GM Nothus

Class: Rock planet
Size: Small
Gravity: Terran standard
Atmosphere: Toxic
Resources: Exotic minerals, promethean
Anomalies: Alkaline springs, agitated warp

The planet hosts an active hydro-thermal system that includes hot springs, fumaroles (steam vents), and rich mineral deposits. Hot springs exist primarily in the equator of the planet where land-surface elevations are relatively low; fumaroles exist primarily in the polar regions where elevations are higher. Mineral deposits from thermal activity are found on an uplifted areas called the resurgent domes.


Planet was created by Host of ANGELs in planetary nursery in nebulae near Terra.It was designed to be used as resource and temporary emergency habitat for colony fleet. It was brought with it’s fellow planet to Ultima Tectum at beginning of the invasion of Hegemony of Terra. It’s fellow planet was use to obliterate xenos hom,eworld because of it’s adamantium core. Nothus was saved for later use but forgotten when ANGELs started warring and Hegemony collapsed. Planets bedrock is pumped full pure promethean which has started to react with atmosphere and is soon boiling up if pressure is not released.


Habitat: Industrial penal colony
Description: Ancient STC domes
Population: 150 guards, 30.000 prisoners
Cultural specialties:

Power output: +30 – Consumption:15 = +15 reserve
Space used: 19

Essential components:
Fusion core Pow:+30 Space: 6
Prison HQ Pow:  2 Space: 2
M-1 life sustainer Pow: 4 Space: 2
Slave quarters Pow: 1 Space: 2
M-100 augur array Pow: 3 Space: 0

Supplemental components:
Chemical procession facility Pow: 4 Space: 3
Heavy lifter bay Pow: 1  Space: 2

Upgrades: Resolution arena

Weapons:Minefield Pow: 1 Space: 4

Notable persons:

Story thread: Centiworms from Irae are used as opponent in Fighting pits. One small of them escapes and finds it’s way to habitat core. Amble amounts of nutritional radiation feeds it rapidly to gargantuan size. Morcator summon Gödel for help.

Story thread: At the resolution arena of penal colony prized champions, unlucky bastards and xeno life forms engage mortal combat while rich and powerful of the imperium wage bets worth of planets. Chorda dynasty organizes the games but they are also influenced by cult of Tzeentch.

Story thread: Resurrection of Ranulf, the prophet of alkaline springs.

Story thread: Promethean deposit inside the core of the planet are reacting more and more with alkaline atmosphere and geothermal activity starts to increase.