GM NPC Von Trotha

Dark Mechanicusvon trotha 3

-Corrupted Genetor Mechanicus
-Infiltrating to chorda dynasty operations, infiltrating gravis Minor operations, using name of Fortius to hide his mark, uses GRG network of Fortius to spy the system. Experiments with psykers and has augmented one with mechanicus level of tech.

-Accompanied with Enthralled Astropath Brains and Star-Child Maximus of Grand-Falls

WS   BS       S          T      Ag  Int Per WP Fel
58     45   62(12)  46(12)  36   67  42    58 18

Movement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 14
Skills: Awareness (Per) +10, Common Lore (Machine Cult, Tech +20) (Int) +10, Deceive (Fel), Dodge (Ag), Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus +10, Warp +10, Archeotech +20, Psykers +10) (Int) +10, Exotic Weapon (Rad Projectors) +10,  Intimidate (S) +10, Literacy (Int), Logic (Int) +10, Parry +20, Psyniscience (Per) +10, Scholastic Lore (Archaic, Legend, Occult) (Int), Search (Per), Secret Tongue (Tech) (Int), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Tech-Use (Int) +20.
Talents: Aetheric Resonator, Autosanguine, Binary Chatter, Enhanced Potentia Coil, Chem Geld, Data-fog, Die Hard, Disturbing Voice, Electrical Succour, Electro Graft Use, Feedback Screech, Ferric Lure/Summons, Flesh Is Weak (5), Haemonculates, Immunity (Shock), Luminen Capacitor/Shield/Barrier/Desecration, Mechadendrite Use, Rad Furnace, Resistance (Psychic Powers), Rite of Awe, Rite of Pure Thought, Sanctus Canisters, Strong Minded, Swift Attack, Technical Knock, The Power Within, True Grit, Unnatural Toughness (2), Unnatural Strenght.
Traits: Fear (2), From Beyond, Mechanicus Implants, Machine (5), Regeneration
Armour: Faded Flack Robes (3 All), Flesh Is Weak (3 All).
Weapons: Warp-Infused Panoptic Automata Pistol (35m; S/2/–; 1d10+3 I; Pen –; Clip –; Reload –; Reliable, Warp Weapon), Tainted Omnissian Axe (Melee; 2d10+21 E; Pen –;
Power Field, Unwieldy, Warp Weapon), Irad Engine (Heavy 50m S/-/- 1d10+12E Pen; 8 Clip; 30 Rld: 4 Full, Spray, Fleshbane, Rad-Phage, Reliable, Torrent).
Gear: Cerebral Plugs, Data-Slate, Glow-Globe, MIU, MIU Weapon Interface (IRad Engine), Personal Auspex, Tattered Mechanicus Robes, Utility Mechadendrite, Optical Mechadendrite, Invasive Medicae Mechadendrite, Prehensile Data-spike,.

IRad Engine: The Rad Projector class of weaponry are bulky projectors mounted to a bulky generator. They fire a blast of radiation that can boil a target alive, their bodies ripped apart at the cellular level. The unlucky few who survive will simply die later of radiation poisoning.
Fleshbane: Damage from this attack ignores Toughness Bonus. Armor functions normally.
Rad-Phage: Upon taking wounds, the enemy must make a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or suffer 2d10 Toughness Damage.
Spray weapon: projects a cone of missiles, liquid or fire out to the range of the weapon. Unlike other weapons, Spray weapons have just one range, and when fired, hit all those in their area of effect. The wielder does not need to Test Ballistic Skill; he simply fires the weapon. All creatures in the weapons path, a cone-shaped area extending in a 30-degree arc from the firer out to the weapon€™s range, must make an Agility Test or be struck by the attack and take Damage normally. Cover does not protect characters from attacks made by Spray weapons unless it completely conceals them. Because Spray weapons make no roll to hit, they are always considered to hit targets in the body, and will Jam if the firer rolls a 9 on any of his Damage dice (before adding any bonuses).
Torrent: Instead of using the firing weapon as a point of origin, select a point within 15m as the shot’s origin. Resolve the spray’s normal 30° cone from that point, with the caveat that the cone must extend further than the point of origin – no looping sprays backwards!

Mechanicus talents:

Aetheric Resonator, Heretek
Prerequisites: Tech-Priest (Potentia Coil/Electoo Conductor)
You can use the power of your Potentia Coil to power a hidden lattice of techno-arcane circuitry wards which create a resonant aetheric disruption field that can bar the passage of the warp energies and blunt psychic force directed against you—but not without risk of dangerous feedback contamination. The field is triggered by passing a Difficult (–10) Toughness Test and can be kept active for up to your Toughness Bonus in combat Rounds before it must re-activated again. If the Test is failed, the Tech-Priest suffers a level of Fatigue; if it is passed, the field is successfully charged and the Tech-Priest’s body and any armour he is wearing counts as being Hexagrammically Warded (see page 189 of The Inquisitor’s Handbook). Additionally, at the end of every combat Round the Resonator is active roll 1d10; on a roll of a ‘9’ you suffer 1d5 Corruption Points from the twisting energies of the warp bleeding into your body and mind.

Anima Aura, Heretek
Prerequisites: Tech-Priest (Potentia Coil)
You have integrated the forbidden principles of the vile Sarcosan Wave Generator into your augmetic systems, allowing you to generate a field of energy that can keep what remains of your flesh animate even after it has been damaged or necrotised. By spending a Half Action you may activate the Anima Aura. The aura last for a number of Rounds equal 1d10 plus your Toughness Bonus. For as long as the Anima Aura is active, you have the Stuff of Nightmares Trait (see page 332 of the Dark Heresy Rulebook). While active, the aura also creates discordant moaning like the keening of damned souls. Each time you use this Talent you gain 1d5 Insanity Points and a level of Fatigue.

Enhanced Potentia Coil The Lathe worlds page 66
Designed as a more heavy-duty replacement for standard internal power units, the Enhanced Potentia Coil can be taxed at a far greater level in order to enhance the many abilities common to members of the Machine Cult.
An Enhanced Potentia Coil can be used by Von Trotha for the following benefits:
Luminen Shield/Luminen Barrier: Can be activated as a Reaction.
Maglev Grace/Maglev Transcendence: Maintaining these abilities becomes
a Free Action. Maglev Grace can be performed once every 6 hours. Maglev Transcendence can be performed twice every 6 hours.
Electrical Succour: Takes half a minute to conduct and becomes an Easy (+30) Toughness Test.
Ferric Lure/Ferric Summons: Become Free Actions.
Integrated Weapon: The weapon gains the Reliable Weapon Quality.

Binary Chatter, Rogue Trader page 94
The Explorer has optimized his use of Techna-Lingua for controlling servitors. He receives a +10 bonus to any attempt to communicate with servitors, and any vessel upon which he serves receives a +1 bonus to Crew Morale due to increased servitor efficiency.

Data-fog, (talent), edited from Servants of the Machine-God page 76
Applied by secretive Dataproctor cult of Mechnicum. For them being a ghost in the machine has it’s advantages. Like invisibility to the multifarious auspexes built in every facet of Imperial technology, granting a freedom to travel without digital footprints of any kind. Flickering like a negative exposure on a pict-plate, appearing as a ghost image that fades a heartbeat later, as thought he were an adept-shaped hole in the digital reality.
As an offensive it can be used to erase the entity of the individual existence from every nook and cranny of the noosphere. Rendering target’s rank, credit rating, passwords, privileges and Cognomen void in the sensor’s of Imperial technology.

Electrical Succour, Rogue Trader page 97
Prerequisites: Mechanicus Implants
The Explorer can channel the sacred flow of energy from his Potentia Coil or other energy source to replenish his flesh. Whilst in contact with a functioning, powered machine, or fully charged battery or power cell, the character may make an Ordinary (+10) Toughness Test. Success removes one level of Fatigue plus one additional level of Fatigue for each additional Degree of Success. This takes one minute of meditation and ritual incantation.

Electro Graft Use Rogue Trader page 97
Prerequisites: Mechanicus Implants
The Explorer may use his Electro Graft to access data ports and commune with machine spirits. This grants a +10 bonus to Common Lore, Inquiry, or Tech-Use Tests whilst connected to a data port.

Prerequisites: Mechanicus Implants
They are vat-grown creatures formed from the Techpriest’s own flesh and blood. They are typically created to cleanse the Techpriests’ organic componentsof poisons and tumours, any such imperfections being passed along an umbilical and absorbed by the Haemoncolyte. They are ugly and dwarfish to begin withand over time they age rapidly, becoming covered in liverspots and lumpen growths. A Haemoncolyte adds +30 to all of the Techpriest’s Toughness resistance rolls.

Feedback Screech Rogue Trader page 98
Prerequisites: Mechanicus Implants
The Explorer can haywire his vox synthesizers, causing a hideous blast of noise that shocks and distracts others. All unprotected creatures within a 30-metre radius who have the ability to hear must make a Willpower Test or lose a Half Action on their next Turn as they involuntarily react to the cacophonous shriek.

Ferric Lure Rogue Trader page 98
Pre-requisites: Mechanicus Implants
The Explorer can cause an unsecured metal object within his field of vision to fly into his hand. The object may mass up to 1 kilogram per point of the character’s Willpower Bonus, and must lie within a 20 metres. Using this Talent requires a Full Action and a successful a Willpower Test.

Ferric Summons Rogue Trader page 98
Pre-requisites: Mechanicus Implants, Ferric Lure
The Explorer can call an unsecured metal object to his hand as with Ferric Lure. But he may summon objects of up to 2 kilograms per point of his Willpower Bonus. The object may be up to 40 metres distant. The character must spend a Full Action and succeed on a Willpower Test to enact this rite.

The Flesh is Weak (5) Rogue trader page 107
Pre-requisites: Mechanicus Implants
The Explorer’s body has undergone significant bionic replacement to the point where he is far more machine than man. This Talent grants the Explorer the Machine Trait (see
page 365) with Armour Points equal to the number of times this Talent has been taken. The Explorer may purchase this Talent multiple times in accordance with his Career Advances. In this case, note the number of times this Talent has been taken, such as The Flesh is Weak 3. Each time talent is chosen a magos chooses which of mechanicus implants it wants to upgrade. Talent maximum is 5 as in that point only small amount of brain matter, demanded by Machine god, is left from original biological organism. Only heretek’s aim to raise talent beyond 5 as they would remove last chain to their organic origin (a part of brain where the spark of motive force is located) and would become machine similar to abominable intelligence.

Advanced Cyber-mantle
Limbs and unnecessary bone structure are removed and replaced with mechanical equivalents or upgrades. True Grit talent.

Advanced Electro-graft
All sensory input becomes noospheric data as biological senses are removed and a Magos relies on mechanical sensors. An armor increase +1.

Advanced Electoo Inductors
Periferal nervous system is completely replaced with conducting cybernetic wiring. An immunity (shock).

Advanced Potentia Coil
Potentia coil is infused with energy source, similar to Ironstrider Engine, making a magos independent of external power or fuel sources and capable to power up large machines. An armor increase +1.

Advanced Respiratory Unit
Internal organs are removed and replaced mechanical equivalents or upgrades. A magos becomes able to store reservoirs of different gases and liquids and to dispense them in reasonable amounts. An armor increase +1.

Advanced mechadendrites
Single mechadendrite use becomes free action.

Hermetic Infusion (Good) Inquisitor’s handbook page 138
As another departure from the frailties of the flesh, the infuser system replaces human blood and blood processing organs with a far more efficient biomechanical serum, the most advanced forms of which contain legions of microscopic homunculitic machines that can search out and repair damage on a cellular level with frightening speed.
Prerequisite: Tech-Priest, Autosanguine talent.
Common: The tech-priest gains a +10 bonus on Tests made to resist toxins, diseases and radioactive contamination. As well, the tech-priest gains the Die Hard talent.
Good: As Common, but the bonus on Tests increases to +20 and the tech-priest gains the Regeneration trait.
Disadvantages: Aside from a greying of the flesh and visible withering of the tissues, Hermetic Infusion has one marked side effect: the tech-priest’s body can no longer use human blood, and so cannot be treated for Blood Loss or severe injuries by transfusion or regular medical treatments. Instead, the tech-priest must look to his own
care (if possible) or that of a Magos Biologis to replace his lost serum.

Luminen Capacitor (Good) Dark Heresy 2 page 183
This implanted energy source charges internal capacitors, allowing the character to recharge devices or even unleash powerful energy blasts. With a successful Toughness test, the character recharges or powers machinery. This requires one minute of mental focus and meditation. The difficulty of the Toughness test varies depending on the nature of the powered system.
• Ordinary (+10): Simple power cell, glow-globe
• Challenging (+0): Lasgun charge pack, dataslate
• Difficult (–10): Shuttle launch systems, servo-skull
• Hard (–20): Lascannon charge pack, servitor
• Very Hard (–30): Cogitator core, xenos technology
The device can also be used offensively, but requires talents to use properly as described in Chapter IV: Talents & Traits. Only an Acolyte with the Mechanicus Implants trait (see page 137) may use this device.
Good craftsmanship variants grant a +10 bonus to all Toughness tests made to use them.

Luminen Shield The Lathe Worlds page 57
Prerequisites: Luminen Capacitor
Focusing his energy in all directions at once, the Acolyte is capable of creating a hazy field of static, strong enough to turn aside incoming blows and stop weapons fire in its tracks. As a Full Action, he may activate a Luminen Shield which remains active for a number of Rounds equal to the Acolyte’s base Willpower Bonus. The shield has a rating equal to the half the Acolyte’s Willpower Characteristic, rounded up (e.g. an Acolyte with a Willpower of 43 would have a Luminen Shield with a Rating of 22). As long as the shield is active, the Acolyte may attempt to stop incoming Ranged and Melee attacks by rolling a 1d100 and comparing it to the shield’s Rating. If the roll is equal to or under the Rating, the attack is stopped completely. If the roll is over the Rating, the attack penetrates the shield and causes Damage as normal. This roll is made before reductions for Toughness/Armour. If the 1d100 roll ever results in a 01-04, the shield stops the
attack, but is overloaded in the process. It instantly collapses, and the Acolyte must pass a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or gain 1 level of Fatigue. An Acolyte can use Luminen Shield a number of times equal to his Willpower Bonus every 24 hours; however, upon the second activation of the ability within 24 hours, and upon each subsequent activation in that time, he gains 1 level of Fatigue.
Luminen Shield is available to Tech-Priests Rank 4 (Enginseer) and above and costs 200 xp.

Luminen Barrier The Lathe Worlds page 56
Prerequisites: Luminen Shield, Luminen Capacitor
Much like the celebrated Electro-Priests, the Acolyte can draw upon all of his power to create a shimmering barrier of pure energy, one capable of deflecting any attack. As a Full Action, the player can activate a Luminen Barrier which remains active for a number of Rounds equal to the Acolyte’s base Willpower Bonus. The barrier has a Rating equal to the Acolyte’s base Willpower Characteristic. As long as the barrier is active, the Acolyte can attempt to stop incoming Ranged and Melee attacks by rolling a 1d100 and comparing it to the barrier’s Rating. If the roll is equal to or under the Rating, the attack
is stopped completely. If the roll is over the Rating, the attack penetrates the barrier and causes Damage as normal. This roll is made before reductions for Armour and Toughness Bonus. If the 1d100 roll ever results in a 01-05, the barrier stops the attack, but is overloaded in the process. It instantly collapses, and the Acolyte must pass a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or gain 1 level of Fatigue. An Acolyte can use Luminen
Barrier a number of times equal to his Willpower Bonus every 24 hours; however, upon the second activation of the ability within 24 hours, and upon each subsequent activation in that time, he gains 1 level of Fatigue.

Luminen Desecration (Talent)
Prerequisites: Mechanicus Implants
The Explorer’s implants generate a violent techsorcery pulse, allowing him to disable technology in his presence. A single gesture and most sophisticated devices simply cease to function. A successful Challenging (+0) Ballistic Skill Test allows him to direct the energy against a single target within 10 metres. This is a ranged attack and can be Dodged but not blocked by Fields or other protective devices. If the target is carrying any electrical devices—including energy weapons and bionic systems—then they cease to operate for 1d5 rounds, as if their power had run out. If the target is a vehicle, then it immediately suffers a Critical Hit as if the user had scored Righteous Fury, subtracting one to the Critical Hit result (a result of zero results in no Critical Hit).

The Power Within (talent)
The Malatek’s dangerous experiments with captured psykers lead him to believe that either true progress can be made by looking inwards to the emerging psychic race that is humanity, or that there is a technological means to stop the psychic downfall of Mankind. The Acolyte is treated as having the Resistance (Psychic Powers) Talent, takes all Fear Tests caused by psychic powers at one level lower (Fear (2) becomes Fear (1),
Fear (1) is ignored, etc), and once per session may automatically pass a Forbidden Lore (Psykers) or Forbidden Lore (Warp) Test with the Degrees of Success equal to his Intelligence Bonus.

Rad furnace, Mars need women page 50
Pre-requisites: Mechanicus Implants
In the same vein as the Scyllax, some Magos contain within them a burning Rad furnace that can weaken friend and foe alike. Allies and enemies in the same melee as the bearer of the Rad Furnace suffer -1 to their base Toughness Bonus. This can reduce Unnatural Toughness according to the modifier (for example, TB4 Unnatural x2 for TB8 will become TB3 Unnatural x2 for TB6). Only other bearers of a Rad Furnace, or those with the Rad Saturation talent, are immune to this effect.
In addition, the bearer of a Rad Furnace gains a +30 bonus to Toughness tests caused by weapons with the Toxic or Rad-Phage Qualities.

Rite of Pure Thought Rogue trader page 105
Pre-requisites: Mechanicus Implants
The Explorer has replaced the creative half of his brain with sacred cranial circuitry. He can no longer feel emotion, and instead embraces the crystal purity of logic, making him
immune to Fear, Pinning and any effects that stem from emotional disturbance. The GM will remove any Mental Disorders that no longer apply, and grant appropriate new ones of equal severity. The character’s fellow Explorers may find him somewhat cold, though other followers of the Omnissiah will rejoice in his newfound freedom.



From Beyond, Immune to Fear, Pinning, Insanity Points and mind-affecting powers.

Machine (5), A creature with the Machine Trait is fashioned from inorganic materials and is generally more rigorous than fleshy folks. Machines do not breathe, are immune to the effects of a vacuum, extremes of cold, any mind-influencing psychic effect, and their Armour Points apply toward fire damage. Machines are also resilient to injury, having 3 Armour Points for each location.


MIU Weapon Interface (IRad Engine)
Unlike the more advanced version normally only granted to priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus, this version is more simplified, allowing the user to remotely operate a single weapon which is normally attached to the shoulder. While not as elaborate, it is
easier to use and a favourite of many militant professions. This system allows user to fire an additional ranged weapon as a Free Action—using his full Ballistic Skill—no matter what other actions he may be taking at the time. This additional weapon must be connected to the user via the MIU weapon interface, and are often equipped as a shoulder-mount.


Has hacked GRG servitor spynetwork of Fortius

Has hacked furnace of Avaritas and Fortius

Has delivered ancient petrified cogitators to Electro-monk Omnisheim to lure tech priest to Gravis Minor so that it is able to study defenses of the horrors of dark age of technology located on planet


Is able to kidnap Maximus, one of predicted star-children of the system.


To protect tech-shrine it assassinates with gene targeted plague a group of clones of Yves/Xavier travelling with shuttle to infiltrate Sphaera Imperator.


Puts bounty on location of secret laboratory habitat of Yves/Xavier at Penitus Balteus.

To come:

If anyone tries to leave the system with bounty precious to Von Trotha it will be attacked by Von Trotha’s star vessel at Mandeville point.

Plan’s to create mechanicus who is also psyker and it will become his downfall as master will be murdered by the apperentice Maximus of Grand Falls.