Calligos Winterscale

It is well known that the man is a giant, tall and broad with terrifying physical strength, just as it is common knowledge that he is a man ruled by his passions. Winterscale goes from good-natured joviality to towering fury at a single word, and will tear into a man (often literally) at the slightest provocation.

Calligos Winterscale is the latest of his dynasty to inherit the now famous Warrant of Trade. In the years since Sebastian Winterscale died, the power of the Winterscales has only expanded, and Calligos Winterscale has proven unwilling to rest on his family’s laurels. In the last half-century, he has proven himself as capable as his ancestor Sebastian, and now the name Calligos Winterscale is spoken with fear and awe throughout the Expanse.

He rammed the Kroozer of the dread Freebooter Kaptin Snargrash Da Burna and personally led the boarding parties across to the crippled vessel.
When he hewed Snagrash’s head from his hunched shoulders on the Kaptin’s own bridge, the Orks turned tail and fled. He walked the surface of Somnium even as his men grew mad and fell upon each other, and
the spirits there shirked from his fearsome wrath. He hunted beasts on Burnscour, swarmed the Eldar corsair vessel Silence of Eternity with ships until the crippled cruiser retreated wholly from the Expanse, and even journeyed to the shattered systems that mark the edge of the Hecaton Rift. Winterscale’s efforts have made him a legend amongst his peers, feared and respected in equal measure

!GM notes!