GM Chorda Dynasty

General Knowledge

Aspyce Chorda

The Chorda Dynasty’s mercantile fleet is the envy of most Rogue Traders in the Expanse, and rivals even Winterscale’s vast flotillas in number of hulls and sheer firepower. Chorda’s ships tend toward small, fast frigate and raider class hulls. These are multi-role ships that can carry a respectable amount of cargo and can
either fend off or run from serious trouble with equal skill. Since she tends to haul smaller, higher yield cargoes, there are few capital ships in the service of the Chorda Dynasty—typically used to make a show of force or impress the impressionable.
In her tenure as head of the Dynasty, Lord-Captain Chorda has endeavoured to put her stamp on every aspect of the organization. Her well-dressed crews and ornately detailed voidships engender comment, most of it envious, in every port from the Maw to Naduesh. Even her underdeck voidmen are required to uphold an uncommonly rigourous grooming standard or face a hundred lashes. The Lord Captain’s reputation for brutality and her perfect blending of form and function have made her one of the more feared and
respected Rogue Traders in the Expanse.

Chorda fleet to Ultima Tectum

The fleet secures Stryxis operation at Peniteus Balteus and Chorda goals at Gravis Major. Captain has mandate from Auspyce Chorda herself.

  • cruiser, several attack craft bays, captain collaborates with Vladir to start the pit fights at Nothus.
  • raider, captain is young grand-nephew of the Auspyce Chorda
  • raider, captain has past as a pirate??
  • raider, captain is devoted to Imperial creed

Under the brutally efficient guidance of its matriarch, the Chorda Trade Dynasty has become a major player in the Expanse. Based largely in The Cauldron, where the location of its headquarters and shipyards remains unknown for security reasons, the Dynasty has interests in every major region, including quite a bit of Winterscale’s Realm. The assets in the Expanse are only a fraction of the wealth of the Chorda Dynasty, whose homeworlds are in the Calixis sector, along with the bulk of their business and investments.
At least on paper, Lord-Captain Chorda is every bit the legitimate Rogue Trader. The bulk of her legitimate business is wrapped up in the arms trade, as well as buying, selling, and transporting high-end luxury items. Over the course of her career she has become known as the outfitter of the wealthy and powerful, a reputation that has provided incredible benefits, both personal and business.
While the majority of their business is what most would consider legitimate, the Chordas have never been a
family that would turn its nose up at a profitable business opportunity. True to her roots, Lord-Captain Chorda has invested a not insubstantial amount of the Dynasty’s assets in numerous shady activities, mostly through proxy agents and front agencies, including large interests in the Cold Trade.
Chorda is one of the more aggressive Cold Traders in the Expanse, and fully a third of her wealth is derived from this dangerous business. She employs an army of well-paid scribes, researchers and historians, tirelessly poring over libraries full of old texts and star charts and constantly traveling the Expanse, searching for hints and leads on the next big xenos discovery. Certain highly-placed members of the Imperium are on her payroll as well, always happy to funnel information or postpone an investigation for a cut of the profits. Along with the vast amounts of gelt this has made her, with her constant research she has amassed quite possibly the most complete and comprehensive collection of star charts of the Koronus Expanse. These charts alone would be worth untold riches if they were ever released into circulation.

Interests at Ultima Tectum system

As billions of refugees flee from Jericho Reach Sector to Koronus Expanse development of expanse has turned on high gear in ways that Chorda was not expecting. There is possibility that Koronus Expanse will qualify to be acknowledged as a new imperial Sector on Chorda’s lifetime.

As tides of refugees are brought to Expanse Chorda Dynasty creates colonies and tries to get them legitimized as the dynastys property.

As with any successful Rogue Trader, it seems that more rumours than truth surround the operations of the Chorda Trade Dynasty. Currently, Lord-Captain Chorda is embroiled with a brewing conflict on Lucin’s Breath with Calligos Winterscale, and is supposedly preparing for open war.
There are also rumours circulating around Port Wander and Footfall—saying that someone in the Expanse is paying good money, very good money, for any information regarding the whereabouts of Chorda’s missing siblings. Whether these wild claims have any validity is under debate, but could be very profitable if true.