GM “Pugia”

Class: Major comet UT-451 of the comet swarm on steady orbit of Nimbus Extern
Size: Huge
Population: 8000
Gravity: None
Atmosphere: None
Anomalies: Cold trade (xeno artifacts, drugs), mutant infestation

Power output: +60 – Power used: 36 = +24 reserve
Space used: 46

Essential components
Xeno core, Heretical configuration Pow: +60 Space: 10
(High output, high pollution, risk of malfunction)
Criminal HQ Pow: 1 Space: 3 Gain +5 to criminal trade and barter checks.
Void shield array Pow: 5 Space: 1
Xeno warp launcher Pow: 10 Space: 2, Enables station to flicker between Materium and Immaterium. Xeno tech build by Vile Xenos Psyker. Requires -40 WP check to activate.
M-1.r life sustainer Pow: 4 Space: 2
Voidsmen quarters Pow: 2 Space: 4
M-100 Augur array Pow: 3 Space: 0

Supplemental components:
Main cargo hold Pow: 2 Space: 4, Gain +5 to acquisition
Hidden cargo storage Pow: 1 Space: 2 (Hidden) Somna +4 TF, Kalma +2 TF, Usharillo +3 TF, Blue crystal TF +5 , Spook, Fury
Habitat’s stores Pow: 1 Space: 10, Acquisition +20 gear and consumables
Cloud mining facility Pow: 3 Space: 4, Enables harvesting of resources from a comets.
Xenotech dismantling facility Pow: 2 Space: 3, Heretek, Gain +20 bonus to investigate and activate xeno equipment. Collection of xeno artefacts +4 TF
Xeno habitat Pow: 1 Space: 1, Enables xenos to live at the station. Moral damage.

Forgery, enables production of forged imperial documents. Stash of forged imperial standard ration coupons +2 TF.

Machine spirit: Blasphemous tendencies
Some unidentifiable aspect of this vessel’s spirit resonates sympathetically with the Immaterium. Captains find this ship swims through the warp more easily, as if it was more at home there… All Navigation Tests made to pilot this vessel through the warp gain a +15 bonus. However, while aboard the ship, all crew suffer –5 to Willpower based Tests.
Past histories: Haunted
Some nameless horror haunts this vessel’s past, leaving voidsmen to whisper stories of ghosts wandering through the corridors and cabins. Reduce Morale permanently by 10. However, strange premonitions flicker on the auger arrays, granting a +6 to the ship’s Detection. Additionally, all non-crewmembers suffer –5 to Command Tests involving boarding actions or hit and run actions against the haunted habitat. The presence of these spirits may cause many other issues, depending on their origins and how they came to haunt the vessel (Vile xeno psyker has summoned ghost of spaced out mutants executed during event that around nimbus Extern is known as “Mordechai’s Massacre”).

Cold trade station: As long as bridge remains undamaged, all Tech-use tests to jam the attacking vessel gains +15 bonus, jamming can be done up to 20 void units.
Fragile armor: Each successful hit to the comet blows away chunks of ice reducing armor for 1 point.
Haunted: All troops suffer –5 to Command Tests involving boarding actions or hit and run actions against the haunted habitat.
Mutated population: Resistant to fear, Imperial Fel checks -20,


Crew rate: 40
Population: 95         Morale: 89
Speed: –                      Maneuverability: –
Detection: +26          Armour: 18
Void shields: 1          Hull integrity: 50
Turret rating: 2       Weapon capacity: 3 keel

Shard cannon Pow: 0 Space: 3 Cost: 2 Str: 4 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 3 Range 3/6/12
Shard cannon Pow: 0 Space: 3 Cost: 2 Str: 4 Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 3 Range 3/6/12
Epsilon lance  Pow: 1 Space: 4 Cost: 3  Str: 5 Dam: 2d5+3   Crit: 4  Range:3/6/12

Crime-Lord Borga: +10 Command, +5 Intimidate, Dark faith 2
-Enemy of Chorda dynasty, Member of Syndicate  competing of drug markets of Calixis Sector.
-Send Ultima Tectum to sabotage and undermine Chorda dynasty at Ultima Tectum.
-Has been forging and distributing high quality fake for his agents Standard imperial ratio coupons as Syndicate plans to undermine Chorda colony at the Gravis major.

Known stats: Ag 35 (+1o drugs) WS 55 BS 40 Fel 45 Command +10, Intimidate +10,

Heretek Luxium:  Ag 30 +10 Tech use, +5 Scrutiny, Dark faith 1
-Acolyte of Dark Mechanicus Von Trotha
-Ordo Artisan Cybersmith, Origin world: Belacane forge world.
-Has borrowed archaic personal force field without proper authorization. Hunted by Belacane Mechanicum authority.
-Was drawn to the system found from petrified cogitator corrupted by Von Trotha.

Known stats: Ag 40 (unnatural x2) WS 35 BS 55 Int 55, Tech use +10,

Unpronounceable vile xeno psyker: +10 Psyscience, +5 Ballistic skill, Dark faith 1
-Nearest way to express his name is to have cold shivers.
-Follows his dark faith. Seeks for the daemon master. Has been promised by Nytram Red-handed many wonderful things for the xeno warp launcher.
-Crystal sword d1d10+2+ Psyrate of wielder (As power weapon but chance to destroy opponents weapon 25%)

-Known stats: WS 45 WP 66, Psyscience +10, Parry basic skill ,

Psyrate: 5 Techniques: Telekinesis, Telepathy
-Dark whisper: causes fear and corruption targeted vocalization (cone) Psyrate x 5 meters.
-Choking phantasmal: stamina versus choking, targeted to individual, if pushed then radius 10 m.