GM Plateau of the Sun

Common Knowledge

-Ancient religious center and initiation ground of the Huwan Snake tribe.

-Shrine murals present the Emperor in a form of Sol Invictus. Murals depict battle of benevolent and evil sun and is based on ancient Huwan oral tradition about waxing and waning of the blue giant sun.

-In front of the great Aquila are 4 ancient petrified wooden apparatus and 2.000 similar made from plasteel. Psychometric studies conducted by astropath Martün Underberg revealed that petrified apparatus have been used for deadly initiation rituals by champions of Snake tribe.

Sol Invictus cult: Founded by Missionarius Galaxia preacher Brother-militant Makbae when converting the surviving native population of Gravis Major to the Imperial Creed and a military service in 819.M41. Emphasizes achievement of military victories as form of blessings from True Light of the Universe. Notable members: Brother-militant Makbae, Emperor’s Prophet Martün Underberg, Chief-In-Command Red Tortoise.