GM NPC Idomias

idiomus Idomias, Authoritarian headmaster of Skolana Psykana -Heretic serving radical inquisitor. -Deeply affected by prophesies he has studied. -Old teacher of Astropath Martün. -Seeks for prophesied star-child WS   BS   S    T   Ag  Int  Per  WP  Fel Movement:  Wounds:  TB:  Armor: Skills: Talents: Traits: Equipment: Origin: Demeanor: Nature: Authority: Goal: Fear: Allies and enemies: Insanity: Corruption:
-An operator on the organization of Inquisitor Grand-master Aurora Orlov. -Has worked, in past, for Ordo Hereticus to assess the psychic strength of rogue psykers. Records of him go blank after 677.M41. Coincides with estimated time when he joins Orlov’s retinue. -For the Inquisition he has been screening special psyker assignments for the use of the Scholana Psykana and the Inquisition. -Has performed the role of a personal psychic evaluator for Astropath Primus Martün the Sane during his initial schooling to psyniscience. -Has parchment stamped with Inquisitorial rosetta to back up his authority.  Stamp sanctified by Grand Master Aurora Orlov 750.M41. -Guardian of Jotak, Rogue psyker secured by judge Mordechai, since 819.M41. -Has been visiting the Cathedral of Immaculate Truth at Avaritas with Jotak frequently 821-822.M41. Associates: Librarian Emanuel, Cardinal Humer, Inquisitor Grand-master Aurora Orlov, Jotak Rogue psyker, Xeno Legatus Quintus. Adversaries: Judge Mordechai, Inquisitor Victoria Aldrich, Maximus Alpha level psyker, Veiled Ugrippa, Acolyte Thalia, Astropath Herkel Location: HQ of Collegio Magnitudo !GM notes!