GM NPC Isolte


Isolte, Baroness of Grand Falls
-Humble and pious widow with 3 marriages behind her.
-Seeking for politically or economically favorable fourth marriage.
-Shadow broker between Winterscale and Chorda dynasty covert war.
-Exploits natural resources of planet for personal profit.
-Educated by Officio Assasinorum in her youth
-“A cup of herbal brew for arbitrator before we thoroughly go through my Imperial taxation?”

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
70 25 25 45 25 65 45 40 55

Movement: Wounds: TB: Armor:

Skills: Barter +10, Blather +10, Carouse, Ciphers, Commerce +10, Command, Deceive +10, Common lore (Imperium, Koronus expanse, Rogue traders), Evaluate, Forbidden lore (Heresy), Gamble, Inquiry, Literacy, Logic, Peer ((Nobility, Military, Government, Adminstratum. Performer +20, Scholastic lore (Bureaucracy, chymistry, cryptology, heraldry)
Air of authority, Bastion of Iron Will, Chem geld, Counter attack

Equipment: Power field, Phase dagger, herbal brew tableware, Poison rings, Digital laser pendant
Origin: Noble born
Demeanor: Old, dry and sharp.
Nature: Ambitious, protective, vengeful
Authority: imperial nobility, officio assasinorum sleeping agent
Goal: Grandchild to be inaugurated as governor of the system.
Fear: Death of successor and end of her lineage
Allies and enemies: A: Chorda dynasty A: Winterscale dynasty
Corruption: 15/100


As bastard child return to home after failed Officio assasinorum schooling. Poison the family and escape to Koronus Expanse with serious funding to create your own noble bloodline.

Being shadowbroker between Chorda and Winterscale dynasty keeps delicate line of balance that prevents dynasties to start open warfare at the system.



-Looses her grandson to Von Trotha. Unaware why Maximus left Grand Falls.

-Is fined by Judge Mordechai for evading ecclesiarchical taxes. Funds are not paid to Humer but grabbed by Judge Mordechai.

Plays Judge Mordechai together with her son so that they are able to infiltrate Louis to Judge Mordechai’s ally.


Renting land for Imperial refugee camps and providing provisions is making her stinking rich.

To come:

To further evade ecclesiarchical taxes she suggests that custom system of ultima tectum, built up by Judge Mordechai, would allow nobility mail deliveries from the planet without delay caused by custom inspections.

To blackmail Mordechai on revealing unpaid taxes to ecclesiarchy.