Sound of the system

“Imperial System Channel” at Sphaera Imperator

-“ISC” is available to any vox caster system at the Ultima Tectum System. Signal transmitted by precinct-fortresses overseen Judge Mordechai. Besides Imperial announcments it plays continuously an ancient and sacred Terran hymn.

“Ancient terran hymn” historical recording performed by Titans of Mars and conducted by the Emperor himself.

“Sober Lumberjack” at Bastion of Saint Drusus, Gravis Major

-Unapproved gathering instance of live performance was burned down while customers were still inside by orders of Judge Mordechai 817.M41 and musicians were forced to go  underground.

“Satans childe”
“In all my dream’s I drown”
“Diggin’ my grave”
“Drink that water”
“Ain’t no grave”
“Dueling banjos”
“John Henry”
“Through the valley”
“Devil’s resting place”
“Just right bullets”
“Belly of the beast”
“Thunder & Lightning”
“7th born”

After demolition of “Sober Lumberjack” 817/8?.M41 at Bastion of Saint Drusus local minstrels go underground and arrange performances in forest hideouts. To annoy their oppressors they create songs about Imperial military campaign of Gravis Major.

Lumberjack’s in the forest” Collection of ballads sung by forest minstrels after notorious “Half prayer campaign” 820.M41 and “No prayer campaign” 819.M41. Action of minstrel’s is sponsored by unknown authority.

“Club Excess” at Avaritas, Penitus Balteus

-Underground club hacking vox systems and broadcasting at Avaritas Space Station.
-Reported by Astropath Martün to Judge Mordechai containing ruinous influences.
-Heavily suppressed by mobs of Armormant sect fanatics by orders of Cardinal Humer.

Dirge of Slaanesh”
“Slave to the system”
“Drop the bomb”
“When you see God”
“Horrible things”
“Rubber Johnny”
“Faster than light”
“Doomsday machine”

Precinct-fortress of arbitrator Mordechai at Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus

“Incense and iron”

Tech-shrine of Omnisiah at Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus

“In to the subconsciousness”

Astropathic choir at Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus

“Right stuff”

“Addled Canary” at Sphaera Imperator, Penitus Balteus

-Void Union operates a vox system across Penitus Balteus. It is used by miner’s guilds, void clans and Confederation of Light

“Bolt gun”
“Sixteen tons”
“Dogs of War”
“Pale rider”
“Cruel wars”
“Come out ya black and tans”
“Mariner’s revenge”
“Angel of Death”
“Chemical worker’s song”
“Miner’s lullaby”
“Satan’s got to get along without me”

“Freedom Cafe” at Canor Sol, Nimbus Extern

-Starts as recruiting center for a disillusioned underdeck youth. This action was sponsored by unknown source.

-After burning down Freedom Cafe, the recruiting center of a heretical conspiracy,  by arbitrator Mordechai 816.M41 this pirate vox channel has been operated by Huwan Liberation Front to broadcast their propaganda across Nimbus Extern comet cloud.

-818.M41 combined operation of arbitrators and local security forces hunt down HLF cell operating “Freedom Broadcast” and conspiratorial channel is silenced.

“Around the bend”
“Run to the jungle”
“Satan company”
“Don’t you want somebody to love”
“Burning and looting”
“The battle of Evermore”
“I’m the king, I’m the sun”