Warpscape of Ultima Tectum

Visions of Martün

After reading heretical text “Fall of the Throne” by Volquon Sark astropath Martün’s skill in divination has increased and visions of current/past/future events flicker on his foresight taunting him with promises of understanding.

Psychic landscapes of Ultima Tectum system

This represents psychic background of different areas of the system. Insights for each signal are added as Astropath Martün Underberg studies them further.

Ultima Tectum, the sun of system, bound daemon at the heart, xenos crystal, gathering power.
Gravis Minor, medium rock planet, no population to cause psychic disturbances,
Omnissiah’s Probe, irregular psychic anomalies caused by experiments of Cult Mechanicus.
Sphere of life:
Gravis Major, large rock planet, large human population, psychic resonance is becoming stronger.
Vallum, moon, guards imperial relic, large xenos crystal.
Balteus Penitus, asteroid field with several habitats, large human populations, population suffers from high insanity, traces of deceased xenos.
Gaudimonium, moon
Semis, moon, location of several powerful psykers.
Irae,moon, xeno-lifeforms, regular disturbances caused to xeno-lifeform.
Outer reaches:
Nothus, small rock planet, large human population, hideout of heretical cult leader (Destroyed).
Nimbus Exter, comet cloud with several habitats, thin human population, xenos anomaly, void habitat of Ugrippa.

Signals detected by Astropathic Choir of “Sphaera Imperator”

These are regular signals that can be detected by Astropathic choir at the system. It represents steady activity that peaks over psychic bacground of the system.

Near distance (system):

Blue giant sun, Psychic dissonances from blue super-giant sun of Ultima Tectum, warp rift located inside of the sun, bound daemon, unknown anomaly.

Astropath Choirmaster Metxer, Imperial astropath, Bleeding feedback loop signal, Calling for maintenance, Sensory deprivation, High insanity, Unintentional signal,
Alpha level psyker Maximus of Grand Falls

Sphere of life:
Astropath Primus Martün Underberg, Imperial astropathic choir, Sphaera Imperator
Astropath Trandencant Teresa, Imperial Astropathic choir, Sphaera Imperator
Astropath Primus Herkel, Imperial Astropathic choir, Moon Semis
Alpha level psyker
Jotak, Hexagrammic suppression cell, Moon Semis  ??
Machine of Stryxis
, Warp distruptor against eldar
Xeno crystals ibrating across the systemn

Outer reaches: 
UnidentifiedNimbus Extern, Unsanctioned psychic activity, Occult signs, Warded location, Warded personality, Divination signs, Midwife for mother birthing twins.
Astropath Primus
Traci, Astropathic choir, Canor Sol

Near space:
Astropath Trandencant Ragozine, Imperial Astropathic relay, “Imperial Pursuit” Winterscale dynasty cruiser,
Unidentified, Slaanesh aligned source, star vessel, constant tactical maneuvering, constant sacrifice, single vessel, approaching Mandeville point of Ultima Tectum.

The Warp:
Nytram Red Handed, Daemon, resides in the warp, manifest to materium through rituals of it’s minions, Martün’s reflection on every mirroring surface.

Mid distance (sub-sector)

Astropath Trancendant Xaore, Imperial Navy, Astropathic choir, Stationary signal
Astropath Primus Kalliope, Imperial navy, astropathic relay, “Gorgon’s eye” imperial cruiser. Vessel moves across sub-sector Unbeholden Reaches.
Astropath Hecuba, Imperial, Astropathic relay, “Orlov Principle” Inquisitor Black ship. Current location moves around Undred Undred Teeths.
Chaos space marine, located direction, stationary, chaos source, in the heart of a warp storm (Cinerus Maleficum).
Unidentified, Eldar Craft World
Hecaton rift Warp storm, Echoes of a lost star vessel fleet.
The Cauldron Warp storm

Far distance: (Koronus Expanse)

Astropath Primus Montak , Imperial, Astropathic choir, Footfall system, High insanity, Link to Calixis Sector
Astropathic Choirmaster Heldron, Imperial, Overcharged Astropathic choir, Winterscale realm, Link to Calixis Sector
Unidentified, Stationary, Xeno sigal
Unidentified, Khorne aligned signal
Unidentified, Echoes of rising Waagh from Undred Undred Teeth
Screaming Vortex, Warp storm

Extremely far distance:

Holy Astronomicon, Terra

Other stuff

Hexa/Pentagrammatic warding
Techniques of deflecting and containing forces of the warp, psykers and daemons.

Additional Navigator and Astropath void combat actions

Malefic scholar alternative career
Void-mad Profet Elite advance package
Glimpse from Beyond Elite advance packet

Dark Heresy psychic powers converted to Rogue Trader

Hierarchies of Ordo Psykana:

psykana hierarchy