GM NPC Louis

louis.jpgLouis, First-born of Baroness of Grand Falls
-Gambler, drunkard, trouble maker and top level deep operative of Chorda Shadow troops.
-Double agent as he is more loyal to his mother than Chorda Rogue trader dynasty
-Famous along shady backrooms of whole system.
-“Mother can ransom me, I’m her first-born and she is immensely rich.”
-“They call me jaded but nay, I say privileged.”

-Mastermind behind creation of HLF conspiracy. It was funded by Chorda dynasty but Louis plans to use it to his family’s advantage at the system.

-With assistance of judge Mordechai he becomes the head of a criminal group at Ultima Tectum. 820.M41

WS BS S   T   Ag Int Per WP Fel

55   45 30 35  32  45  40    38   50

Movement: Wounds: TB: Armor:

Skills: Awareness (Per), Blather (Fel), Carouse (T),
Charm (Fel), Command (Fel), Common Lore (Imperium)
(Int), Deceive (Fel) +20, Forbidden Lore (any one) (Int),
Gamble (Int), Interrogation (WP), Inquiry, Literacy (Int), Sleight
of Hand (Ag), Speak Language (High Gothic, Low
Gothic) (Int), Trade (any one). resist psychic technique +20,
Melee Weapon Training (Power, Primitive,
Shock), Pistol Training (Las, SP), Quick Draw, Street
Fighting. Blademaster, Swift Attack, Chemgeld,

Armour: Mesh combat cloak (Arms 4, Body 4).
Weapons: Digi-laser, Knife
(3m, 1d5+2 R; Primitive), compact
Stub Automatic (15m, S/3/–; 1d10+2 I; Pen 0; Clip 4;
Reload Full), Compact Laspistol (15m, S/–/–; 1d10+1 E;
Shots 15; Reload Full; Reliable), Power Sword (1d10+8
E; Pen 6; Balanced, Power Field).
Equipment: Pendant digital laser, primitive best quality dueling musket with radioactive bullet, power fencing sword, high end combat drugs: give lightning reflecses and unnatural agility 1 for 2d5 turns, then stamina test against heart failure.
Origin: Noble born
Demeanor: Jaded and bored gentleman
Nature: Ambitious, follower, addiction
Authority: Imperial nobility, Chorda Agent
Goal: Advancing goals of bloodline and his mother Isolt.
Fear: Disproving of his mother
Allies and enemies: A: HLF A: Chorda dynasty
Insanity: 35/100
Corruption: 20/100


Deals with the Syndicate

Deals with Chorda drug operations

Founding of Huwan Liberation Front as terrorist group utilized as needed. Using archeotech mnemograms to brainwash organization of fanatical agents.


After raid to freedom cafe and interrogation is sentenced by Arbitrator Mordechai to 2 years of hard labour at Gravis Major.


Is not ruled insane by judge Mordechai even as her mother pleads for it. judge Mordechai gives peptalk to Louis and makes him an “ally”.


Has served his sentence and is a free noble.

To come:

Re-establishment of Huwan Liberation front and fight for control of it with Judge Mordechai.

Betrayal of Chorda, Winterscale or the Imperium if it benefits grand plan of Isolte.

Proposes to Judge Mordechai an joint operation te eliminate Crime-lord Borga.