue trader captain ??, Needs desperately profit to repair and fuel star vessel.
-Noble from another sector, seeks archaotech weapons
-Elderly rejuvenation seeker.
-Collegio assasinorum envoy, watches over the situation.??