Skirmish of Nothus 820.M41


Nothus orbit

1 turn

Dolabra Imperator -1 Pop

PC-5728 -1 pop


Arrival of Rogue Trader raider “Audacia” 1 hour (From Canor Sol to Nothus)

Arrival of Rogue Trader frigate “Regurgitator” 21 hours ( From Sphaera Imperator)

Imperial Fleet 
Star vessel Audacia

Chaos Fleet 

Star vessel Apollonia

Combat actions:

-Apollonia approaches Nothus to 18 void units.

-Audacia approaches Nothus to 28 void units to Nothus.

-Apollonia approaches Nothus to 4 void units.

-Apollonia is slightly damaged by minefield launched by PC-5728

-Apollonia manouvers around Nothus and bombards it with warped vox signals that resonate from the rocrete structures of the arcologies. Population damage to both arcologies.

-Audacia approaches and opens macrobattery fire damaging the pirate frigate (-6 hull integrity).

-Pirate captain Silvan heads to boarding distance and successfully engages Audacia to initiate boarding.

-10 void turns /hours of fierce boarding engagement between the star vessels.

-Apollonia has several malfunctions on broadband vox caster during boarding and Audacia is able to contact regurgitator directly and becomes aware of their ETA to Nothus.

-Qumais relies on storm troopers and “Kill Them All” boarding action to crush population and morale of “Apollonia”.

-Silvan relies on alluring voice and “Shanghai Them” boarding action and is able to minimize crew losses with his unnatural charm and sweet tongue. Large part of Audacia’s crew (pop 48) becomes enslaved by a Demagogue of the Prince of Ecstasy.

-Rogue Trader Captain Qumais disengages boarding when crew losses become too grieve to sustain boarding.

-Pirate Captain Silvan disengages void combat to buy time for converting new crew to his cause.


“Apollonia”, initiative:
Captain Silvan
Jospeh, chaos reaver pilot, Pilot +10, BS +5
Hayward, enslaved mechanicus, Tech use +10, Scrutiny +5
Components of enemy detected:
“Enemy vessel”:

Segrazian “Viperdrive” Pirate Engine Pow: +45 Space: 16, +2 Speed, +5 Manoeuvrability; If Engines Crippled, then Engines Wrecked (8-10 on Critical Hits Table).

Altar of Slaanesh Pow: +3 Space: 1, for vessel to plunge to realm of Immaterium, requires constant sacrifice during use, generates Pow from the warp if used during flight in Materium, if hit by critical explodes 1-5 of d10, requires slave hold or population -5, morale -5.

Warding of protection Pow: 1 Space: 0, To protect vessel from ravages during warp voyage, requires sacrifice before launch, requires slave hold or population -5.

Luxury bridge Pow: 3 Space: 2, +5 to morale, -Imperial creed??

Alchymical life sustainer Pow: 4 Space: 2, quality: toxic When activated; Increase Morale by 15, Crew Rating downgraded one level; On deactivation -15 Morale and -10 to crew rate for 1 Day; -15% Command for Hit & Run Actions against the Vessel.

Slave quarters Pow: 1 Space: 1, -5 to morale