Boarding of Pugia 817.M41


Crime-Lord Borga
Judge Mordechai

Boarding turn 1

Astropath Martün, “They shall fear us”,  fail
Specialist Gödel “Sabotage xeno component 1” 6 Dos VS Luxium 4 DoS, Great success: -1 hull point, -1 population and -1 morale plus component becomes damaged
Judge Mordechai “Head for the bridge”, success, +10 for next attempt

Heretek Luxium, Focused augury, Reveals essential components of “Furious Purpose”, expect void shield, augury
Crime-Lord Borga, “Push them back”, fail
Vile Xeno Psyker, repair xeno component, fail

Boarding turn 2

Specialist Gödel, “Sabotage”, success VS 3 DoS, attempt fails
Astropath Martün, “They shall fear us” success, -1 pop -5 morale
Judge Mordechai, “Head to the bridge”, 5 Dos, Great success ->

Heretek Luxium, repair xeno component, success, component repaired,
Vile Xeno Psyker, activate xeno component, component activated for 5 turns, habitat is launched to immaterium
Crime-Lord Borga, “sabotage” life support, fail

Boarding turn 3

Judge Mordechai, Find the blaggard (Crime-lord Borga), fail
Specialist Gödel “Seizure” Xeno component, 1 DoS VS fail, Use faith to gain +10, Great success: Gödel reverses component, Habitat return to materium
Astropath Martün, “They shall fear us”, fail, use faith, fail again

Vile Xeno Psyker, “Seizure” xeno component, fail
Crime-Lord Borga, “Rally the troops”,  fail
Heretek Luxium, “They shall fear us”, fail

Boarding turn 4

Astropath Martün “They shall fear us”, fail
Judge Mordechai “Find the blaggard” (Crime-lord Borga), 3 DoS VS 1 Dos, Great success: Borga is challenged immediately
Specialist Gödel, “Sabotage” xeno component, 7 DoS VS fail, component damaged

Crime-Lord Borga “They shall fear us”, 3 DoS VS 1 DoS, Pop -1 morale -9
Heretek Luxium, “Kill them all”, fail
Vile Xeno Psyker, “Psychic attack: Dark labyrinth”, fail

Battle for the HQ begins:

Crime-lord Borga and his allies are engaged by forces “Ungues Aquilarum”.