GM NPC Maximus

Maximus of Grand Falls, Noble son of Louis of Granf Falls and heir of the bloodlinemaximus

-Inert psychic, vengeful autist, tech savant, psyrate drugged down by family physician, shadowed by Emanuel Library Clerk, Skolana Psykana operative.
-Psychic messiah inquisitor Orlov is looking for?

-Abandoned his family manor-fortress to get back his kite confiscated by Judge Mordechai.

-Hunted by Emanuel and operatives of Skolana Psykana and Von Trotha Dark Mechanicus.

-Captured and augmented by Von Trotha.

Origin path: Noble born -> Savant->New Horizons: Seeker of truth->Dark Voyage->Reknown ->Senechal

Noble Born

“Some things can be taught, others acquired by force or trade. But they are all inconsequential. The only thing that truly matters is the lineage of your blood, the noble worth that flowed in your veins from the very day you were born.”

The high nobility of the Imperium are an enormously wealthy and powerful elite, a breed apart from the common masses they rule. Many noble houses span the stars in an intricate web of kinship, arranged marriages, and political alliances that ensure power and influence will ever continue, even if the fortunes of a single world fail. The products of centuries—or even millennia—of tech-assisted breeding and cultured refinement
these noble lineages hold the history of the Imperium itself in their blood. They are the finest that humanity has to offer—or so they would have you believe, at any rate.
Nobility of birth has never been a guarantee of good character, and for every example of true enlightenment or greatness, there exist dozens of capricious, self-obsessed noble
scions who prove, by their base failings, that bloodline is no measure of superiority in the Imperium. Worse still than the dissolute idlers and petty tyrants are those nobles whose dark inclinations spill over into heresy and other forms of true malignancy, often for no better reason than boredom or a sadistic love of power. This last supremely dangerous group are the cause of many Imperial woes.
From almost their first breath, those born to the high nobility are schooled in the role they must play and how they must play it. Their fine tutelage covers not only the details of history, commerce, and power-politics, but an education in the finer points of taste and etiquette. How to wear a mask of one’s own choosing, how to give an intended slight, how to curry and mete favour, how to defend one’s honour, and how to comport oneself are all lessons deeply ingrained. In some great families, these arts have darker nuances yet—such as the correct use of poison, a well-executed betrayal, and the employment of assassins.
Connected, socially skilled, highly educated, and able to move in the high circles of Imperial society, those of noble blood are frequently as ruthless as they are charming and as dangerous as they are well mannered, making them skilled and subtle members of a Rogue Trader’s retinue.

Noble Born Characters
You were born into wealth and privilege, educated by tutors, and tempered by spiteful intrigues. You know how to move in the high circles of Imperial society, you know how to bend others to your will, and you have never been touched by the harsh life endured by common citizens. You may be an honourable and faithful soul, well aware of the duties your station imposes on you, or a dissolute, apostate rakehell who cares naught for
the low-born. Either way, the risk and the power of a Rogue Trader’s dynasty beckon to you.
Characteristic Modifiers: –5 Willpower, +5 Fellowship
Starting Skills: Noble born characters begin play with Literacy (Int), Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int), and Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int) as untrained Basic Skills.
Etiquette: Nobles are schooled in how to comport themselves in all manner of formal situations. They gain a +10 bonus on Interaction Skill Tests when dealing with high
authority and in formal situations.
Legacy of Wealth: To be born an Imperial noble is to inherit a legacy of staggering wealth. Even a scorned scion enjoys access to resources beyond the wildest dreams of the
toiling masses. This adds +1 to the group’s starting Profit Factor.
Supremely Connected: Nobles have extensive connections, and they know that dropping the “right” names into a conversation can open more doors than a fistful of Thrones. A starting noble born character begins play with the Peer (Nobility) Talent. Also, to reflect his personal powerbase, he also gains Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus).
Vendetta: Every noble house has its sworn enemies and rivals who would do it and its members harm. Even the protection of a Rogue Trader’s mission merely forces those who wish you harm to be a bit more cautious and subtle in exacting their vengeance. As a result, starting noble born characters have powerful enemies, perhaps in the shape of a rival noble house or some other powerful group. The details of these enemies are left to the player and the Game Master to define, working together to create a formidable threat. Whilst they do not dog the character’s steps at every turn, these enemies aim to
inconvenience, harm, or kill him whenever he crosses their path. The noble character, of course, is free to return the favour when it’s expedient to do so.
Starting Wounds: Noble born characters double their starting Toughness Bonus and add 1d5 to the result to determine their starting number of Wounds = 13.
Fate Points: He begins with 4 Fate Points.

To the scholar’s ear, there is no worse sound than the tearing of parchment. It always marks a desecration of one sort or another, be it a priceless work lost or a savant destroying his own fl wed labours in disgust. You know this because the murmuring of savants, clicking of lexmachinery, and scent of ink and dust have been a part of your life for as long as you can recall. Apprentices are brought young into the Adept’s trade, for there is much to learn and the human span holds little time to learn it in. Apprentices sit in attendance at meeting after meeting between elder savants, bathed in the exchange of knowledge until they know how to learn and the correct knowledge has been drilled into them. All the galaxy is packed with knowledge, and even the smallest drop of it would fill the minds of a world of savants to bursting. Yet you derive much comfort from learning—even though you could never personally know more than a miniscule fraction of all there is to know.
Effect: You gain your choice of Logic (Int) as a trained Basic skill. You also gain  +3 Intelligence, but you suffer –3 Toughness.

A character may select New Horizons instead of the Zealot or Chosen by Destiny entries on the standard Origin Path table. There’s a whole galaxy out there that’s full of the unknown. A select few seek out the hidden knowledge of the cosmos and the truths of existence. They pore over ancient lore and texts, something deep within them driving them ever onward. Some seek out the technology of the past, hoping to seize it for their own use or for use by a powerful patron, as they traverse the galaxy studying ancient ruins and decrepit tombs. A rare few walk a dangerous line as they seek out and study knowledge and lore concerning the various works of the xenos. All of these endeavours are perilous, for in the Imperium knowledge can lead to a life of persecution, misery
and insanity—but many are willing to brave the risks, for the rewards are great indeed.

Seeker of Truth
You have always been inquisitive, and within Imperial society, this is a trait highly frowned upon. Thus, you have had to strike out and follow your own path through the galaxy going from one mystery to the next. You have a thirst for knowledge that has brought you out into the voids. Perhaps you have come to explore the Koronus Expanse, or you seek to decipher the riddle of why a particular precursor race vanished. Maybe
you’re seeking an empirical truth, or enlightenment that you know must be somewhere in the cosmos. Or perhaps you simply want validation to a theory you have. Regardless, you are prepared to travel to the ends of the universe to find it.
Cost: 100xp
Effect: Gain +3 Intelligence. In addition, gain any one Scholastic Lore (your choice) (Int) as a Trained Skill. Also, gain +1 Corruption Point.

A character may select Darkness instead of The Hand of War or High Vendetta entries on the standard Origin Path table. The galaxy is a dark and unforgiving place; anyone who
says otherwise is a fool! As happens in the universe, some are selected by things dark and terrible. Their exposure to such things has left its mark upon their souls. Some study
forbidden tomes and texts in the hopes of learning some arcane or esoteric lore. Others have been victim to a warpincursion, a tear in the barrier between the material universe
and the Realm of Chaos. A rare few have been touched by something wicked, even possessed by it, and now carry the burden of that encounter—seeking to rid themselves of the affliction before they either succumb to it or are found out by their peers or the authorities.

Forbidden Knowledge
You are drawn to the esoteric like a moth to a flame. Perhaps our study was intentional; you found a mysterious tome or other work. Maybe it was accidental. It could have been
spoken to you through the cracked lips of a dying man, or perhaps you spied a document that should have been sealed and the knowledge burned itself into your brain. Whatever
the reason or circumstance, you bear forbidden knowledge. It might be part of the name of a daemon, or the location of some barbaric fane where human sacrifices are made in the name of the Ruinous Powers. It might also be something a bit more mundane, such as a proscribed experiment being conducted by a Magus-Biologis of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Whatever it is, you’re sure that if the powers that be were to learn that you
know, they would stop at nothing to purge it from you.
Cost: 200xp
Effect: Gain one new Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) and one Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) as a Trained Skill. Also, gain the Paranoia and Enemy Talents; the Enemy is the group the character took the
knowledge from.

You crave understanding, desire comprehension, and value knowledge above all else. It is not something to be shared or given freely, but something to be unearthed and drawn close, held secure within the vaults of your mind. In a very real sense, knowledge is power, for those who possess it have the means to overcome things against which the ignorant would falter. It can be a shield against the greatest of foes, or a tool to uncover yet greater secrets, or even a holy thing in its own right… but it can also be damning. Those who seek knowledge must be wary, for their greed and curiosity can lead them down treacherous paths. Some things, after all, are not meant to be known.

Knowledge is Life, Life is Knowledge
Lore is all-important to you; it is your purpose and your reason, it is your goal and your desire, and it is the one thing above all else that you aspire to possess. There is no ulterior motive to your drive to understand, no hidden purpose to give that curiosity a focus. You simply crave knowledge with every fibre of your being, and you cannot stand the idea of not knowing or not understanding something. Though new insights and revelations cannot hope to sate this bottomless urge, new understanding brings with it new power and new means with which to find yet more knowledge. Each answer
leads to still more questions, and every new vista promises a variety of secrets yet to be uncovered.
Cost: 300xp
Effects: Gain any two Scholastic Lore Skills as trained Skills, and the Total Recall Talent. You may purchase a third Scholastic Lore as a trained Skill for an additional 200xp.

What is Your Demeanour?
Perhaps the first thing to consider is your personality. What are you like? Fiery and passionate or earthy and practical? Are you a perpetual pessimist, or do you always believe the best will happen? Do you seek out people or are you a misanthrope? What is your instinctive response to threats, surprises, or pressure to perform? Here are some traits that might get you started:

Phlegmatic: Practical and careful, yet very serious and

Why Does the Koronus Expanse Call to You?

What Will You Sacrifice?

What Is Your Ambition?

What Are Your Hatreds?

WS   BS   S       T   Ag  Int  Per  WP  Fel

45    55    36     53  53  67   58    52    49

Movement:  Wounds: 13 TB: 5 Armor: Fate: 4 Corruption: 1
Charm 200 Skill
Forbidden Lore (The Warp) 200 Skill
Dark Soul 200 Talent
Psychic Technique (x4) 500 Talent
Warp Affinity 500 Talent Psyniscience
Warp Sense 500 Talent Psy Rating, Psyniscience Skill, Per 30

Skills: Barter (Fel), Commerce (Fel), Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, Tech, Imperium), Deceive (Fel), Disguise, Dodge, Evaluate (Int), Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, Archeotech, Psykers, the Warp) (Int), Inquiry (Fel), Literacy (Int), Logic (Int), Scholastic Lore (Archaic, Astromancy, Numerology, Legend) (Int), Psyniscience +10, Secret Tongue (Adeptus Mechanicus), Security, Shadowing, Silent Move, Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Techna-Lingua, Trader’s Cant), Tech-Use
Autosanguine, Basic Weapon Training (Universal), Binary Chatter, Chem Geld, Electro Graft Use, Heightened Senses (Smell and Taste), Infused Knowledge, Logis Implant, Orthoproxy , Physical perfection X3 (electoo inductors, electro grafts, potentia coil), Peer (Nobility, Adeptus Mechanicus), Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Prosanguine, Rival (Nobility), Total Recall,

Equipment:  Common-Craftsmanship inferno pistol. Best-Craftsmanship hellgun. Xeno-mesh armour. Autoquill, dataslate, micro-bead, multikey, two sets of robes, synskin, chrono, cameleoline cloak…
Nature: Ambitious, Savant, Addicted
Authority: Nobility
Allies and enemies: A: Nobility of Grand Falls E: Skolana Psykana?

Cranial Circuitry Dark Heresy 2 page 137
Cranial circuitry is a series of linked processors, implants, and cortical circuits that enhances mental capacities. Most sit within a housing bolted onto the skull, whilst others nestle within the brain itself.

Electoo Inductors , Heretek Special: (Force), Dark Heresy 2 page 137
Electoo Inductors are palm-sized metal skin grafts that appear much like tattoos to the uninitiated. They are wired into the nervous system, where they derive power from the bioelectrical emanations of the flesh and the sacred mysteries of the Potentia Coil. With training and luminen capacitor upgrade, they can be used to emit or siphon power in many ways. Force conduit adds psykers psyrating to damage and range of Luminen Blast talent.

Potentia Coil Dark Heresy 2 page 137
Cradled within the cyber-mantle is a power unit known as the Potentia Coil. This mass can store energy and produce various types of fields. Coils come in many types, from small crystal stack affairs to bulky electrical galvinators, and a trained user can manipulate the stored energy into a variety of attacks and unique effects.

Enhanced Potentia Coil The Lathe worlds page 66
Designed as a more heavy-duty replacement for standard internal power units, the Enhanced Potentia Coil can be taxed at a far greater level in order to enhance the many abilities common to members of the Machine Cult.
Installation of an Enhanced Potentia Coil involves difficult and invasive surgery. An Enhanced Potentia Coil can be used for all of the following benefits:
– Luminen Blast/Luminen Flare: Gain +1d10 Damage, a Penetration value equal to the user’s Willpower Bonus, and the Shocking Quality.
– Luminen Shock/Luminen Surge: Gain a Penetration value equal to the user’s
Willpower Bonus as well as the Shocking and Tearing Qualities.
– Luminen Shield/Luminen Barrier: Can be activated as a Reaction.
– Luminen Charge: Tests are 2 steps easier (i.e. Hard (–20) Test becomes a Challenging (+0) Test).
– Electrical Succour: Takes half a minute to conduct and becomes an Easy (+30) Toughness Test.
– Ferric Lure/Ferric Summons: Become Free Actions.

Aetheric Resonator
Prerequisites: Tech-Priest (Potentia Coil/Electoo Conductor)
You can use the power of your Potentia Coil to power a hidden lattice of techno-arcane circuitry wards which create a resonant aetheric disruption field that can bar the passage of the warp energies and blunt psychic force directed against you—but not without risk of dangerous feedback contamination. The field is triggered by passing a Difficult (–10) Toughness Test and can be kept active for up to your Toughness Bonus in combat Rounds before it must re-activated again. If the Test is failed, the Tech-Priest suffers a level of Fatigue; if it is passed, the field is successfully charged and the Tech-Priest’s body and any armour he is wearing counts as being Hexagrammically Warded (see page 189 of The Inquisit or’s Handbook). Additionally, at the end of every combat Round the Resonator is active roll 1d10; on a roll of a ‘9’ you suffer 1d5 Corruption Points from the twisting energies of the warp bleeding into your body and mind.

Energy Cache Rogue Trader page 97
Prerequisites: Potentia Coil
The Explorer has learned to focus the power stored within his Potentia Coil with greater efficience. He no longer gains Fatigue from using Luminen Charge, Luminen Shock, and
Luminen Blast.

Logis Implant Rogue Trader page 101
The Explorer may use analytical circuits to calculate trajectory and reactions to a preternatural extent. His ability to read possible outcomes lets him anticipate the movement of his opponents. By using his Reaction for the Round, the character
may make a Tech-Use Test to make use of this Talent. He gains a +10 bonus to all Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill Tests until the end of his next Turn. The Explorer must pass a Toughness Test when he uses this ability or gain a level of Fatigue.

Throughout the ages, many Tech-Priests have studied humanity’s disturbing ability to harness the Warp. Most of these studies have been conducted with a biological slant, as
the Tech-Priests search for the root-causes of the mutations that grant these gifts. Some Tech-Priests have taken a different tact, looking for technologies that can harness the power of the Warp and, if implanted like a regular cybernetic, give the user psychic powers. Research into these “psybernetics” was deemed high tech-heresy millennia ago; within the Calixis Sector, any attempt to revive this technology is met with harsh sanctions from the Lords Dragon and the Inquisition.
Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped some radical Tech-Priests on remote and hidden research installations across the Lathe Worlds from attempting to comprehend such mysteries.
Psybernetics are implanted within the user’s head, and follow the standard rules for cybernetic implantation (see page 153 of the DARK HERESY Core Rulebook). Once implanted, the user gains 2d10 Insanity and 1d10 Corruption Points as the ability to access the raw power of the Warp floods their psyche. Assuming he is not driven insane, the user automatically gains a Psy-Rating equal to half his Willpower Bonus (rounded up) and one randomly generated Minor Psychic Power for every point of Psy-Rating. He gains a new, randomly generated Minor Psychic Power every time his Psy-Rating increases, but cannot take Discipline Powers. Psybernetics are extremely heretical devices, and unauthorised possession is a highly dangerous affair.

Heretek Savant career path

Prerequisites: Augmenticist Alternate Career
Similar to the Explorator Talent The Flesh is Weak (see the ROGUE TRADER CORE RULEBOOK page 107), the Augmenticist’s body has been modified to the point
where it is almost totally mechanical. This Talent grants the Explorer one level of the Machine Trait. This Talent can only be taken up to three times, gaining one additional level of the Machine Trait each time. Additionally, the Explorer’s Wounds may be healed
with the Tech-Use Skill in place of Medicae. However, due to the esoteric nature of the aumentations, any Tech-Use Test to do suffers

Backround advance costs: 600 exp

Senechal first rank

Disguise 100 Skill
Dodge 100 Skill

Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) 100 Skill
Secret Tongue (Adeptus Mechanicus) 100 Skill
Security 100 Skill
Silent Move 100 Skill = 600 EXP

WS +5, 250 exp
BS +10, 750 exp
T +10, 750 exp
Ag +5, 250 exp
Int +15, 850 exp
Per +10, 350 exp
WP +10, 1250 exp
Fel +10 350 EXP = 4700 exp

Senechal second rank basic picks +50 exp each

alternative career Augmentist skill picks

Common Lore (Tech) 200 exp Skill
Trade (Technomat) 200 exp Skill
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) 300 exp Skill
Speak Language (Techna-Lingua) 300 exp Skill
Autosanguine 200 exp Talent
Binary Chatter 200 exp Talent
Chem Geld 200 exp Talent
Heightened Senses (Smell and Taste)  200 exp Talent
Electro Graft Use 300 exp Talent
Infused Knowledge 300 exp Talent Int 40
Logis Implant 300 exp Talent
Orthoproxy 300 exp Talent
Prosanguine 500 exp Talent Autosanguine
Physical Perfection x3 1500 exp Talent = 5000 Exp

basic career picks:

Scholastic Lore (Archaic) 250 Skill
Shadowing 250 Skill
Tech-Use 250 Skill = 750 exp

Third rank awakened psyker alternative career

Advance Cost Type Prerequisites
Forbidden Lore (Psykers) 100 Skill
Psyniscience 100 Skill
Charm 200 Skill
Forbidden Lore (The Warp) 200 Skill
Psyniscience +10 200 Skill Psyniscience
Dark Soul 200 Talent
Psychic Technique (x4) 500 Talent
Warp Affinity 500 Talent Psyniscience
Warp Sense 500 Talent Psy Rating, Psyniscience Skill, Per 30 = 4000 exp


Characteristic Simple Intermediate Trained Expert
Weapon Skill 250 500 750 1,000
Ballistic Skill 250 500 750 1,000
Strength 500 750 1,000 2,500
Toughness 250 500 750 1,000
Agility 250 500 750 1,000
Intelligence 100 250 500 750
Perception 100 250 500 750
Willpower 500 750 1,000 2,500
Fellowship 100 250 500 750

Augmenticist career Advances at Rank 2, picks left:
Advance Cost Type Prerequisite
Trade (Technomat) 200 Skill
Concealed Cavity 200 Talent
Disturbing Voice 200 Talent
Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound) x2 100 Talent
Mimic 200 Talent

Awakened Psyker career path rank 3

Advance Cost Type Prerequisites
Awareness 100 Skill
Concealment 100 Skill
Forbidden Lore (Psykers) 100 Skill
Psyniscience 100 Skill
Charm 200 Skill
Concealment +10 200 Skill Concealment
Deceive 200 Skill
Forbidden Lore (Heresy) 200 Skill
Forbidden Lore (The Warp) 200 Skill
Psyniscience +10 200 Skill Psyniscience
Blind Fighting 200 Talent Per 30
Dark Soul 200 Talent
Light Sleeper 200 Talent Per 30
Paranoia 200 Talent
Disturbing Voice 300 Talent
Jaded 300 Talent WP 30
Heightened Senses (Choose One) 400 Talent
Sprint 400 Talent
Polyglot 500 Talent Int 40, Fel 30
Psychic Technique (x4) 500 Talent
Warp Affinity 500 Talent Psyniscience
Warp Sense 500 Talent Psy Rating, Psyniscience Skill, Per 30

Prerequisites: WP 35
This character was either a minor unsanctioned psyker hiding his abilities from those around him or a nascent psyker completely unaware of his own status. In either case, an Explorer with this Talent has experienced the realisation of a terrible new power of the mind, and must come to grips with his situation or die trying.
The character gains Psy Rating 1, and uses the Renegade Psykers and Sorcerers section of Table 6-1: Psychic
Strength on page 157 of the ROGUE TRADER Core Rulebook. If the character already possessed a Psy Rating, thanks to
his Origin Path or for any other reason, he increases his Psy Rating by 1 instead.
When an Explorer gains this Talent, he also selects a Psychic Discipline (or other grouping of Psychic Techniques, such as
the Renegade Psyker Techniques on page 100) from which he can learn Techniques, and immediately learns a single Psychic
Technique with a Value of 200 xp or less from that Discipline (for which he meets the prerequisites). He does not gain the Basic
Technique of that Discipline if it has one.
Under normal circumstances, the newly realised psyker may only choose from the Renegade Psychic Techniques, the
Astropath Psychic Disciplines in this book, and other Psychic Disciplines available to Astropaths from books such as the
ROGUE TRADER Core Rulebook and INTO THE STORM. Once he has selected a Discipline, he may only purchase Techniques
from that Discipline. If he has already chosen a Psychic Discipline for any reason, he may switch to a new Discipline, and
retains any Techniques he learned from the old one, but may not purchase any new Techniques from it after switching.

Infused Knowledge Rogue Trader page 100
Prerequisites: Intelligence 40
The Explorer has been infused with a great wealth of lore and knowledge, either through punishing noetic techniques or by arcane methods kept secret by the guardians of technology and knowledge. The Explorer treats all Common and Scholastic Lore Skills as untrained Basic Skills. This Talent also provides a +10 bonus to any Tests involving Common or Scholastic Lore for which he already possesses the Skill.

Orthoproxy Rogue Trader page 103
A liturgical circuit has been implanted within the Explorer’s skull, allowing him to focus on the prayers recited by the proxy unit when his mental fortitude is in peril. He receives
a +20 bonus to Willpower Tests made to resist mind control or interrogation.


Tinkering with technology and creating his own technological designs.



Judge Mordechai confiscates his kite for public safety during opening ceremony of “The Imperial Friendship bridge” and forgets to return it.

Maximus heads to space to travel Sphaera imperator and tries to hack precinct-fortres. He is able to reprogram turrets to attack Mordechai but fails to enter precinct-fortress.

While infiltrating to precinct-fortress he is noticed by Von Trotha through GRG servitor network and Von Trotha puts bounty on Maximus.


While bargaining flight with smugglers back to Grand Falls he is imprisoned and delivered to Von Trotha.

Maximus becomes disciple/experiment of Von Trotha to create psyker serving the Omnissiah. extensive augmentation

To come:

Alpha level psyker in the hands of heretek genetor mechanicus cannot bring anything but ruin and lament.

Apprentice Maximus will challenge his master Von Trotha before trinity of star-children.

Trinity of star-children.

EXP spent:

Seeker of truth 100 xp

Forbidden knowledge 200 XP

Knowledge is life 300xp

Career path: Noble born senechal