GM NPC Strabolus

strabolus Enginseer Sprabolus, Hyper-rationalist of Ordo Logi of Adeptus Mechanicus -Zealot of Thule sect, leader of research station for a century. Only mechanicus at system who has personally met Paracelsus Thule. -Considers whole Gravis Minor as a holy sanctuary of the the Machine God. -Has personally spoken with Omnissiah on planet surface. -Mechanic implants and other stuff: Enhanced potentia coil: power statiion, servo-drill, savant servo-skulls, omnispexs, rad-censer, optical mechadendrite, -Has gathered trophy room of Silicasaurian samples of immense value. -Highest ranking mechanicus at the system. Earlier: Has proclaimed planet as holy relic of Omnissiah and resource of Thulefleet. 817.M41 Receives “Gödel’s deviation constant” which enables the Mechanicus to travel across nano-haze without getting lost. 818.M41 Launches successful expedition to map resources and dangers at Gravis Minor. Receives tachyon sensors, several major resources (plutonium, heavy metals). To come: Research station EF-118 is devoured by skulking city as it has hacked skitarii lost during the expedition. Strabolus dies but his favourite Perdiolus is able to escape with cahe of archeotech secrets. Strabolus challenges Ambolic for the control of Gravis Minor. ____________________________________________________
Enginseer Strabolus -Hyper-rationalist Ordo Logi Adeptus Mechanicus (Tech-priest rank 4) -Magos Dominus of mechanicus research station EF-118 founded by Thule explorator fleet at ???.M41. -Has declared Gravis Minor as holy planet of Omnissiah and denied imperial colonization of the planet. -Claims to Specialist Gödel that he has heard the voice of Omnissih personally at the Gravis Minor. -Launches Mechanicus expedition 818.M41 to planet’s surface after preparation for a few centuries. Gained immense amount of precious data from Mechanicus expedition’s noospheric recordings and several undamaged miracles of Golden Age of Technology. -Under investigation of Judge Mordechai for tech heresy. -Launches Mechanicus expedition 821.M41 to claim archaotech secrets of Gravis Minor before arrival of rival Mechanic Faction. Gear: Enhanced potentia coil: power station, servo-drill, savant servo-skulls, omnispexs, rad-censer, optical mechadendrite, MIU implants, Notable underlings: Homo Legatus Perdiolus Ancient Skitarii commander 101 Skitarii officer 1064 Location: HQ of EF-118 at Gravis Minor !GM only!