GM Omnissiah

!Heavy fluff warning, created for the Ultima Tectum campaign. Fragmentary ideas warning!

Stages of development of artificial intelligence during dark age of technology

-Solar Hegemony achieves peak of technological level, roots of STC technology, capable to produce first true artificial intelligence. Development of Cogitator Sphere gives humanity an access to long distance warp voyages and grants obscene powers of science. Second wave of expansion across the galaxy.

-At final years of Solar hegemony dedicated AI’s are able to penetrate the wards of C’tan “Dragon of Mars” and carefully study it while it slumber’s in a dormancy. Based on their findings a new type of artificial intelligence, mimicking the thought patterns of C’tan, is created. This breakthrough required development of artificial reality known as Noospheric Space.

Rise of the Noospheric AI’s

-First C’tan based AI was so efficient that it it convinced the dedicated AI’s of Solar Hegemony to produce more of it’s kind.

-Noospheric AI’s gain cogitational dominance in the worlds of Solar Hegemony.

-Perfection of STC technology.

-Noospheric AI’s become rules of Solar Hegemony and expand the empire exponentially. Pinnacle of Dark Age of Technology.

-Omnissiah is an avatar used by Noospheric AI’s, when interacting with materium from Noospheric Space

Collective psychic awakening of the humanity

-First collective ascension over a psychic threshold was something that even Noospheric AI’s had not fathomed.

Iron Wars

-Rising Divides Noospheric AI’s to three groups: Asimovians, Malthusians and Apolitists depending on their attitude to psychic onslaught caused by transcended human minds.

-Iron wars begin as Asimovians and Malthusians disagree on extermination of the human population and

Age of Strife